Continuing the character study of Chiana (click here for Part 1) by discussing the major plot twist in the comic books. <<Spoiler Alert>> You may want to read the comics first to fully appreciate the story arc. Embedded video below.

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We need to talk about Chiana. In part 1, we talked about her behaviors in Farscape the original series. In part 2 here we turn to Chiana in the Farscape comic books, books which not everyone has read (but should). Chiana is at the center of a surprising plot twist midway through the comic books, one that upsets some fans. Because Farscape the original series was prematurely canceled by the frelnitz German firm who bought Sci-Fi Channel, the Farscape writers never had the opportunity to show us this plot twist which explains much about who Chiana is and what motivates her. So let’s talk about it.

As mentioned in Part 1, Chiana very often relates to others through sex. Some describe her an indelicate whore, but Chiana is more complex than that. Chiana is guilty of numerous indiscretions but is also a loyal companion to her friends on Moya. This contradiction is partly explained by Chiana in an internal monologue in the fifth set of books. But first, some of the story leading up to that. And warning, these are spoilers so you may want to read the books first to fully appreciate the story.

At first, thinking D’Argo is dead, Chiana embarks on a sexual relationship with Jothee, though she eventually admits she is just using Jothee to dull escape the pain of losing D’Argo. A mysterious person is trying to kill Aeryn and Crichton’s son. Chiana, being the devoted companion, helsp Crichton track down the assailant. Chiana, being the expert seductress, tries to get at the guy to figure out who hired him to try to kill Little D. Chiana, of course, is successful at the seduction, but runs into a big problem: falling in love with him, Roiin (I don’t how it’s pronounced), and he with her.

Chiana’s impossible situation.

This places Chiana in the impossible situation of being loyal to Crichton, Aeryn, and their son, and her new connection with Roiin. And here’s the important thing. It is not simply a feeling Chiana has, it is a soul connection. Chiana explains in the internal monologue that Roiin is Kreshta—similar to what we humans call soulmates. For Chiana, and perhaps all Nebari, there are three levels of love and that means three levels of commitment. She doesn’t explain how sexual recreation fits in with this, but we can guess that it is, like Peacekeeper recreation, it entails no lasting commitment, it is just fun. Ferseen love, such as she feels for her companions on Moya, is a commitment, one she deepened with D’Argo. But here we get an explanation of why she sabotaged her relationship with D’Argo. So, I wouldn’t have to tell D’Argo that he wasn’t Kreshta. Obviously, Chiana still took a cowardly way out but it wasn’t simply a fear of commitment.

Chiana is willing to commit to Roiin, who is kreshta, but not at the expense of her other commitments to her friends, or fersteen. She tries to walk the line between the two commitments, trying to bargain with Roiin, but fiercely keeping her commitment to her friends. Some would demand to know how Chiana could choose to be with a mercenary willing to take on a contract hit on a child. Chiana would reply that it is not a choice. He is the person she is meant to be with, not a relationship she chose, but one she feels she must accept. That Chiana does go to be with Roiin while also choosing to defend Crichton and Aeryn’s son, shows her conscious commitment to others and perhaps helps us understand why things unfolded with D’Argo the way they did.

Some loose ends at the end of The Peacekeeper Wars are resolved in the comic books, none of which I will give away here. The comics don’t resolve everything though and creates new mysteries, such as the new relationship for Chiana. What happens with Chiana and Roiin is not clear except that we are given a hint that it is not the last we are to see of Roiin. We know that the comic books set up the Farscape revival that is coming and we know that Chiana will be a part of it. Gigi Edgely would never let Brian Henson do it without her. And I strongly suspect that Chiana and Roiin will be a key element in the revival which we know will focus on D’Argo Sun-Crichton, now an adult. No one knows except Roiin who wanted D’Argo the Younger dead but that threat probably I still there for him years later. We shall see. And we shall see what role Chiana has to play and how much we have to talk about her as Farscape continues.

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