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< Beer o’clock clip>

It’s March, and time for my third annual check on the status of the return of Farscape. Any signs of the revival?

< Nopes clip >

Nope. No news. I want a revival, have been campaigning for one with this channel for two years now. I’d LOVE to tell you some news, but…

< I don’t know clip >

Yes, I agree, so, I’ll be brief. I’ve made several videos asking fans to get more active maybe even produce their own new Farscape content. It’s lonely being the only one. I’ll keep making videos sharing the wonders of Farscape and keep looking for news. The pandemic hasn’t helped, but there’s still no sign of an impending revival.

< What do we do clip >

Yes. We hope. Stay tuned.



  1. I’ve been working on the #farscapenow campaign since June of 2017 and it does become tiring on occasion when it seems no one is helping out. I know the pandemic put a hold on everything but hopefully with the world opening back up slowly, we’ll have some news on more Farscape.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your efforts. We live in hope.

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