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Through the Looking Glass
Originally Broadcast:
September 10, 1999 - US
April 10, 2000 - UK

Writer - David Kemper
Director - Ian Watson

Guest Cast
Gigi Edgley . . . Chiana
June Salter . . . Voice of Interdimensional Being

Episode Summary

The inhabitants of Moya are concerned about her inability to starburst on command due to her pregnancy. To prove herself, Moya attempt to starburst, but it goes horribly wrong. People start disappearing and Crichton is forced to figure out what is happening and how to fix it.

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The episode opens in Moya’s galley where Aeryn, Chiana, Crichton, D'Argo, and Zhaan are eating a copious array of brightly-colored food. Their mood, though, is not bright.

D'Argo: (In the angry, aloof voice he used when we first met him in Episode 1.) I will change my opinion if someone offers a better one. Till then, I am leaving Moya at the next planet with shipping traffic. (As Aeryn's arm reaches for a bowl of something in front of him) Pass those and don't help yourself.

Crichton: We are stronger as the sum of our parts, kids.

Zhaan: We are under no obligation to function as a unit John.

Crichton: Yeah, I understand that. We all have separate goals. But ... (He winces at the first taste of something and stares at it.) Ugh! Sala-manila! What the hell is that?

Rygel: (Triumphantly.) That's kroldar! A delicacy... Even for pagans.

Crichton: Yeah? How long was it under your butt getting delicate?

Aeryn: Wait a minute. Whatever the rest of you decide, I will not abandon Moya.

Crichton: Good.

D'Argo: Suit yourself. You've got nowhere to go, anyway.

Zhaan: I must confess my consternation at agreeing with D'Argo. But if Moya is no longer able to starburst then we are all at risk. Mmmm? (She nods, seeking agreement.)

Chiana: Can I say something?

Everyone: NO!

Crichton: Moya has been very good to us, now you want to abandon her?

D'Argo: I want to see my son. And that is not likely to happen aboard a pregnant bio-mechanoid ship.

Zhaan: Rygel, what do you think?

Rygel: (Pronouncing leaderly.) Well. Moya has been, for as long as I can remember, our protector, our home, our companion, and our friend.

Crichton: Amen.

Rygel: However, as relationships grow, they also change. Do you think we can trade her for a faster vessel?

Aeryn: (Angrily reaches over to grab Rygel by the lapels.) Moya is not a possession Your Lowness! (He snarls at her in defense and she shoves him and sits back down.)

D'Argo: If you ignore the messenger, which is effortless, the message is sound. Perhaps we have outgrown our usefulness of... (He holds up a food item that looks like a bread stick.) Look... Who made this shellack??

Crichton: Recipe called for chicken - all I had was space rodent. (Zhaan and Chiana yelp with revulsion and spit out what they're chewing.) Moya is protecting her baby, D'Argo. You blame her?

D'Argo: (Lowering his voice.) That is selfishness masquerading as a reason.

Rygel: He's right you know. We all want to leave the uncharted territories and return home. But you ...

Zhaan: Yes, you would be more content to stay.

Crichton: I want to get home as badly as anyone else and this is where the wormholes are.

Aeryn: Fine. So stay. But be honest about your motives, Crichton.

Crichton: Oh, I'm sorry. You're on their side, now?

Aeryn: No.

Chiana: I know I just got here, but can I please say something?

Everyone: NO!

Pilot: (Off camera.) Excuse the intrusion. (Chiana snickers triumphantly as his visage flickers into life on a clamshell viewer.) But Moya and I would like a word about your deliberations.

Chiana: That's what I've been trying to tell you guys. The DRDs have ears. (Cut briefly to a DRD sitting and watching them nearby.) No wonder you guys have been flying around in circles.

Pilot: (Carefully in supplication.) Moya is aware of your concerns over her condition and regrets not being more responsive to your needs.

Zhaan: Please don't misunderstand Pilot. We... we simply ...

Pilot: - Do not wish to be captured because of her pregnancy.

Zhaan: (With a guilty exhale.) Yes.

Aeryn: We're just having a discussion, Pilot.

Pilot: That includes thoughts of abandoning us.

Rygel: (So surprised he drops his food.) You want us to stay?

Pilot: Of course! We are most fulfilled when serving others. Your presence is gratifying and comforting.

Crichton: Let us talk a little while longer Pilot. Your points are well taken.

Pilot: (Resolute.) You may talk all you want. But please prepare for immediate starburst.

Zhaan: (Alarmed.) Uh, I thought Moya couldn't starburst for another 50 arns!

Pilot: Her energy is low. However, she shares your concerns about being recaptured and wishes to prove to you all that she is capable.(Moya’s engines can be heard powering up.)

Zhaan: Uh, no. That-that won't be necessary, Pilot.

Pilot: Starburst in five microts.

Cut to external view of Moya going into starburst. The wake pattern of light after Moya shows that something about this starburst is not normal. Cut back to the galley where the crew strains in slowed motion against the force but try to maintain composure as though nothing is happening.

D'Argo: (About some odd food item.) Now... this... really is... incredible.

Rygel: My favorite on the table.

Aeryn: (Straining.) What? Smoked pronga sinew? Quite easy to make, really.

At that moment there is a blinding flash of light and Moya lurches violently. Our heroes and their food are flung about as Moya comes to a very abrupt stop. As they begin to pick themselves up off the floor, Moya continues to shudder, vapors escape from ruptured lines and an irregular high-pitched staccato scraping sound is heard.


Crichton: (To Aeryn as he helps her up) You all right?

Aeryn: We must have hit something.

Crichton: In starburst?

D'Argo: What's that noise? (There is a loud growling noise.)

Chiana: Zhaan! Zhaan! Are you okay? (she goes to Zhaan)

Zhaan: It's my arm! The fibers are torn!

Aeryn: Pilot, what's happening?

The clamshell is blank.

Crichton: Pilot? Pilot!

D'Argo: Pilot!

Zhaan: I'm all right, Chiana. I'll heal. Where's Rygel?

Chiana: Rygel?

Zhaan: Where is he?

Chiana: Rygel!

A brilliant white light streams through the galley windows accompanied by an unreal grow or howl.

Crichton: What the hell is that? (Cut to what he sees out the windows. They are lit up as though an extremely bright spotlight is trained on them from outside.)

D'Argo: I'll check Command. (Points at Aeryn.) You look after Pilot. (Points at someone off camera.) And you, you do damage assessment. (He strides into the corridor where he is stopped and spun around by a red light. He seems to collapse in on himself disappears in a point of white light.)

Aeryn: D'Argo!

Crichton: D'Argo?

Zhaan: (Fighting back panic.) He can't just disappear like that!

Aeryn: (Calmly to Crichton.) Pilot or Command?

Crichton: Command.

Aeryn: (They nod to each other. To Chiana.) You. Fix her arm and then straight to Command.

Crichton: Go. (Aeryn takes a step and is immediately bathed in blue light and like D'Argo is sucked away into a little flash of white light.) AERYN?

Zhaan: John! What's happening?

Chiana: (Terrified.) I don't want to die! (Crichton stares ahead, confused and scared.)

Cut to Crichton running onto Command. Out the main view port nothing but white light can be seen.

Crichton: Pilot! Are you there?

Pilot: (On clamshell viewer, very anxious.) Crichton! Where are the others?

Crichton: You tell me. What happened?

Pilot: (A bit panicked.) I'm unsure. Still running analysis.

Crichton: (Squinting at the bright light outside Moya.) Is that a star?

Pilot: (Cut to him in his Den.) Unknown. Attempting to close radiation filters - now! (He grunts and jabs at his console. The light dims in the Command as shutters close against it.)

Crichton: (Hurrying around the Command trying to get some sense out of the consoles.) D'Argo, Aeryn and Rygel have disappeared. What happened? Did we hit something?

Pilot: (Clamed down a bit as he begins to reassert some control.) Still unknown. Quantify "disappeared."

Crichton: Here one second gone the next. Dis-a-Elvis-has-left-the-building-appeared. These readings are all over the map!

Pilot: Whatever's happened, most systems are out. Propulsion, guidance, comms. Even my DRDs aren't responding.

Crichton: This is nuts. Nothing seems to be working. How's Moya?

Pilot: Frightened. And in great pain.

Crichton: What is that out there?

Pilot: (In his Den, sounding calmer) I will labor to discover that once the DRDs re-establish internal tracking. I show Rygel on Tier 8 and Officer Sun in Maintenance Bay 3. Still searching for D'Argo.

Crichton: Keep lookin'. (He runs out of Command,)

Cut to a corridor aboard Moya.

Zhaan: (Angry, pulling Chiana back with her one good arm.) I said no Chiana!

Chiana: (Defiantly.) You can't stop me! I know how to fly a transport pod and I'm getting off this ship!

Crichton: (Entering.) Not without everyone else you're not. How's the arm?

Zhaan: Well, useless until the fibers regenerate.

Crichton: Pilot's found Aeryn and Rygel.

Zhaan: Does he know what's happening?

Crichton: Not yet. And he's still a little freaked out so he could probably use some company.

Zhaan: Okay. I'll go straight to the Den. (She rushes off and Chiana tries to sneak off in the other direction. Crichton grabs her arm.)

Crichton: (To Zhaan.) The comms don't work. (To Chiana, whipping her around to face him.) Rygel is on Tier 8. You'll have to find him on foot.

Chiana: Me?! (She slaps his arm away.) Get frelled.

Crichton: Listen, Sunshine. You want to be part of this crew?

Chiana: On your good days.

Crichton: This IS one of the good days. I thought you were Junior Miss Tough Chick of the Universe.

Chiana: Yeah when I can kiss or kick or cry my way out of it. This is way, way, WAY, WAY different.

Crichton: You bet your ass it is. And Pilot can't get those outer bay doors open so you can fly that pod around on its pad. (He pauses. Chiana's mood softens and her face falls as she realizes he is correct. He responds with kindness.) Chiana, it's going to be okay. Pilot's on the job.

Chiana: (Long pause as she swallows her pride.) Tier 8.

Crichton: Rygel! (He watches as she goes.)

Cut to later as Crichton enters Maintenance Bay 3.

Crichton: Aeryn! Aeryn, where are you? (No response. He mutters to himself:) Oh come on, Aeryn. Give me some kinda sign...

The high-pitched staccato scraping sound crescendos until it gets Crichton's attention. He turns to see a workbench nearby beginning to shake and the tools on top of it rattling about. He watches the table for a few seconds, then turns to go. Suddenly there's a flash of red and white light and we see him disappear like the others. But this time we see him reappear. He is still in the maintenance bay but it is now filled with red light and a bubbling noise. He is dizzy and staggers, wincing in pain and blinking.

Crichton: Pilot! (The clamshell is empty.) Aeryn? Are you here? Uhh, what the hell is this light? (He looks up and the camera rapidly zooms in on his one eye to give the impression that something is assaulting Crichton. He staggers, covers his eye and starts to make his way back through the maintenance bay and out. He can barely stay upright and grabs onto things for support as he staggers down the corridor. The camera gives us multiple shots overlapped and swirling motions to indicate his disorientation. He is nauseous as Moya seems to yaw and twist around him. He vomits very realistically.) Aeryn? Pilot?

Cut to later, he enters Pilot's Den. From a viewpoint behind Pilot's console we see the controls going up and down but no pilot. Cut to Crichton approaching the console. He has tied a rag around his eyes to try and keep out the nauseating effect of the red light and breathes heavily. He crawls up onto the Console and looks over its edge looking for Pilot. He gasps "Pilot" several times but the efforts have exhausted him. He leans against the console and pulls the rag fully over his eyes.

Cut to the galley. A long traveling shot across the floor strewn with debris. We see D'Argo enter, also in the red-lit Moya with similar disorientating camera shots in which we saw Crichton. D'Argo staggers into the galley. He is struggling mightily against sickness and pain, breathing huskily.

D'Argo: Is anybody here? Come on... Is anybody here? (Wincing in great pain he sits down at the table. He looks back out the door and sees Crichton blindly groping his way along the corridor. The camera shots get even more surreal. D'Argo can only gasp lightly:) Crichton... Crichton... I - I can't... Crichton... (But Crichton doesn't hear him and D'Argo sinks to the floor, unable to stand any more.)

Cut to Crichton who has somehow managed to reach Command. He hears the staccato scraping sound and peeks out from his blindfold. He looks up at the direction of the sound and sees, between two of Moya’s ribs on the ceiling, a patch of odd light.

Crichton: (Muttering.) It's the same noise. It's...it's the same noise as the maintenance bay... (He crawls up onto a console and pulls himself up to between the ribs and is sucked into the patch of light. He abruptly finds himself laying on his back on the floor of the Command, but it is now lit with blue light.)

The blue light is accompanied by a constant alarm sound interspersed with high-pitched squeals and scratching. It's loud enough to be acutely painful. Pilot's clamshell is again empty. Crichton runs first to Pilot's Den--empty. He then runs to the maintenance bay.

Crichton: (Screaming, but his voice is barely audible) AERYN! AERYN! I CAN'T HEAR - AERYN? (He spots her pulling a hose or cable toward her Prowler. She has her back to him and he reaches out to tap her shoulder. She whirls around, pulse pistol instantly pointed at him. He holds up his arms in surrender.) WHOA. WHOA. WHOA! YOU OKAY? CAN YOU HEAR ME?

Aeryn: (She points to her her ear, glowers and waves her arms in an emphatic "no.") NOTHING.

Crichton: (Pointing at her.) YOU! YOU ALL RIGHT? YOU OKAY?

Aeryn: (She glowers more emphatically and shouts with exaggerated gestures.) MY HEAD'S HURTING!

Crichton: Yeah. Yeah.


Crichton: WHAT?

Aeryn pantomimes a large person, then a violent overhead sword chop, then gestures to indicate tentacles coming down from her head.

Crichton: D'ARGO?

Aeryn points excitedly at Crichton that he has it. She points at her eyes and then at him.

Crichton: NO, I HAVEN'T. (He gestures negative. He then pantomimes with two hands something like a rabbit hopping along. Aeryn gestures confusion. Crichton repeats the hopping pantomime and yells.) RYGEL! HAVE YOU SEEN HIM? (Aeryn suppresses a laugh and points at her eyes and shakes her head no. Crichton gestures to her and yells.) COME WITH ME. (Holding her head, she follows. He leads her to Command) THERE ARE DOORS BETWEEN THE MOYAS. THIS WAY. (He climbs up on the console he earlier used to move to this Moya and helps her up.) COME ON. LOOK. UP. (He pulls himself up to the ribs on the ceiling like before but there is no door. He drops back down to the floor, frustrated) CRAP! (Aeryn gives him two thumbs up of encouragement and pantomimes D'Argo.) WHAT? YEAH. "LOOK FOR D'ARGO." (Aeryn then copies Crichton's pantomime of Rygel.) YEAH, RYGEL... YEAH. She rushes off and Crichton, after a confused look back at where he though a door to the other Moya would be, follows her.

They reach a junction in the corridor. Aeryn gestures she will go one way and Crichton should go the other. He nods and they head off. As Crichton walks, behind him appear three slashes of white light, like claws ripping through the air accompanied by a roar and a tearing sound.. He hears the sounds and turns to look but the slashes of light are gone. After a pause, he resumes his walk down the corridor until he hears the sounds again. This time he turns quickly enough to see the white lights tearing through the air. It passes and Aeryn backs into him from behind. He pantomimes to ask if she saw flashing lights. She shakes her head and they continue on.The shredding white light rips ominously through the air behind them.

Cut to later. Another corridor juncture. Aeryn hears a whining sound like a loud mosquito. She searches but finds nothing. She meets up again with Crichton and they continue.

Crichton enters Rygel’s quarters. Rygel isn't there but Crichton hears the staccato scraping sound and spots his tape recorder sitting on Rygel's table. Behind him, we see Aeryn through the door in the corridor, her back is to him as he reaches for the recorder and his hand disappears into a pool of light. Curious, he reaches in with his other hand and the pool of light gets larger. He feels a pull and though tries to pull back he is sucked in as he cries out.

Crichton: AERYYYYN!

Aeryn either hears his scream subconsciously or senses his absence. She turns and does not see him. She enters Rygel's quarters and still not seeing him, she draws her pistol. But there is nothing to aim at.

Cut to commercial.

We return to Rygel lying on his bed, perhaps asleep. Off camera, we hear Crichton still screaming "Aeryn." Rygel sits up to see Crichton standing in his quarters, Crichton is holding his tape recorder and looks around bewildered.

Rygel: We-e-e-ell! Look at you! (He bursts into laughter.)

Crichton: Rygel! (He puts his recorder in a side pouch on his belt and looks around him muttering.) Yellow light. Doesn't hurt. Can hear. This-this is good. (He kneels down in front of Rygel who continues to roar with laughter) What's so damn funny?

Rygel: You! You! You're making less sense than usual... but... in a cute way! (He gestures dramatically and goes into another paroxysm of laughter.)

Crichton: "Cute?!" I don't know what you've been smoking Buckwheat, but we've got a serious problem here.

Rygel: Nothing a good meal won't solve I'm sure! (More guffaws.)

Crichton: What is up with you?

Rygel: Up? Everything's up! Everything's UP UP UP!

Crichton: Rygel, listen to me. Moya has a serious problem. Whatever she hit caused some kind of ... (He almost giggles.) kind of fracture. I don't know. (Rygel looks on at him with a look of bemusement.) I mean, we're all here, but we're not in the same time or place in space. (He can't hold big a chortle. This disturbs him and he shakes his head and grunts to compose himself.) Um. Have you seen D'Argo?

Rygel: D'Argo? I don't know. Nobody's here. Not even Pilot! I was quite frantic at first. Then I realized, I quite like being on my own! (He erupts in a gale of self-satisfied merriment.)

Crichton: (A smile fluttering on his lips.) Yeah, that's the way I usually prefer you too. But right now, we stick together. (He grabs Rygel by the lapels and picks him up off of his bed.)

Cut to later. Crichton and Rygel are moving down a corridor.

Rygel: ...and then the Trollian priest turns to the Kalanese cleric and says, "Doesn't bother me. You should have seen her mother!"

Crichton: (He says nothing for a second, then bursts into laughter. He can barely walk and has to lean on Rygel’s throne sled while he doubles over in laughter.) Nonononono! Her mother? (He struggles to regain his composure.) Uh. oh ... What am I doing?

Rygel: Entering into the spirit of things, I'd say.

Crichton: (Struggling to be serious.) Rygel, Rygel. Look at this place. Do you remember what happened?

Rygel: Yes. Nobody liked my Cholian Curd Salad. (He screams with laughter which sets off Crichton.)

Crichton: (Forcing himself to stop.) Nonononono! Afterwards. There was a collision.

Rygel: (Briefly more serious, he nods.) Yes... there was a collision. Yes. But we survived! So why worry?

Crichton: (Gasping for air.) There's... there's something happening to Moya... and to us. (He stops and points at Rygel.) You don't make jokes.

Rygel: (More serious.) No. No, I don't tell jokes. (They dissolve into helpless guffaws.)

Crichton: And I don't LAUGH at them! It's-it's this place! It's doing something to us!

Rygel: Yes. Yes, it's doing something to us. But we'll both feel better once we've eaten! (Laughs again, but this one feels a little forced.)

Crichton: Where there's a way in, there's a way out. (Out of nowhere the terrible roaring sound and the ripping shreds of light Crichton saw on Blue Moya are heard and seen in the room. They look at it, then at each other, now totally serious.) Hey, Guido. Did you see that?

Rygel: (Matching Crichton's dead seriousness.) Yes... I did.

Cut to later, Rygel is following Crichton down a corridor. Neither are laughing.

Rygel: It was a hallucination, Crichton. Just a hallucination.

Crichton: (Empathically.) You j- It was real Rygel! It was REAL! I mean, we both saw it!

Rygel: Hm. But it didn't come back. And it didn't hurt us. Didn't take the food. (He chuckles.)

Crichton: We have to find a way out of here. It's hard to find. You gotta listen for a weeeird, strange noise--something out of the ordinary.

Rygel: (He ponders.) Hm. Weird... noise... Does my stomach count? (They burst into laughter again.)

Crichton: (Catching himself again) No! That is not funny. That is not funny, Rygel! Look, I gotta get out of here before I end up like you!

Rygel: What? Handsome with a great sexual prowess? (They explode with glee.)

Crichton: (He reaches out and clamps Rygel’s lips together with one hand and holds up a finger at him with the other.) Shut up! Just shut up! Shh! Shh! No! ... I gotta get out of here. Either help me ...help me? ...

Rygel: Hm? (Just that noise from Rygel throws Crichton into laughter again.)

Crichton: (He can't do it. He cracks up and rushes away from Rygel) Leave me alone!

Rygel: (Calling after him.) I'll be in the galley with the food ... and the monster! (He sails off laughing maniacally.)

Cut to Crichton walking down a corridor. He manages to not laugh for only a few seconds.

Crichton: That was funn... (He stops because he hears the staccato scraping sound coming from behind a wall.) There's my noise. (He opens a sliding door in the wall and follows the noise to its source down one of Moya’s maintenance shafts.) Okay, Alice. Once more into the looking glass. (He cracks himself up with that one. Stifling his laughter, he down the shaft laughing until he disappears with a flash of light.)

Cut to normal-colored Moya's Command. Zhaan and Chiana are entering.

Zhaan: (Fed up.) We can't find them Pilot! False information yet again!

Pilot: (On clamshell viewer.) The DRDs still show Officer Sun on Tier 2. Rygel outside the center chamber. D'Argo in...

Chiana: ...competent. You got it wrong, four-arms. They're nowhere.

Pilot: (Matching Chiana's condescension but with greater grace.) Your inability to locate them does not negate the fact that they are there.

Chiana: (Sarcastically.) Oh...

Zhaan: Then why can't we SEE them?

Pilot: Because...

Crichton: (Rushing in.) Because you don't have X-ray vision. Do you?

Zhaan: (Relieved.) John, where have you been?

Crichton: Right here. Pilot! What do you know about parallel realities? Temporal shifts? Two objects occupying the same space at the same time?

Pilot: More information... please.

Crichton: There are at least three other Moyas. Right here. Right now.

Pilot: Do you know the mathematical hypothesis--"dimensional schism?" Light and sound disjointed into base elements.

Crichton: Red... blue... yellow...

Zhaan: Hypotheses don't just materialize, Pilot. Tell us what's happened to us.

Pilot: Starburst is technically the seam between space-time dimensions. Moya’s power cells allow us access and we simply ride out the energy stream until we're pushed out... at random.

Chiana: (Alarmed.) Pushed out ... at random?

Zhaan: Not now, Chiana.

Chiana: What do you mean, "not now"? We-we go into this starlurch thing and we don't even know where we're goin'?

Pilot: (Smoothly sarcastic.) At the next appropriate moment, you're welcome to leave.

Chiana: (Full-on brat mode.) Oh!

Zhaan: Tell us what happened, Pilot.

Pilot: (Carefully.) In her haste to accommodate so you wouldn't abandon us, Moya entered starburst without adequate thrust. At the moment, we appear to be ... (His voice goes sheepishly high pitched.) stuck.

Crichton: Wild guess here ... We're still in starburst?

Pilot: (With embarrassed contrition.) Regrettably... our insertion vector was wrong and subsequent fluctuations aahh...

Crichton: (Fed up.) Screw the science lesson, Pilot! You should have told us that we're still in starburst! (Clipped.) Now... we are stuck into what?

Pilot: (Awe struck.) Whatever's on the other side.

Cut to an external view of Moya superimposed by red, blue, and yellow doppelgangers that fan out from her body like the petals of a flower. Streams of light in the primary colors stream off of them like arcs of electricity.

Cut to later in the maintenance bay aboard normal-colored Moya, Chiana is barking at the heels of Crichton and Zhaan as they walk.

Chiana: You say a creature... What kind of creature? The kind we eat ... or the kind that... that eats us?

Zhaan: Is it possible that you saw a fragment from another dimension, John?

Crichton: If what Pilot says is accurate, yeah.

Zhaan: I've always wondered what could be beyond height and width, depth, and time.

Crichton: Nausea.

Zhaan: Spirituality?

Crichton: That's a good wish.

Chiana: Pilot says we don't have enough power to pull free. What are we going to do?

Crichton: First thing: protect ourselves in case that creature is the "eat us" kind. You two find some weapons. I'm gonna work with Pilot.

Zhaan: What do you have in mind?

Crichton: (As he leaves them.) Get the others. Bring them back. (Zhaan nods and she and Chiana stride off.)

Cut to Pilot's Den. Crichton is standing next to him behind his console. Pilot is explaining something to him.

Pilot: Follow the sequence exactly. When the ion backwash reaches maximum, funnel it all to reverse propulsion.

Crichton: I'll try.

Pilot: Any deviation will result in failure.

Crichton: I'll still try. (He steps across in front of Pilot, between his arms. Pilot works around him, not ceasing his working of the console but allowing Crichton to pass) Look, Pilot. Why is Moya being schismed off by this deal? But not you... me... the others?

Pilot: (He uncharacteristically takes a deep inhale.) Relative densities. The heavier the substance, the more pronounced the fissure. Even now, connected to Moya as I am, the effects are becoming noticeable. And we are being drawn further in by the moment.

Crichton: And when we get pulled apart?

Pilot: Molecular diaspora.

Crichton: You know, Pilot... Moya did not have to go into starburst until she was ready.

Pilot: Now is hardly the time for recriminations, Commander.

Crichton: (He lays a hand on the great creature’s shoulder. Pilot stops his work and looks at him.) It wasn't a recrimination. We should have been more up-front about our feelings. (He pauses as they look at each other.) How's she doing?

Pilot: Same as us. ... Scared.

Crichton: Well, we'll do what we can.

Pilot: She knows. (Pilot returns to his work and Crichton pats him comfortingly on the shoulder.)

Cut back to normal Moya’s corridor. Zhaan and Chiana are armed with heavy rifles. - Crichton meets up with them.

Crichton: You'll be happy to know... we have a plan.

Chiana: I'll be happy to know if it works.

Crichton: First thing... we find the others.

Chiana: "We?" We're going with you?

Zhaan: D'Argo and the others may be injured Chiana.

Chiana: Do I get a say in this?

Zhaan and Crichton: No.

The walk on in silence for a few seconds but stop when they hear roaring and see three jagged streaks of light come tearing through the air towards them)

Crichton: Look out! (They hit the deck and the rips of light pass over them before doubling back and stopping to focus directly on Crichton. We see from the creature's viewpoint as it stops just before Crichton's scared face and analyzes him.)

Cut to commercial.

We return to Crichton striding into the maintenance bay.

Zhaan: (As she and Chiana enter the maintenance bay.) We stay together the whole way Chiana. No roaming. (The staccato scrapping noise is heard in the background.)

Chiana: Yes, mother.

Crichton: No, mom. Plan has changed. (To Zhaan.) You stay here with Pilot. If that creature comes back just ... shoot it.

Zhaan: Even if I was still a full Pa'u I wouldn't hesitate.

Crichton: (Moving Chiana to a spot on the floor) Right here. You ready, Pip?

Chiana: (Nervously.) Uhhh, Pip means...?

Crichton: My favorite traveling companion.

Chiana: Before I got here, did-did they believe anything you said? (He smiles and shoves her forward with hm to be sucked into the doorway that transports them to Red Moya. Crichton immediately groans in the nausea-inducing light. The camera shows us multiple images swirling around like before. Chiana looks around.) I thought you said this red light hurt your head?

Crichton: (His hand over his eyes.) Augh... it does.

Chiana: (Smugly.) Well, not to me.

Crichton: I'm so glad. C'mon, let's get.. (He sees D'Argo staggering in wearing a welding visor.) D'Argo! You're alive!

D'Argo: Barely. This light affects thinking and motor functions.

Chiana: (Cackling.) Not to me.

D'Argo: (Ignoring her. To Crichton.) I saw you earlier on. What the hezmana happened to you?

Crichton: (Moans.) That's way too much to go into right now. Suffice it to say that Moya had a little problem during starburst. She's a... wedged herself into another dimension and split off into at least four distinct parts.

D'Argo: Have you ever heard of anything like this happening before?

Crichton: D'Argo, I haven't heard of anything like anything before. (Cut briefly to Chiana, no longer cackling but swallowing hard, disturbed.) My planet doesn't even go to the moon anymore.

Chiana: (Grimmly.) I've heard of it. My... my people’s weapons scientists once... once poked a hole through another dimension. Once it widened... they lost control.

D'Argo: And what happened?

Chiana: No one's sure... A whole solar system ... four populated planets dissolved into tiny chunks. That's why I want to get out of here.

D'Argo hangs his head down with a sigh.

Crichton: We will. (Peeking between his fingers at D’Argo’s visor.) That thing help?

D'Argo: Barely. I only retch every once in a while now.

Crichton: Look ... we gotta get the engines started (D'Argo shakes his head vigorously.) in each of Moya’s four incarnations in order to get out of here.

D'Argo: Pilot isn't here to operate them.

Crichton: It's all right; he told me what to do. (The roaring creature of the tearing streams of light appears. It pauses and coalesces into a ball of brilliant light. D'Argo rips off his visor and lifts his weapon. Crichton and Chiana back up against the wall.) I was gonna tell you about that.

Chiana: (As the ball of light gets larger and closer.) Look!

We switch to the creature's viewpoint. We see Crichton, D'Argo, and Chiana inside a ring of intense yellowish white light. Claws of light seem to be grasping out from the ring at them.

Crichton: It's trying to come through from the other side.

D'Argo: Let's discourage it.

Crichton: (To Chiana.) You know how to use that thing?

Chiana: I'm scared grotless, not stupid.

D'Argo: One... two... FIRE!

Crichton: (As they open fire) Hey, what happened to three? (They fire until the ball of light retracts, then disappears.)

Chiana: We did it.

D'Argo: It does not feel like a victory.

Crichton: Not... at... all.

Cut to later in Pilot's den aboard Red Moya. Crichton and D'Argo are behind Pilot's console and Crichton is trying to show him what Pilot said to do. Chiana wanders around the den snickering with glee at the sight of the huge cavernous center of Moya.

Crichton: No no no. Button, then lever slide. Look, I can stay. You go get Aeryn and Rygel.

D'Argo: You are in no condition.

Crichton: Well, you've been here longer.

D'Argo: You can barely stand! (To Chiana) Now you ... you say that this light doesn't affect you?

Chiana: Yeah. (She realizes his intention.) No... No. Yes, this light doesn't affect me. No, I won't stay alone. (Cut briefly to exasperated Crichton and D'Argo. As D'Argo raises is hand and opens his mouth:) And NO. I won't... stay... alone.

D'Argo: Just TAKE the girl. I'll be okay.(Chiana smiles broadly over her little victory.)

Crichton: (He starts to climb over Pilot's console.) All right, you know how to get out in case something goes wrong?

D'Argo: Yes, above the strategy table. Now go.

Crichton: (As he climbs out from behind the Console:) All right. Give us half an arn and then fire up everything in reverse.

D'Argo: I remember from the first seven times that you told me. (Crichton begins to retch) Ah-ah-ah-AH! Not here! Go! Go! I do not want that here! (But Crichton pukes energetically.) Ohhhhhhh....

Chiana: (Matter of factly.) Doesn't affect me. (She and Crichton leave.)

Cut to Command. Chiana has one leg up as Crichton is prepared to boost her through the doorway to the other Moya.

Chiana: Are you sure about this?

Crichton: Just go up.

Chiana: What if the creature's waiting?

Crichton: Then PISS it off.

Chiana: How?

Crichton: Pretend it's me.

She acquiesces and he boosts her up and through the doorway and then follows her. They emerge on the floor of Command on Blue Moya. The noise of the blue light is agonizing beyond Chiana's ability to tolerate. She screams and screams and is unable to move other than to clamp her hands over her ears. Crichton at first tries to calm her, but quickly realizes she is too tormented to function here. He throws her over his shoulders and sprints through Blue Moya directly to Rygel’s quarters where he pushes the new unconscious Chiana through the doorway to Yellow Moya before going to find Aeryn alone.

As he enters the maintenance bay, the light creature makes another appearance. But this time it's ripping stabs of light create physical damage--smoking three gashes into the walls of Moya but in the process chops off the nose of Aeryn's Prowler. Shots are fired and he turns to see Aeryn, shooting at the thing. It withdraws.

Aeryn is wearing a headset that covers both ears and has a microphone. She motions him to follow her and hands another headset to him. They mute the terrible din of Blue Moya and make verbal communication possible.

Crichton: HEY MU... much better!

Aeryn: (She smiles.) You all right?

Crichton: Aeryn, this is genius!

Aeryn: I modified flight headsets to block out acoustic wavelengths, that's all.

Crichton: It's not bad for a girl who hates to do homework.

Aeryn: Well, it's military tech. It's battle tested. Why did you not shoot at that thing?

Crichton: I don't know.

Aeryn: You don't...? Brilliant instinct, Crichton. Have you seen my Prowler?

Crichton: Oh yeah. I was here for that show. Who missed it? Look, Pilot thinks Moya's been wedged into another dimension.

Aeryn: That thing's trying to get into ours.

Crichton: Yeah.

Aeryn: Have you found the others?

Crichton: Well, Moya's separated off into separate environments. D'Argo's in one, Rygel's somewhere else, and we're here.

Aeryn: Clearly you've found a route to get through.

Crichton: Yeah but it's not gonna matter if we get sucked in any farther.

Aeryn: Is there a plan?

Crichton: Yup.

Aeryn: Well?

Crichton: Pilot needs more power. All engines have to be on full reverse at the same time.

Aeryn: (Eager to have an action item.) That should have been the first thing you told me Crichton! (She turns to head for Pilot's den,)

Crichton: (Running after her) Yeah, I know! I know, but I was busy! Aeryn! Waitwaitwait! Let me, uh, let me show you what to do.

Aeryn: I know the sequence for full reverse. Get on to the others.

Crichton: Pilot was pretty specific about what he wanted.

Aeryn: I have some of Pilot's DNA, remember?

Crichton: Pilot was... very specific.

Aeryn: Rotate blue crystal, trim yellow disk, extinguish orange light, open copper rods, black

Crichton & Aeryn: panel depressed halfway

Aeryn: ... dial tri-connector open, hot progression purple, green, orange, gold lights, green knob

Crichton & Aeryn: maximum thrust.

Crichton: It's going to be harder to... doubt you in the future.

Aeryn: Well, I apologize for my strengths.

Crichton: Give me half an arn and then fire it up.

Aeryn: Got it. (They parts ways. Crichton pauses when he sees on the rib over the doorway, seven steaming, glowing gashes left by the creature.)

Cut to Crichton returning to Rygel's quarters on Yellow Moya. He looks around and sees no one.

Crichton: Chiana? Sparky? SPARKY! (Concerned, he rushes off to look for them but finds some halls are now cut off by the bright white void of the dimensional schism.) Crap!

Cut to Pilot's den. Rygel is behind the console and Chiana is doing a balance-beam act atop it. Both are giggling like fools.)

Rygel: Careful ... careful ... Don'tslipandfallanddie! (Chiana, never in any real danger, bobbles but they both yell with laughter.)

Crichton: (Entering wearily.) I'm so glad to see you two are safe.

Chiana: Well, I said you'd have that look on your face. (To Rygel, gleefully.) See?

Crichton: (As he climbs over to behind the console.) Well... I was worried about you.

Chiana: Well, I found Rygel... and I managed to bring him here. Then we started talking and ... do you know any good jokes?

Crichton: (Busily working Pilot's console to set up maximum thrust reverse and trying to ignore the others.) Not besides the one I'm living.

Rygel: Tch, all right Mr. Serious. What are you doing?

Crichton: Putting Moya’s propulsion system into full reverse.

Rygel: Mm? OH! Reverse? HA! No Dominar from the house of Rygel ever travels in reverse!

Crichton: Well turn around... pretend you're going forward. (Rygel loves that one and cackles madly. To Chiana:) You stay here with Napoleon. If for any reason the engines shut down... restore the green knob.

Chiana: (Mocking his seriousness.) Ignore the green slob.

Crichton: Restore ... the green... knob. You do that... and I'll let you take a transport down to the next planet, 'kay?

Rygel: Crichton that's outrageous!

Chiana: (Grinning maniacally.) Green... knob. Green knob.

Crichton: Good girl. (He turns to Rygel.) Hang tough, Sparky. Enjoy the personality. (He leaves.)

Rygel: (Begins to sing.) Oh, there is no expanse of the mind the will cannot traverse or physically the distance laid across the universe. (Chiana kisses her approval. Crichton pauses and looks back to admire the spectacle of Rygel singing.) As blessings many in the stars save one lamented curse, that 16th Rygel, glory me! Must travel in reverse! (Rygel and Chiana laugh uproariously as Crichton exits the den.) HA! There's a little dance that goes with that but.. I can't do them both at the same time!

Cut to Crichton laughing as he slides down the shaft from Yellow Moya to normal Moya. He hits a bump and grunts in pain and stops laughing. Zhaan is waiting with her rifle pointed.

Crichton: Aaahhh! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I wish you people would stop pointing guns at me!

Zhaan: When you didn't show, I was beginning to think I was in the wrong place. (They climb out of the maintenance shaft.) Pilot reports full reverse power. You did it, John.

Crichton: What about the creature?

Zhaan: Well, I keep shooting at it but it keeps coming back.

Crichton: Well, we gotta hold it off until Pilot can get us out of here. (He notes she is back to wearing her blue and gold robe.) Your vestments.

Zhaan: I suddenly realized I'd forsaken the priesthood in practice, but not in my soul.

Crichton: Why'd you put them on now?

Zhaan: I ... (They pause in front of a corridor now blocked by the intense white void.) I fear we may die here soon. (They start walking faster to get to Command.) Whole sections are being swallowed up. Pilot! It's getting worse!

Pilot: (On clamshell viewer.) Crichton!

Crichton: (He notices 11 glowing slashes carved into the wall by the creature.) Pilot... report.

Pilot: Not good. Despite Moya’s best efforts, we are still being drawn in. There is one... very long shot.

Zhaan: Anything, Pilot.

Pilot: (With great reluctance.) Moya could... willingly ... lose the baby.

Crichton: No!

Zhaan: No way!

Pilot: It will definitely increase her power quotient, though I am not sure it is enough to get us free.

Crichton: Pilot, no. We cannot ask Moya to make that sacrifice.

Pilot: We should not have attempted starburst when we did. Our insecurities have brought us to this place. Besides, the baby cannot survive if we don't.

Crichton: Pilot, listen to me. Whatever happens, we go together. We keep the baby. (The creature appears with a roar and bright light.)

Zhaan: John!

Pilot: (In his den, his claws fly up in a defensive gesture of terror.) SHOOT IT! Moya's very scared! Please! Shoot it!

Crichton: (Softly, thoughtfully.) Don't fire.

Zhaan: It's coming through. ... John! The hole is widening!

Crichton: (Staring at the glowing scratches it gouged into the wall. He focuses on one set of seven scratches.) Prime numbers. (Zhaan stares at him in bewilderment.) Those scratches are grouped... in prime numbers: 3, 5, 7, 11. PRIME!

Zhaan: It's trying to communicate.

Crichton: You bet your blue ass. (Pilot gasps.) This isn't an attack, Zhaan .. it's an invitation.

Cut to commercial.

Pilot: (As Crichton approaches the creature.) I URGE you to shoot it!

Crichton: It's trying to communicate.... I know it. ... It's not attacking. (He puts aside his gun. The roaring continues but the light remains still and no further scratches are being made.)

Zhaan: John, no! What if the hole closes up?

Crichton: Then I'll be dead a few minutes before you.... That's all. (He steps into the light and finds himself in a glaring white void. The creature is there, indistinct, amorphous. It is bright blue and red and pulsates. It most resembles a sea creature like a cross between a crab and a sponge.) Who are you?

Interdimensional Being:
(In a calm feminine voice.) Unimportant. Your container has breached our existence.

Crichton: Is that where I am? In your dimension?

Interdimensional Being: There can be no overlap. This is the expanse between. Your mental organ is unable to interpret the chasm to your existence.

Crichton: (Chuckling.) You got that right, pal.

Interdimensional Being: My function is to repair breaches.

Crichton: Does this happen a lot?

Interdimensional Being: Never before with living material.

Crichton: Bad news, pal. We are living. Can you help us get out?

Interdimensional Being: I must destroy all material. The breach is fatal.

Crichton: W-w-w-hang on! Give us a chance. We're-we're trying to back out.

Interdimensional Being: That path will tear the rupture beyond restoration.

Crichton: So what are you saying? There's no way?

Interdimensional Being: Forward.

Crichton: Forward? I thought you said we can't exist in your existence.

Interdimensional Being: I will attempt to conduct you to the space where you began.

Crichton: Starburst.

Interdimensional Being: I can guide. You must provide your own thrust... forward.

Crichton: Way-way-wait! What if we don't have enough power?

Interdimensional Being: Forward.

Crichton: WAIT! (Crichton is spat back through the portal into in his own dimension aboard normal Moya.) Did you hear it? Did you hear it?

Zhaan: Hear what? You barely got your head inside the hole and out again before it closed.

Crichton: (Panting.) The creature. I talked to it.

Pilot: (Disbelieving.) Commander! There wasn't time.

Crichton: There was for me. You gotta tell Moya to stop resisting. She has to go forward. Starburst forward!

Pilot: (Indignant.) I will not!

Crichton: We don't have a choice. Look, you tell me what to do and I'll relay it to the others. (Pilot stares blankly through the clamshell viewer. Crichton says more softly:) Pilot, trust me.

Pilot: (Still blank and disbelieving.) Reverse the final four controls.

Crichton: (Exhales.) Right. Give me 500 microts, then go.

Zhaan: John! John, what if you're wrong?

Crichton: You were going to pray anyway.

Pilot: 500 ...499 ...

Crichton & Pilot: (As Crichton takes off in a dead sprint.) 498... (We see him emerge in Red Moya and heads for Pilot's den.) 472 ...471 ...470 ....

After running through the corridors with a glimpse of the white void through a window, he enters Pilot's den on Red Moya.

D'Argo: (Not wearing the visor anymore.) The engines are in full reverse. Did it work? (Crichton vomits at the foot of Pilot's console.) Uwwww.... ohhh...

Crichton: (As he clambers over the console to join D'Argo.) Shut it down. Wrong direction. We have to go forward.

D'Argo: No, that is suicide.

Crichton: Nuh-uh. Nonono. It's the same control sequence, just reverse the last four commands.

D'Argo: Can you explain to me how you have arrived at this decision?

Crichton: No, nonono. No time. Just wait 300 microts then... forward.

D'Argo: (Ever grumpy.) I have no time-keeping device.

Crichton: (With stern impatience.) One-Mississippi-ONE, one-Mississippi-TWO, one-Mississippi-THREE... 300! Forward.

D'Argo: (He struggles to repeat what he thinks he heard.) One mippippippi... Two mippippippi... Three mippippippi... (Sigh.) FOUR... mippippippi...

Cut to Crichton climbing up to the doorway to enter Blue Moya. He continues at a dead run through the blue corridors. He is blocked at two paths by the white void. Unable to get to Pilot's den, he puts on the headset and calls to Aeryn.)

Crichton: Aeryn? Aeryn, you there?

Aeryn: (Responding from elsewhere on Blue Moya. She is not in Pilot's den.) Ah! Where have you been?

Crichton: (Catching his breath.) On the run. ... Where are you?

Aeryn: I was trying to get out of here. I didn't know if you were coming back.

Crichton: I'd never leave you.

Aeryn: (She smiles, partly from feeling endearment and partly from feeling Crichton's sentiment is silly.) Something the matter?

Crichton: Yeah. We got it wrong. We have to go forward.

Aeryn: Just tell me what I have to do.

Crichton: 150 microts from now, full... maximum... thrust. You know how to do that?

Aeryn: Yes, of course I do.

Crichton: Good. Hey look... this dimension thing's chopping up the ship. You know a way I can get to quarters?

Aeryn: Well ... (She walks back and looks down a corridor.) the lower levels are gone. You might want to Try Tier 7 through the ion backwash chamber. I'm gonna head back to Pilot's.

Crichton: 150 microts.

Aeryn: 130 now. Good luck.

Crichton: Back at you, baby. (He steels himself and breaks into a run again. He is blocked several times by the white void but manages to find an access hatch and we see him emerge in Yellow Moya. Here too, his way is increasingly blocked by the schism.) 52... 51... 50...

Rygel: (As Crichton finally reaches Pilot's Den. The Chuckle Twins are still at it) Ohhhh, there you are!

Chiana: Look at him!

Rygel: The other runners came through here arns ago!

Crichton: Still auditioning for Star Search I see.

Rygel: No, I have a new philosophy Crichton. What used to be important, isn't, and what should be important, never will be!

Crichton: (As he gets behind the console.) Great, that way when this whole thing screws up and we die, you're not going to be whinging in my ear, right? (Rygel laughs .) 12...11...

Chiana: (Who has been lounging on the console, leans in to touch foreheads with Crichton.) Hey, why don't you relax. Join in the fun?

Crichton: Give me 7 seconds, baby. We'll come and go together. 4... 3... 2...1 (He initiates maximum thrust and the ship begins to shudder. Rygel notices and stops laughing but Chiana is too far gone to notice. Crichton notices.) Whoa ... Hell. we're screwed.

Rygel: (The effect of Yellow Moya getting to him, he ducks down and comes up between Crichton's arms) Should I disrobe so it's memorable?

Chiana: (Nodding and smiling approval.) Yes.

The scene shifts to an external shot of Moya. As the dimensional schism closes, Moya and her red, blue, and yellow doppelgangers merge together like a fan folding up. Cut back to Pilot's den. The rumbling continues but one by one our heroes (first Aeryn, then D'Argo, then Zhaan) from the other Moyas fall onto the console as Moya is pulled back onto the same plane of existence. With a final flash of light, Moya returns to normal space. They all wind up tumbled atop one another. Finally, Pilot returns in a flash and everything is returned to normal. Everyone looks around, sees each other, and begin to laugh with relief and exhaustion.

Rygel: I'm alive!

Pilot: (Looking around at each of them, confused by their reaction. He's the only one not laughing and he looks haggardly at the others as they fall about laughing and playfully slapping each other. With a school headmaster's aloofness:) I fail... to see the source.. of your amusement. (The rest just continue laughing as the camera zooms out.)

Cut to commercial.

We return to later in Moya’s galley. Like the beginning of the episode, the crew is indulging in a big meal, but this time the atmosphere is more like a group of friends after a long work week. Several lively conversations are going on at once and the cameras swing about to give us a flavor of some of them.

Crichton: No, no, no! You did NOT say that!

D'Argo: I did! I was very shameless in my youth.

Crichton: And that worked?

D'Argo: Of course not! The girl screamed and I was almost arrested. (He bursts into laughter.)

Chiana: (To Zhaan.) ...and when he didn't give it back, we beat the gris out of him. (Zhaan laughs.) Should I be telling you this?

Zhaan: My dear, I've kicked more ass than you've sat on. (She laughs.)

Rygel: ... Oh yes. I spent all evening listening to them gripe and whine about me. But of course... they didn't realize I was their Dominar.

Aeryn: I admire your openness to criticism, Rygel. When did you tell them who you were?

Rygel: At their trial, of course! (He guffaws. There is general laughter.)

D'Argo: Everyone! Is it just me or is this the best food that we have ever had?

Zhaan: Hmm. Nothing like the taste of death to clear the palate.

Aeryn: I suppose there isn't a thing here that I couldn't live on for a cycle.

Chiana: Except....except maybe this. (She's holding a cylinder of something off-white color. The others grunt their agreement.)

D'Argo: No, I was assuming because of the lack of taste of that, that it was a garnish. (They all laugh, except for Crichton.)

Crichton: Yoyoyoyo, those are Grandmother Crichton’s famous buttermilk biscuits!

Rygel: (Genuinely curious.) What's in them?

Crichton: Self-rising flour ... uh... salt... shortening, buttermilk ... touch a honey.

Zhaan: But we have none of those ingredients, John.

Crichton: (He swallows his sip of drink thoughtfully.) Heh ... maybe that's the problem. (They all laugh and throw the ersatz biscuits at him.)

Pilot: (Trepidatiously breaking in on clamshell viewer.) I'm sorry to interrupt your meal ... but how can you all be so jovial after our near miss?

Aeryn: We were affected profoundly by it, Pilot. How are you two handling it?

Pilot: Well enough to alleviate your concerns about our starburst problems. (He pauses.) There's been a... change in the status of Moya’s baby.

D'Argo: (After a pregnant five-second pause.) Is she in any danger?

Pilot: Doing fine. (He pauses again, then says happily.) Actually ... more than fine.

Crichton: We're going to have a baby?

Pilot: (Gleefully.) Yes! There's no exact timetable for leviathan gestations, but... Moya feels confident that the day is coming.

Rygel: Oh ho! Well, in that case... tell her, if she's so inclined... when it is born... she can name it after me!

Chiana: That would only work if it's a runt.

Rygel: Watch it, girlie!

Crichton: This is one of the good days, people! (He raises his glass in a toast.) To a healthy, happy baby.

Rygel: Hear! Hear!

D'Argo: (He takes Crichton's upraised glass and drinks) Thanks!

Zhaan: Rygel! (She leans across the table to give him a kiss as he yells with protest then spins away to spit it out.The others laugh and applaud.)



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What We Learn in This Episode

Pilot and Moya really want to have people on board. They are fulfilled by serving others.

Hynerians consider a foodstuff called “kroldar” to be a delicacy.

Apparently, everyone has some ability to cook; even Aeryn, who knows how to make something called “smoked pronga sinew.”

We learn a tiny bit about the physics of starburst. We had figured out it was a faster-than-light form of space travel that took Moya out of normal space. Now, we hear that Moya has the power to enter into the seam between space-time dimensions and ride that seam for awhile to re-emerge someplace else. We learned earlier that the endpoint of starburst is unknown. That is the most explanation of the mechanism of starburst that we get in the entire original series. Starburst is not meant used as a means of navigation but only a defense mechanism like a squid uses a jet of water to escape a predator.
Because starburst involves traversing the seems between dimensions, it is possible for starburst to go wrong and the Leviathan to become trapped between or divided among dimensions.

We get the first indication that Crichton’s physical senses are less acute than the others because the red lights and blue sound have less of an effect on him than it does on the others. Chiana is the only other character who experiences more than one Moya in the dimensional schism. She is unaffected by the red light but is incapacitated by the noise on blue Moya.

This is the first episode in which Crichton calls Rygel "Buckwheat" and is the first episode he calls Rygel by multiple nicknames.



Crichton is in a position to figure out what is going on by virtue of the fact that he--unlike Rygel, Aeryn, and D'Argo--is not transported out of normal Moya. It follows the Farscape template of learning about the plot problems and solutions through Crichton's point of view. The significance of this episode is profound. It is when the inhabitants of Moya are finally able to bond as a family.

Pilot mentions that Moya has “power cells.” We have, so far, no information on how Moya travels through space; she just…does. Pilot’s instructions for reverse starburst include funneling the “ion backwash.” The ion backwash chamber was mentioned in “Exodus From Genesis” (1.03). Now we learn it has something to do with Moya’s propulsion. We still know nothing more about what fuel Moya uses and how she propels herself through space.

Aeryn’s reaction to Crichton praising her for modifying the headsets so that they can communicate is interesting. He is alluding to her earlier reluctance to be a “scientist.” She replies. “Well, it's military tech. It's battle tested.” So, she justifies it to herself by saying she was working with military gear not some pansy something else.  It is a sign of Aeryn’s reluctance to see herself as anything other than a soldier.

Crichton’s reference to the TV show Star Search (1983-1993) is now quite dated. It was arguably dated in 1999 when this episode aired. That is the weakness of pop culture references—they often do not survive more than a few years in the memory.

The final scene is the first time we see D’Argo actually relaxed and happy. This episode is a major turning point for him and this mirrors the major turning point this episode is for all of them. Before this episode, the people on Moya are on edge with each other, mostly distrustful. Through the experiences of this episode, they begin to fucntion together. This is foreshadowed by Zhaan's comment in the beginning scene that they are under no obligation to function as a unit. They are still under no such obligation at the end of the episode but something clicks for them in their experiences here and they develop a affinity for each other and a desire to work together.

The ending credits are longer than usual.

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