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I, E.T.
Originally Broadcast:
May 8, 1999 - US, December 20, 1999 - UK

Writer - Sally Lapiduss
Director - Pino Amenta

Guest Cast
Cayde Tasker . . . Fostro
Mary Mara . . . Lyneea
Boris Brkic . . . Ryymax

Episode Summary
The inhabitants of Moya discover that the Peacekeepers have hidden a locator beacon on board, which is now emitting a screaching alarm and broadcasting their location. To remove it from a sensitive location on Moya's primary neural nexus, they must perform surgery on her. That means making planetfall on an uncharted world and locate a specific substance to use as anesthesia, all while avoiding contact with the local population, which has never before encountered extraplanetary life.

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Moya is sailing through a majestic space tableaux. The scene shifts to a corridor where DRDs seem disoriented, perhaps because of the sound of a pulsing, piercing, shrieking siren. Pan to Crichton who's left eye is twitching. He is walking down the corridor rubbing at his eye and grimacing. He runs into D'Argo.


Aeryn meets up with them at a junction of corridors.

Crichton: Sounds like it's from the inside of my head! What the hezmana is it?

Aeryn: It's definitely Peacekeeper. (D'Argo has run off and they follow him. Looking at Crichton, annoyed.) And don't do that to me!

Crichton: What? (His eye twitching is now uncontrollable.)

Aeryn: That.. that! (She points emphatically at her own face as she mimics Crichton’s twitch.)

Crichton: I can't help it! The sound frequency's doing something to my eye. (D'Argo stops and looks around searching for the source of the siren. They stop too.) Feels like it's melting my brain. (Looking fretfully at D'Argo as Aeryn looks around.) Couldn't actually be doing something to my brain could it? (They ignore him as the scene cuts briefly to Pilot in his Den as he speaks to the other via comm.)

Pilot: DRDs have located the siren's point of origin--tier seven, rear storage compartment.

(Cut to Rygel and Zhaan whoare already at the designated spot. Rygel is holding his head with his hand.)

Zhaan: We're there Pilot. The DRDs are removing the cover now.

Rygel: (Groaning and irritable.) Can't you stop that noise? (Two DRDs are at a small curved triangular hatch at the base of a wall. Zhaan lifts up the hatch cover and sets the metal plate aside. She gets down on her hands an knees to look inside, just as Aeryn, D'Argo and Crichton arrive.)

D'Argo: Let me see. (He pokes his head through the hatch. Cut to what he sees. A jumble of cables, some small, some very wide, in front of what looks like a stained glass window with odd black straight lines and half-circles with panels of white and red. Cut back to D'Argo who sighs with an "oh, dren" and pulls out of the hole. He looks up with disgust at Aeryn who gets down herself for a look. She sees the same sight and also gives an "oh, dren" look. She pulls her head out, looks distrubed then up at Crichton to signify it is his turn. He looks but has no idea what he is looking at. Suddenly, the hellishly whining siren stops.)

Zhaan: Pilot! Good work. You've stopped it.

Pilot: (Cut to Pilot in his den.) I have only neutralized the internal sound. The device itself is still broadcasting some kind of signal into deep space using Moya’s hull as a maximizer.

Crichton: It's using my skull as a maximizer. Why am I still twitching?

Aeryn: (She suddenly remembers.) It's a paddac beacon. It starts broadcasting unless it gets a regular signal from the control collar.

Zhaan: (Looking at D'Argo.) Which we removed.

D'Argo: (He walks over to Aeryn, ever the suspicious one, and speaks slowly for effect.) And why didn't you tell us about this?

Aeryn: Well, not all Leviathan transports have them. I had no way of knowing. And look, I'm new to all this escaped prisoner crap. All right? (She begins to walk away--under D'Argo's ever suspicious eye--but spots a DRD disappearing into the little hatchway) Oh! No! (Cut to the DRD who shines a red laser on the thickest of the cables. Suddenly the DRD is hit with a much brighter red laser. Sparks fly and a small flame erupts where it was hit. The lights on the end of its stalks go out.) It won't let DRDs near it.

Pilot: (Off camera as we watch D'Argo shake his head to Aeryn's comment.) The external broadcast is increasing exponentially. If there's a Peacekeeper patrol within a quarter lightcycle they'll know exactly where we are.

D'Argo and Zhaan look at each other while Aeyrn looks up and off, not at all surprised, knowing how Peacekeepers work.

Zhaan: (Anxious.) Aeryn,- can the device be removed? (Aeryn shrugs and throws up her hands to indicate "no idea.")

D'Argo: (Ever the impatient one.) I'll get it out! (He pokes his head in, and his arm to remove the dead DRD but realizes that there is no way he can reach the jumble of cables. He pulls himself back out.)

Zhaan: (Even more anxious.) Pilot, can the device be removed?

Pilot: (He is rapidly pressing things on his wide semi-circular console.) I'm running diagnostics now. Even if it can be removed, it will take time.

Rygel: Meanwhile we're broadcasting our position like a two-headed Tronkan shrill singer!

Crichton: (Holding his eye down to muffle the twitching.) Look if we can't remove it can't we at least muffle it somehow, lessen the signal strength?

D'Argo: (Impatient.) It is using all of Moya’s hull.

Zhaan: (In a rare show of rude condescension.) Crichton, there is no way to insulate Moya’s entire outer skin.

D'Argo: Pilot, shut down power to this section. At least we can ... (but Pilot cuts him off.)

Pilot: That is Moya’s primary neural nexus. (Emphatic.) I cannot shut that down.

(Cut to D'Argo, who is crestfallen.)

Crichton: (Muttering to himself.) Water. (Louder.) Wa... Pilot, this system we're passing through, the middle planet... it's got water, right?

Pilot: (In his den, mulling over the thought and speaking slowly.) 30% surface moisture. Not so much water as ... bog.

Crichton: Fine, fine--bog--we'll use the bog as insulation. (His eye twitching furiously.)

The others stare incredulously at him.

Aeryn: What, and take Moya down onto the planets surface?

Crichton: Well she can do that, right? (He looks around. No response/) Right? (Only Rygel's sinus snuffle breaks the silence and everyone looks for someone else to say something.)

Zhaan: Pilot?

Pilot: (In his den, slowly, reluctantly:) When ... Leviathans are young, they ... often play with a planet's gravity, see how close they can come. There's a tale about an adult male who once touched down on a planet's surface. Though ... no-one knows if it's true... or not.

Crichton: Well, if she can't, she can't. We can stick our heads between our legs and kiss our asses good-bye. (The others look at him and each other not having an answer. Crichton, paranoid, worries he sais something wrong.) It's a saying.

Cut to later as Moya, atmospheric friction lightng up around her, streaks down to the bog planet.

Rygel: (His voice thick with terror.) Wait! Wait! I'm not ready! Ohhh... Ohh! (Cut to the forward window oncommand, the planet's surfce drawing reapidly and unmfortably close.) Oooohhh... Somebody help tie me doooowwwwn! (He is frantically working with rope and metal hooks to secure himself to a grate.)

Zhaan: (Infinitely calmer than Rygel.) Pilot, how is Moya doing?

Pilot: (On the clamshell.) Atmospheric friction within tolerable limits. But she's starting to feel the gravity. Definitely feeling the increased weight!

Crichton: Just ... put it down in that swamp we targeted.

Cut to front window now showing land and the swamp Crichton mentioned.).

Aeryn: (To Crichton who is watching the window with great interest:) It's probably not going to matter much but you'd better get yourself in position for ... (with irony:) landing.

Crichton: That looks like Earth. (Cut to full of view of the terrain hurlting past. It does look like Earth with trees, grass, and water. Clouds and a half moon in the twilight sky. Aeryn grabs the color of his jacket and drags him away.)

Pilot: (As we see oursleves now mere meters above open water.) Brace yourselves. (Cut betwen various shots of each of Moya's scared inhabitants being thrown about, Aeryn and Crichton being thrown together, Rygel whimpering, and Moya descending in as flat a trajectory as possible, low over the still, tussock-dotted waters of the planet, her reflection a dark blur on the surface of open water as she descends, brakeless, and then she touches the water itself, slowing her speed with a great splash of water, before, with a decisive lurch, coming to a halt. The ominous sound of creaking metal is heard along with Rygel’s gasps as he struggles to peer over the edge of the table he'd been lashed to. Pilot announces their arrival with a mixture of pride and trepidation.) We're down! Moya has ... landed.

Rygel: (Gaping with horror out the main window.) Am I the only one seeing this? We're sinking! (As flocks of birds(?) flap past outside, Moya is indeed sinking into the bog. Various shots of people breathing heavily in mild panic as the creking of metal straining under great weight, is heard.

The opening credits roll.

We return to see Moya sinking further into the bog until a deep thud echoes through the ship.

Zhaan: Pilot does that mean we've-?

Pilot: Stopped sinking? Yes. We're almost completely submerged. (Crichton finally extricates himself from Aeryn, who is still in shock over the landing and notices Rygel, who's still staring, transfixed, out the main view window.)

Crichton: You okay?

Rygel: Okay?!? No, I'm not okay! We're in the MUD! (Softly, with dread:) Under the mud. (Rygel frowns deeply.)

Aeryn: You're Hynerian... You're aquatic. What's your problem?

Rygel: (With righteous indignation.) Aquatic? That's water, not mud. Mud is ... MUD! You can't breathe in it, you can't move in it! It holds ya! It grabs ya! It sucks you down! You want to know about mud? I KNOW about MUD!

Crichton: (Sadonically.) Guy knows mud.

D'Argo: (To Pilot.) And the beacon?

Pilot: Muffled. The mud's insulating the transmission. (D'Argo nods and rushes off.)

Zhaan: And how's Moya?

Pilot: Very scared. (Pilot raises hie wybrows, also scared. Zhaan also looks apprehensive.)

Cut back to a view of the little area where the beacon still is.

Aeryn: This beacon was hastily installed. (We see her head poking through the access hatch looking at the tangle of cables.)

Cut to the corridor outside the access hatch. D'Argo, Zhaan and Crichton are there with Aeryn. Rygel floats in to join them.

D'Argo: So we just cut it out of there and we can fly off this blasted planet.

Aeryn: I told you, it won't let DRDs near it.

Crichton: Well somebody's got to go in there. (His eye is twitching again. There is a moment, then everyone looks at Rygel.)

Rygel: (Grumbles.) Oh no, you covered me in mud because I have no say. But in this, I have a say and I say no! Get someone else to do your dirty work. (And with that, he sails off. Zhaan looks at D'Argo; D'Argo looks at Crichton.)

D'Argo: (Cock sure.) He'll do it.

Pilot: (Over the comms.) With apologies... but that is Moya’s primary neural nexus. It is an intensely sensitive area.

Crichton: Well how sensitive is sensitive?

Aeryn: (Impatiently.) Look, she's just going to have to endure it. (Crichton eyes Aeryn.)

Crichton: Could you be a little sensitive? (To Pilot.) Can we cut this thing out?

Pilot: (In his den.) The level of pain will be intolerable. She may die.

Cut to recation shots of concern.

Zhaan: Pilot, is there any kind of anesthetic, something we can apply to ease Moya’s pain?

Pilot: (Strightens up in surprise.) An anesthetic? For a Leviathan? There is without question no such... ...

D'Argo: (Slowly.) Pi-lot?

Pilot: Clorium.

Aeryn & Crichton: Clorium?

Zhaan: It's an element.

Pilot: It is one of the six Forbidden Cargoes. Leviathans cannot transport it because it ... numbs them.

D'Argo: Is there any on board?

Pilot: (Shocked.) Never!

Zhaan: It's a very common element. It's found in many forms. It's an atmospherically induced isotope of twinium.

Crichton:Is there any out there? (He points to the outside. Cut briefly to Pilot looking concerned.)

(Cut to Crichton entering the canteen, where the Aeryn is sitting, staring ahead glumly.)

Crichton: (Chirpily.) Yo! Aeryn! Let's go! (Aeryn glances over at him but doesn't move.) Hey come on, this is your chance to flex those big Peacekeeper commando muscles out in the field.

Aeryn: (Evenly with disdain.) "Peacekeeper commando." Yeah. Really.

Crichton: Is there a problem?

Aeryn: (Bleakly sarcastic.) Oh... I find and explain our top-secret tracking device to a bunch of escaped prisoners and then lead a mission to destroy it. (She looks back at the wall, emotionless.)

Crichton: (With a noticeable lack of sympathy.) Well, number one, you're not leading the mission. Number two, those Peacekeepers you're so concerned about? They'd kill you right now. It's the Peacekeepers w...

Aeryn: ... turned on me for speaking up for you. I don't know what I was thinking.

Crichton: (His eye twitching, but otherwise unmoved.) Well back home, we call it being stand-up.

Aeryn: (Turning to glare it him with angry smugness.) Well I stood up, and I no longer have a home.

Crichton: (With matching angry smugness.) Well join the club. (They stare at each other briefly, until Aeryn returns to look at the very interesting spot on the wall.) Hey. (He waits for her to look then points at his twitching eye.) Does this bother you? 'Cuz it bugs the crap outta me. So can we go? Before we become a permanent tourist attraction in this bog? (he stalks off for the door) And my eye falls out? GEEZ! (Aeryn reluctantly drags herself up and follows him out.)

(Cut to Aeryn, D'Argo, and Crichton exiting Moya from one of her upper tiers. D'Argo and Aeryn are grim, all business. Crichton pauses with a smile to take in the scenery. We see the lake that Moya is submerged in filled with rushes and hear water lapping gently against the hull of the ship and a gentle breeze. It is shortly after sunset and the sky is limpid blue with pink and white clouds.)

Crichton: (As he drinks it all in.) It's kinda like Louisiana. ... Or Dagobah. (Aeryn looks blankly at him.) Dagobah. Where Yoda lives.

Aeryn: Who's Yoda?

Crichton: Just a little green guy. Trains warriors.

Aeryn: Oh. (That Aeryn can apprecaite.)

(Cut to later. It is darker and the three are now walking hough a lighly vegitated woods area.)

D'Argo: (With a disgusted grunt and gesturing with a small device he is holding.) This particle analyzer is deffective. It's Peacekeeper technology--you use it. (He thrusts it at Aeryn.)

Aeryn: (Blandly.) Techs use them, not infantry.

Crichton: (Crichton takes the device still in D'Argo's hand and shows him.) Pilot said you press this, this and, this. (The device lights up t begins to beep. D'Argo and Aeryn eye Crichton.) Well, it's just like a VCR. Except easier. Oh! Whoa! We got something. (They stare at the series of lights blinking in sequence.)

Aeryn: That's a weak reading. At that level, we'll have to bring back half the planet.

D'Argo: We need to find a concentrated source. (The breeze carries a low whining sound to them.)

Crichton: (First to D'Argo...) What's that? (Then to Aeryn:) What the hell is that? (Cut to what they see: three lights cresting a ridge not far in front of them.)

Aeryn: Vehicle! Take cover!

Aeryn and D'Argo run for cover in the underbrush while Crichton ineptly trips but has enough sense to stay down. The ground vehicle pulls over on a nearby road and shines its headlights into the trees. The grunts, growls,and squeals of tracking animals are heard as men with more lights whose beams cast eerie shadows in the misty woods. We hear voices, mosly inaudible. (From the subtitles]: “Can we get some light here?” “I swear I saw it!” “Nile Yunn said he saw it too, him and his wife.” “Big as two mallac fields!” ” Came in low over the banja trees like they was no bigger than jaw picks.” "There's hascann and his sons and bosk twins." “Let's get out there and see what's what.” “Get the light over here!”Another vehicle can be seen pulling up beside the first one. They men start to fan out, while Crichton watches. D'Argo and Aertyn join him on the ground.

D'Argo: We need to draw them away from the ship.

Aeryn: (Whispering.) We need clorium.

D'Argo: (Nodding.) Aeryn and I will distract them. (He shoves the particle analyzer at Crichton.) You find the clorium and we'll all meet back at the ship.

They rush off before Crichton has time to protest. We hear one of the locals say, “Hey, over here,” as now four yokels with rifles are milling about looking around. The Luxan pops up into the light, roars at them, then disappears just as quickly. The yokels fire wildly yelling “Over there" and "There he is!" and rush off in pursuit. Cut to Aeryn elsewhere who lets out a screaming sound like a big bird. Another senseless rifle shot at nothing and half the yokels split off to chase after her noise. Crichton is left with a clear path to continue the hunt for clorium on his own.

Cut back to Moya as Zhaan enters Pilot's Den and leans on the edge of his console.

Zhaan: Pilot, did you send for me?

Pilot: I have completed tracing the connection point between the Peacekeeper beacon and Moya’s neural system.

Zhaan: Yes?

Pilot: The interlacing is extremely intricate.

Zhaan: (Pauses to consider.) Pilot, how did the Peacekeepers ever get such a device aboard without you or Moya knowing about it? (Pilot is clearly uncomfortable with the question and answers it with the abashed tone of someone reluctant to admit to vulnerability)

Pilot: Eh... Hmm (A heavy sigh.) When Peacekeepers capture a Leviathan, they immediately administer a sleep agent--very potent. The weak, the old, do not survive, which I suppose is part of its purpose. While the Leviathan sleeps, the control collar is set in place, modifications made in propulsion and guidance. I... thought I had discovered all they had done to Moya. Obviously... I had not. (He looks down in shame.)

Zhaan: Pilot, don't blame yourself.

Pilot: (He turns back to the console, resuming his tasks.) I'm afraid that even with the clorium there will not be enough time to complete the separation before Moya succumbs to her own intense weight.

Cut back to the planet. It is now daylight, so hours have passed. Crichton, looking quite put upon, runs up and over a small ridge and crosses a meadow, staying low and ducking behind a cart and a hay bale. Cut to his view: Before him is a story-and-a-half wooden building, weathered, slightly ramshackle. In stark contrast, behind the low-tech building is a huge high-tech array of metal girders with at least a dozen receiver dishes. Crichton looks behind him then makes a break for an open doorway in the side of the building. He peers inside, then enters, closing the door behind him. Now inside, light filters into it through the widely slatted walls and Crichton starts using the particle analyzer.

Crichton: (As the device beeps, he nervously moves around the room which looks like a barn with hay bales and pieces of old equipment. He points the device all around and muttters to himself.) Okay, clorium. (He sweeps the scanner around the barn looking for the source of the positive reading he's getting, but there's no clear source for it. He stops in front of a pile of burlap bags filled with something.) Fertilizer? (His attention is drawn to some metal and glass odds and ends laying around on shelves) This stuff could have been made on Earth. (He picks up a large lightbulb with an alien-looking thick, tellow circular structure for its filament.) Okay, maybe not. (he hastily drops the thing back onto its shelf as D'Argo breaks in via comm.

D'Argo: Crichton!

(Grabbing the comm on his jacket and pulling it close to his mouth.) Shh! Yeah...I'm here!

Aeryn: (Over comms.) Where are you?

Crichton: Where are you guys? I'm in some kind of barn... Aeryn: I'm with D'Argo we... (They both stop, realizing they are talking over each other.)

Crichton: Fine. You go.

Aeryn: We're half a metra from the ship, still drawing fire from the locals. Have you got the clorium yet?

Crichton:No, no not yet. (Cut to a view from under a wooden stairway and someone descending it. In one hand the person has a metal pail.) I'd feel a whole lot better if we could hook up again. (There is no response from Aeryn, only the sound of gunfire.) Come on where are you guys? (He takes the comm off his jacket and starts tapping it frantically. He hears somone outside the barn door as the gunfire sounds over the comm. He fumbles with the comms and it drops to the ground. He panics and runs to hide behind some boxes as someone enters the barn. We watch the door swing open and a short person enters carrying a metal pail. The persn stops and must have heard Crichton or the comms.)

Fostro: Who's there? (The voice sounds like a young boy. Cut to a wide view of the barn, Crichton is not visible behind the boxes but there aren't many hiding places. The person steps forward into a shaft of light and we can see him clearly for the first time. He has curly hair and looks like a Caucasian human except for primonent cheek bones and a jaw line that sweeps to long, low-set slits in the sides of his head. He can see Crichton peeking out from between the boxes. Cut briefly to Crichton, looking pleased to see a human-looking boy. Back to Fostro, so far unafraid.) Who are you? What are you doing around my Moms stuff? (Cut back to Crichton, smiling slightly, standing up. Fostro gapes at him, now frozen.)

Crichton: Don't be afraid. (Crichton moves out from behind the boxes. Fostro looks left, then back at Crichton. Crichton smiles.) I'm not going to hurt you. (There's a long pause as the boy looks at Crichton's strange (to him) apprearance and dress.)

Fostro: (With detemination.) Where you from?

Crichton: Um ... I'm from a long... (He chuckles.) long way away.

Fostro: You're from space?

Crichton: Yeah, ... I guess I am. (Smiling sheepishly. A long pause as Fostro looks again to his left and considers his options. He is less unafraid now.) So what's your name?

Fostro: Fostro.

Crichton: Well, Fostro, my name is John. (At the sound of the name, Fostro's resolve crumbles. He drops his bucket and runs for it. Alarmed, Crichton gives chase trying to yell-whisper:) No! Fostro! Wait! Wait!

Fostro: MOM! MOM! (He sprints up the stairs he had earlier descended, Crichton in pursuit, onto and across the wide wooden porch that fronts the building. Fostro runs through an open door into aroom that looks like a 19th-century farmhouse kitchen/dining room. Crichton burst into the room but Fostro jhas grabbed and now holds an object that looks like a metalic club or pipe. He points the tube's capped end at Crichton, one hand behind the quillon and the other outstretched so his arm steadies the tube.)

Crichton: (He holds up both hands and says of the detector:) It's not a weapon. (Cut to a heavily breathing Fostro, thrusting his weapon forward as a threat, then back to Crichton trying to look calm.) I'm putting it down just... putting it down. (He sets it on the wooden table.)

Lyneea: (Off camera.) Fostro?

Crichton: Is that your Mom? (The nervous boy glances over his shoulder in the direction of the woman’s voice.)

Fostro: Mom!

Crichton: (Taking a sudden forward ove in alarm at the boy calling for his mother.) No! Fostro! No! (In reaction, Fostro aims the weapon and pulls his trigger. Crichton is zapped with a bolt of bluish-white light and his body convoluses like he was taserd and collapses to the floor where he lays limp, but fully conscious.).

Cut to commercial.

We return to Crichton face down on the floor.) I can't move. (Lyneea bustles into the room. She's a pretty woman with light brown hair pulled back in a bun behind her ear slits. She's wearing a long cotton print dress and apron)

Lyneea: Fostro I am in the middle of what could be a very real extraterrestrial event! (A woman open a door at teh back of the room and enters. She is holding would could be a very large phone to her right ear. She is clearly aigitated.) This is not the moment for you to.. (She sees Crichton sprawled on her floor and drops her "phone" which breaks in half as it hits the floor by her foot.)

Cut to clear view of Lynneea. She is fair colored with reddish-blonde hair and dressed in a tan and pink outfit, similar to a 19th-century dress. Behind her though is a wall full of 1950s-looking machinery, with vaccuum tubes, knobs, and a small TV screen, all in monotone gray. She is frozen in shock, then leans in for a closer look at what her son has bagged. Cut to Crichton.

Crichton: (Slurring, his eyes moving rapidly, his mouth barely.) Why can't I move? (Cut to shot of Fostro leveling the weapon at Chrichton, his mom now stepping forward, mouth and eyes wide. Back to poor Crichton.) I can't feel my body!

Lyneea: (Shock turning to amazement and joy.) Oh, my gods!

Crichton: (He manages to lift one arm a few centimeters but cannot move his fingers.) All my bones are... (He gives up on the arm.) I'm going to recover from this right? Completely, right?

Lyneea: (In a low voice, taking the weapon from him.) Fostro get back.

The effects of the stun start to wear off and Crichton slowly struggles to a knee, throwing one arm on top of the table for balance.

Lyneea: (Pointing the weapon and warning evenly.) Not another step. (Crichton shows his his palms, imploring her not to shoot again)

Crichton: Please, I already told your boy--I'm not here to harm you.

Lyneea: (Holding the weapon with one hand and shielding Fostro with the other arm. She stutters silently a bit bt manages to get out:) Where are you from?

Fostro: He's from space! He must have come down in that thing you were tracking last night. (This confirms in Lyneea;'s mind what she suspected but hardly dared believe and she is back to an open-mouthed, wide-eyed gape at Crichton.)

Crichton: My name is John Crichton and I'm from... (Too difficult to speak further, he jabs his thumb skyward.)

Lyneea: (As if she had just been told she had won the lottery.) I'm talking to an alien? You're an alien and I'm talking to you? In my kitchen? (She is giddy now, like a little kid.)

Fostro: You got to call somebody Mom!

Lyneea: Go outside! Get in the wheeler! (She pushes Fostro and follows him to their left.) Get in the wheeler now! Outside! Now! (They have made their way around the other side of the table from Crichton and run out the door.)

Crichton: (Sesperate to stop them.) Hey! Wait! You don't think we came alone do you? (Lyneea pauses in the doorway, pointing the weapon at him.) If we wanted to contact some ... government, some agency ... we would have. ... We chose you. (Cut to Lyneea, staring at him soberly but suspiciously.)

(Cut back to Moya. Zhaan is walking down a corridor and entering Rygel's quarters. Rygel is sitting on his bed looking sullen.)

Rygel: If this is about me climbing around in the ship's entrails, then you can simply turn 'round and go back the way you came.

Zhaan: With permission, Your Eminence.

Rygel: (Wish a disappoint gasp as though now he cannot refuse her.) Yes?

Zhaan: Pilot's done all he can but the device won't allow a DRD or anything metal near it. We can't wait till the others return. We have to start the separation procedure immediately.

Rygel: And what about the great ships pain? (He looks over his shoulder at her. Sensing her opportunity, Zhaan sist on the bed behind him. Rygel looks back in surprise but simply turns back to looking glumly ahead,)

Zhaan: Among my sect, I am a ninth-level Pa'u. A priest of that level can harbor the power to ... share another being's pain. (Rygel looks up then closes his eyes.) If you are willing to begin the procedure I'll do all that I can to alleviate Moya’s discomfort.

Rygel turns to look at Zhaan.

Rygel: This... is an awfully big ship.

Zhaan: (Smiling sweetly.) Don't I know it.

(Cut back to the planet as two gun-totting yokels walk down a path in the woods. The camera pans up to Aeryn and D'Argo sitting on a large tree branch, watching searchers pass on by. D'Argo is crouching above and behind Aeryn, his hands on either side of Aeryn's shoulders mindlessly flexing in antiicpation of needing to leap into action. As he turns his head to watch their pursuers, one hand brushes her neck. She irritably pushes it away)

D'Argo: (In a low voice.) Careful, Peacekeeper.

Aeryn: (She looks up at him and says hautily.) Peacekeeper. If I were still a Peacekeeper would I be sitting on this planet next to you? (The smell of Aeryn's hair overcomes D'Argo's nose and he struggles to suppress a sneeze, making them both even more miserably uncomfortable.) It's been long enough. I say we go.

D'Argo: Not quite yet. (His hands again mindlessly on either side of her head.) Those hounds are still out there. They could track us down is a second.

Aeryn: (Mocking.) Oh fine. Let's just perch here and do nothing then.

D'Argo: Listen, Aeryn, if you have a problem with my strategy...

Aeryn: (Laughing sarcasticly.) I should have known that this would be Luxan strategy. It's probably why you did so well against the Grisoldians.

D'Argo: Grisoldians? What do you know of them?

Aeryn: (Continuing her mocking) Oh, everyone knows about that battle. How the Luxans went screaming into retreat so fast...

D'Argo: (Cutting her off with a firm, but rational reproach) Those monsters murdered thousands of Luxan women and children. We had no alternative to retreat. We soon took our revenge.

Aeryn: Mmm, and murdered thousands of their women and children.

D'Argo: (Calmly.) We had no alternative to that either.

Aeryn: (With an unconvinced grunt.) I'm sure the Grisoldians said the same thing. (They look at each other than stare uncomfortably ahead.)

(Cut back to Lyneea's kitchen. Crichton is sitting in a chair in the living room side of the large room. Fostro is sitting on a couch across from Crichton, a coffee table [do aliens drink coffee?] between them. Lyneea is crouched defensively next to her son pointing the weapon at Crichton.)

Crichton: I'm here because I need something. Something for my ship.

Lyneea: Where is your ship?

Crichton: It's not far from here.

Lyneea: There are others like you?

Crichton: Like me? (He pauses, realizing there is no simple answer to that question.) Well, there are others, yeah. (Crichton’s gentle demeanor begins to dissolve Lyneea’s fear, which is giving way to excitement as the thrill of scientific discovery.)

Lyneea: (Nearly panting in excitement. She gets up and paces around the room, her one arm gesturing excitedly, but the other keeping the weapon pointed at Crichton.) My readings flew way off the chart! The whole town is buzzing about this ... giant something that flew in low over Kazda's swamp. (She stops and her eyes widen.) That's where your ship is ... Kazda's swamp…

Fostro: Mom! We gotta tell!

Lyneea: Fostro!

Crichton: Look, I understand what a phenomenal moment this is for you.

Lyneea: (Sternly.) Do you? Can you? I mean, to you, space travel is commonplace. but to us here? I mean... in one flash...

Crichton: ...you've learned that you're not alone in the universe, that intersteller space travel is possible, that a zillion of you empirical facts about science, religion are wrong... or completely suspect. (Lyneea looks at him as though he has spoken the most wonder words she has ever heard.) I do understand. (He pauses.) I'm not... exactly what you expected, am I?

Lyneea: (She soaks in the question, savors it.) I always though that when we finally made contact--first contact--that the beings we'd meet would be so radically different. (Giving way to her disappointment.) You're so much like us.

Crichton: Yeah, its a real kick in the pants ain't it? (He gets up to stand to try and make things less formal between them. She keeps the weapon trained on him.) So ... have you been... searching long?

Lyneea: Since I was Fostro’s age. My parents bought me a telescope. (Dreamily.) I used to look up at the stars at night and dream about... this moment. (She looks up at him with childlike innocence.) You said you chose me.

Crichton: (Trying to find a way to back up his earlier bluff.) Well we saw the radio telescopes and ... (She is very pleased and vindicated.) we figured you'd be somebody who'd understand us, not hurt us. Hoped you would be. You have, uh... star charts... and deep space photographs?

Lyneea:(She smiles, almost giggles, like she is in the presence of a rock star.) Yeah...

Crichton: There's a chance I might recognize something... constellations, galaxies. I might even get a fix on the Milky Way, maybe even Earth. (Lyneea’s expression segues from rapturous to puzzled.)

Fostro: Don't you even know where you are? (Crichton can only star blankly at Lyneea's inquisitive gaze.)

(Cut back to Moya. Zhaab is standing in the corridor outside the hatch. In the foreground, a pair of DRDs are noisily chriping and bumping against each other in an agitated manner. We hear Rygel grunting as if extering himself. Zhaan bends down to call to him through the open hatchway.)

Zhaan: Are you in position? (Inside the compartment, Rygel pulls himself up beside the beacon.)

Rygel: (Unenthusiastic.) Yes, I'm in position. (He eyes a white knife that looks small even in his tiny hand.) What is this thing I have to cut with?

Zhaan: (Looking in at him through the hatch.) Well you can't use a metal tool. I found that in D’Argo’s quarters. I believe it's made from bone.

Rygel: (He exhales, then suddenly realizes something and gasps, then holds out the knife between thumb and forefinger.) DOH! This is a Tokaar knife. Do you know what ceremony young Luxans males use this for? (Zhaan nods--she kows full well.) On themselves? At that... certain age?

Zhaan: (Teacherly.) Then I suspect that D'Argo will want it back unharmed. (She stands up and moves to one of the rib-like arches that line Moya’s corridors and faces it.) Are you ready?

Rygel: (Utterly without enthusiasm.) Yes, I'm ready.

Zhaan rests her hands and forehead on one of the ribs and closes her eyes.

Zhaan: Moya, I will take your pain. (she opens her eyes, the pupils have disappeared and they are now both solid blue. She says quietly to Rygel:) You may begin.

Rygel: (With a deep inhale.) Here goes. (He takes the bone knife and starts to pry at a gray lump that is gluing down a thick red cable attached to a tightly woven strand of Moya's neural tissue. Rygel's motion easily snaps the cable off. Moya shudders, groans, the lights go out a half second, and out in the corridor, Zhaan winces and emits a guttural yelp of pain.)

Zhaan: Continue. Rygel you must continue!

Rygel’s hands shake as he is fully aware of how much pain he is causing Moya and now Zhaan. He takes aim at the next cable attached to Moya's senstive tissues.)

Cut back to planet side. Aeryn and D'Argo are still in the tree in the same position.

Aeryn: This place reminds him of home.

D'Argo: What?

Aeryn: Crichton. He says that this primordial rock actually reminds him of his Earth.

D'Argo: No interplanetary travel, retrograde technology, fossil fuel burning ground vehicles. He is a savage. (Aeryn goes "Hmm" a bit noncommittally, and the Luxan asks slyly.) Does that bother you?

Aeryn: (Her head whips around.) No. Of course not. (There is a long awkward pause as D'Argo chuckles inside, already aware that Aeryn feels something for Crichton.) Look he's had plenty of time to find the clorium. I'm going back.

D'Argo: Signal me immediately if he's there.

Aeryn: And if he's not there?

D'Argo: I will go find him. (Aeryn snorts.) You think I will not?

Aeryn: (Now laughing.) I think I will be searching for both of you in less than an arne. (She moves to get down from the tree.)

(Cut back to the Lyneea’s house. Crichton is at her table.She's at the stove and we hear bubbling water. Fostro is sitting on the countertop staring at Crichton.)

Lyneea: Fostro, it's almost ready.

Fostro: But Mom! I'm not hungry!

Lyneea: (Sharply as her tension bubbles over.) You haven't had breakfast yet and you're going to eat!

Crichton: So you uh, work for some kinda school? (She looks over her shoulder at him stirring something in a metal pot, reluctant to answer.) University?

Lyneea: Military. (Cut to Crichton who nods knowingly.) They provide most of my funding. What's left of it. According to them it's highly unlikely you even exist. (Crichton snorts.) You're my biggest concern, I'm... I'm not quite sure how they'd treat you if they knew you were here. Our military isn't the most compassionate, tolerant group.

Crichton: (Soberly.) No, militaries rarely are. (Cut to Lynnea ladeling out what looks like soup with dumplings. Fostro continues to do nothing but stare at Crichton.) So I'd be a real coup for you?

Lyneea: Mmm. walking, talking evidence of extraterrestrial life? Yeah, I'd say my funding would be pretty much set for life. (She finishes ladeling and sets the pot back on the stove.) Fostro? (He jumps down finally and sets down the weapon, finally. To Crichton:) I made some for you. Uh, I don't know if you eat. Don't even know if you're hungry. (Chuckling.) Hell, for all I know this stuff could be horribly toxic for you. (She sets a bowl near Crichton. The particle analyzer in front of Crichton begins beeping wildly. She yelps and scurries away with the bowl and grabs her son.) AAAHHH! What was that?

Crichton: (Rushing to reassure her and Fostro.) Oh, no, no, no, it's just an analyzer. It's a science tool, it's telling me there's some of what I need somewhere near here. (He passes the analyzer near the food then directly at the food and the beeping gets rapid and high pitched.) It's in the food? How can it be in the...? (He looks at Lyneea and Fostro, who are suddenly very wary.) I'm looking for an element called clorium. It's what I'm looking for and there's got to be some somewhere here in this.. (Lynnea makes a lunge for the weapon that Fostro had left on the countertop but Crichton grabs it first and points it at her to keep her froms topping his search, He points the analyzer at what looks like a large salt shaker and the anaylzer beeps even higher.) What the hell is this? (He snatches the container off the counter and turns to Lyneea pointing the container and the weapon at her.) What is this? (But Lyneea is whimpering, frozen in fear and makes no response. After a long moment, Crichton suddenly realizes he’s pointing the weapom at her and being an ass.[he's new to this being an alien thing]) Gee, I'm... I'm sorry. (He lowers the weapon and hands it to her, hilt first. She fearfully grabs it back. Crichton says, as gently as he can in his excitement.) Look, whatever is in this container, this is what my ship needs. (She stares stunned and confused pointing the wepon at him but not knowing what to. Before she can recollect her wits the sound and lights of a vehicle pulling up outside is heard.)

Lyneea: It's the military. (Crichton and Lynnea stare at each other, each hoping the other will know what to do. Then the sound of a man calling her name is heard, and she makes a decision.) Fostro take him to your room! Go!

Fostro: But Mom!

Lyneea: (Panicked but insistant.) Go!

Crichton: No. You don't have to...

Lyneea: Go! (She is still whimpering, now in even more of a panic, but takes off her apron and heads to the door.)

Cut back to Moya Rygel in the dimness continuing his work at detaching the cables from Moya's neural pathways. Zhaan, still clinging to the rib and chanting reels from the pain. Rygel is having much more difficulty gouing out this cable connection, sending a shudder through Moya. Pilot, who shares Moya’s sensations, comms them.

Pilot: (Sounding very ill.) Moya is in intense pain... (Rygel knowing there is nothing for it, sets in on a new connection. As the knife digs in, Moya heaves and power fluctuates. Zhaan cries out in a more gutteral and awful way than before. Rygel senses the difference and starts to run to her.)

Rygel: Zhaan? Zhaan! (He pokes his head out the hatch and looks for her. He sees her on the floor, unconsciousin the dark. Panicked:) Zhaan! Pilot, I think Zhaan is... (Then he realizes the ship seems dead--no lights, no sounds.) Pilot? Pi-LOT? (Now a desperate scream.) PILOT!

Cut to commecial.

We return to Rygel trying to revive the Zhaan, her eyes eerily open as though dead. Rygel is too panicked to offer any bedside manner.

Rygel: Wake up! Wake up you worthless weak shank of blue flesh! (Two noises are heard, like whoops or hoots. After a long moment, the lights come back on a little, then the noises of the ship's normal functioning return and the lights come back on full. Pilot icalls over comms.)

Pilot: (Weak, groggy, and anxious.) Are you there? Are you there?

Rygel: Pilot!

Pilot: (Frightened now.) Is anyone there?

Rygel: Yes of course we're here! I'm been screaming my shaltan head off! (Cut to Zhaan, her eyes noe closes--she is alive. She moans and Rygel looks down at her. Zhaan struggles to focus on Rygel who stares at her silently. The lights begin to dim and flicker again. A low rumble and ominous wail begins to echo through the ship.)

Pilot: Moya is succumbing!

Rygel: (After a long two seconds of looking around, he says with quiet dread.) She's ... collapsing. (Zhaan looks upwars, oddly serene.)

Cut back to Lyneea’s house. From ground level we see the large wheel of a black vehicle and four red and black clad soldiers. Another jumps down from the vehicle, then another strides into view. They are all wearing gas masks. Cut to Fostro's room. Crichton stares through the blinds of the window then closes his eyes, knoiwing this is not good. He backs away still facing the window trying to think. Cit to Fostro who still can do nothing but watch Crichton. Cut to a long shot of the two of them--Fostro sitting on a low chair, Crichton leaning back against the corner of a machine console with a panel of red lights andwhite dials with a microphone stand.)

Crichton: You know, when I was your age, I used to dream of meeting a real live alien. (He nods comfortingly.)

Fostro: (It takes a second for him to gather himself for a response.) Yeah... me too. (Crichton stares back blankly, feeling bad the kid is being dragged into something nasty.)

(Cut to the kitchen, where a military man (Ryymax) is talking to Lyneea.. His tone with her is gentle but Lyneea, is having trouble making eye contact with him.)

Ryymax: Your phone's broken?

Lyneea: Well, I dropped it in all the excitement when we thought...

Ryymax: “Thought” nothing. We had confirmation this time. Mount Versant observatory says that something definitely punched through the upper atmosphere last night. (She stands sideways to him, not looking at him to giver away her eyes. He notes Lyneea’s subdued demeanor.) This means so little to you?

Lyneea: I just remember last year. Versant declared a definite U.E.O. sighting--turned out to be a terrestrial anomaly.

Ryymax: Anomaly? That's not what you reported earlier.

Lyneea: I just ... want to be sure. (Now she looks at him dorectly, but briefly.) I need more time to check my data.

Ryymax: (His tone softens, is almost supplicating.) There is definitely something out here Lyneea. Civilians have seen it. This is the day you prove all of us who doubted you wrong. (She looks quiltily at him, aware of her hypocris, despite the noble cause.) I don't understand. When you first contacted me you were extremely excited about your readings.

Lyneea: I'm still excited.

Ryymax: No. ... You're nervous. (Lyneea looks up at him; guilty as charged.)

(Cut to soon after as Crichton, hands in pockets, is back to looking out the window. He hears a noise and the camera pans to the door which opens and Lyneea enters. Her son hurries to her side)

Crichton: (Tense.) It looks like they're making us their base of operations.

Lyneea: Well it's standard procedure during an actual event and they know it's real this time. (She crouches down to speak to Fostro at his eye level, her hands on his arms.) Commander Ryymax was asking where you were. You'd better go out there or he'll get suspicious.

Crichton: Does he have to?

Lyneea: (To Fostro.) You say... nothing. ... You understand me? (She touches his nose playfully and with a long glance at Crichton, Fostro hands the weapon to her and she opens the door for him to exit. She turns soberly to Crichton and walks toward him.)

Crichton: He's not going to...? (Lyneea makes no reply and Crichton sighs and rubs his eyebrows in tension and guilt.) Look ... ... there's a very good chance I'm going to get captured here, right? (She looks down then up at him kindly.) Well, before I am ... I at least need to let my ship know about this (He holds up the container of the clorium.)

Lyneea: (Dubious.) But it's only onlux. Just onlux!

Crichton: It's what they need. (Lyneea heaves a hopeless sigh.)

Cut back to Moya.

Rygel: Here! Aeryn! Here! (We see Aeryn running down the corridor searching for Rygel.)

Aeryn: (Passing through a doorway to see Rygel patty a prone Zhaan on her forehead, Panting:) What's wrong?

Rygel: We need to take off immediately. The ship is collapsing and Pilot is refusing to follow my commands. (Aeryn waves a dismissive hand at him and looks to the inert Zhaan.)

Aeryn: Zhaan.

Zhaan: (Gasping for breath in pain. Laboriously, she sits up.) We've run out of time. We need to remove the device right now.

Rygel: If you do it, you do it without me! (Pointing to himself.)

Aeryn: But you're the only one small enough. Come on. (She reaches to grab Rygel and he sinks his teeth into her forearm, drawing blood. She yelps and pulls back while he licks her blood off his lips and wipes his mouth off with the back of his hand. At first shiocked, Aeryn goes for him again, but Zhaan physically stops her.)

Zhaan: (Angrily and very firmly.) Wait ... outside. (She pauses for Aeryn to look at her, then in a loud whsisper.) Please. ... Let me.

Aeryn: (She stares at Zhaan shocked at both of them then says to Rygel in a tone of prophesy:) Your greatest fear will come to pass Hynerian. Someday you will die at the hands of a Peacekeeper. (Rygel stares back, still a bit feral. Aeryn extricates herself from Zhaan's grasp and leaves.)

Rygel: As though you'll get the chance ... before we're all crushed! (He softens, this has been his acting out from his extreme guilt. Miserably:) Or I kill the ship myself. (He looks downcast.)

Zhaan: (She smiles as she realizes.) You're afraid. You're afraid this great ship will die.

Rygel: (He looks up at her sadly.) I don't know what I'm doing. I've always had others to do for me. Even in prison I... (He sighs and shakes his head in shame.) I don't even know how to hold a tool.

Zhaan: There's great pain in this for all of us isn't there? (They look at each other.) Come. We'll face the pain together. (She reaches out to hold his hand, deliberately reaching across him to bare her arm. Rygel doe snot bite but sighs. Zhaan smile and leaves him for a moment to talk to Aeryn outside the room. Rygel returns to hsi shame and fear.)

Aeryn: (Holding her bleedign arm and pacing in the corridor. Zhaan walks out slowly as the door closes behind her.) Will he do it?

Zhaan: (She pauses and sighs.) I believe so. (She moves to look at Aeryn’s wound.) I have something that will heal that. (Aeryn steps away from her.)

Aeryn: Later. We deal with the ship first.

Zhaan: Of course.

Aeryn: What's taking him so long?

Zhaan: Give him a moment. It's a big responsibility riding on those not so large shoulders. (She gives a small chuckle trying to lighten the mood as Aeryn paces agitated.)

Aeryn: Are you truly able to take away this ships pain? This entire ship?

Zhaan: (She chuckles again and shakes her head.) I only share the pain. I'm afraid that Moya still bears the larger portion. (Softly shaking her head.) I don't know how she's doing it.

Aeryn: What about how you're doing it? (Zhaan is surprised by the question. She laughs nervously and exhales loudly. Aeryn is immediately defensive, still remeembering D'Argo's mockery and feeling Rygel's bite.) Are you laughing at me?

Zhaan: (Exhaling.) No. No, my dear, I'm not laughing. You just seemed very briefly to be ... concerned for me.

Aeryn: (Matter of factly, perhaps defensively.) I am concerned only that you are able to complete your undertaking to share Moya’s pain.

Zhaan: (Displaying contrtion.) Yes of course. (Aeryn stares defensively then walks away. Cut to Zhaan's knowing gaze after her. She permits herself a wry smile.)

(Cut to Lyneea’s porch. Ryymax is pacing officiously talking on a phone that has a cord to something off camera.)

Ryymax: We're going to need biological containment. No we haven't trapped anything yet but I want us to be 100% ready when we do. (Pauses to listen.) Yes, I said when. (He hangs up the receiver on something off camera and we hear the sound of the receiver returning to its home. Ryymax looks quite pleased with himself.)

(Cut to Fostro’s room which clearly is more than just a bedroom. Lyneea is stringing a cord from a machine on one end of the room to the karge machine seen earlier, where Crichton is.)

Lyneea: A wormhole?

Crichton: That's what we call it.

Lyneea: Well I know the phenomenon you're talking about. We call it a "ribbonhole." Although, theoretically, they don't really exist.

Crichton: Well they didn't exist for me either till I got sucked down one.

Lyneea: So you don't even know where your home is? (She has connected the cord and a video screen on the large machine slights up, showing static.)

Crichton: I have no idea.

Lyneea: You didn't really choose me, did you? (There's a long pause while she leans in and waits.)

Crichton: (In as short a syllable as possible.) No.

Lyneea: Okay listen, I'm routed this through the main dishes outside. ... It's as strong as I can get it and it's very broadband. (She moves the microphone stand a smidge closer to the seated Crichton. )

Crichton: (He presses the button and speaks into the microphone.) Aeryn, D'Argo are you there? (He lets up on the botton. Static.) Can you guys read me? Aeryn? (Only static.) Are you out there D'Argo?

Pilot: (Over the speaker.) Crichton? (Pilots image flickers onto the video screen.) Crichton is that you? How is your signal getting through? (Lyneea leans foward, hands on knees, as gobsmacked as you would expect from seeing the image of Pilot.) Our comms will not penetrate the mud. Moya is bearing up... (Lyneea’s eyes widen and her jaw drops.)

Crichton: Is this guy more what you were expecting? (She makes a tiny nod as she stares, transfixed, at Pilot's image fritzing in and out on her screen.)

Pilot: ...Pa'u Zhaan is doing all that she can, but we...

(Cut to later. From a viewpoint on Lyneea's kitchen table, we see the doorway to the outside. The doorway is darkened by Ryymax. He looks around, sees the room is empty, then helps himself to a fruit from the bowl on the table. Then, he spots Crichton’s particle analyzer. He picks it up and looks at it, puzzled. A soldier appears in the doorway.)

Soldier: Sir! You've got to come quick! Now sir! (Ryymax sets down the analyzer and scurries after the man.)

(Cut to Fostro bursting into his room where Crichton and Lyneea are still listening to Pilot saying again "Crichton, are you there?".)

Fostro: Mom!

Lyneea: (Startled.) Fostro!

Fostro: Another one! They've captured another one! (We hear outside a man sying "Restrain him!" Crichton jumps up to look out the window. From his viewpoint through the screen and the slats of the blinds we see D'Argo trying to fight off nine soldiers who have surrounded him. Switch to a medium shot of the action and an office fires a weapon identical to Lyneea's and D’Argo falls from the jolt. Cut back to Crichton looking out the window, then behind him, and back out the window--helpless.)

Cut to commercial.

We return back on Moya. Aeryn is waiting in the corridor. Zhaan has resumed her pain-sharing trance on the rib, silent. Aertn moves to the hatch. Looks down, then straightens up, weary of waiting and being able to do nothing. She walks slowly toward Zhaan, who now is grunting softly. Aeryn looks more baffled than anything. Close up of Zhaan, eyes open but in a trance.

Rygel: (Cut to a pan of the neural network coils to where Rygel is working again. He gasps out words in his exertion.) Sorry Moya, but I have to cut... fast! (He grunts with the effort. This cable attachment will not loosen. He pauses from the exertion, rolls his eyes upward, then sighs ad resumes his labor.)

Cut back to the planet where D'Argo has been taken to the barn and restrained half-conscious, standing up, with his arms chained outstreched. The edge of a soldier's arm is in view. Cut to Fostro now standing staring at D'Argo. Lyneea runs in to stand next to her son but agape at the sight of yet another alien. Saying Fostro's name she takes a few steps closer to D'Argo. The camera follows her gaze and we see four soldiers and Ryymax around D'Argo.)

D'Argo: Wrong move. (As Ryymax, in his curiosity, gets close enough to Rygel, the Luxan attacks with his whip-like tongue. But because he is still dazed from the weapon, he misses, tries again, and misses again. Lyneea freezes and the look of wonder on her face hardens.)

Ryymax: (To Lyneea.) We found him less than half a million from here. Look at him! He's phenomenal! You and Fostro are going to have to get out of the area immediately. It's no longer safe for you here. (He shows paternal concern for her, she looke around, understandably eluctant to leave her home and lab in he hands of the military.)

(Cut to moments later. Crichton enters the kitchen/living room area and s Lyneea bursts into the house.)

Crichton: Is he alright?

Lyneea: (Demandingly.) What kind of ship are you? That thing on the computer in there and now this one trying to pull down my barn! (Plaintively.) You said you were a scientist! A science ship!

Crichton: I am a scientist. My ship is... (Much as he hates to, he decides to be honest.) It's a prison transport. (Pause.) Escaped prisoners.

Lyneea: (Crestfallen.) Prisoners?

Crichton: (Short.) Yah.

Lyneea: You...?

Crichton: No, it's a... galactic misunderstanding.

Lyneea, disillusioned, walks aroudn him, looks over her shelves full of pots and crockery,and pulls from the top shelf a sack and walsk over and throws it at Crichton.)

Lyneea: Here. Take your precious onlux and get out of my house! (Gesturing frantically.) Go now!

Crichton: (Stoicly.) Not without my friend.

Lyneea: (With a frustrated groan.) Ohhh, It's too late for him! He's going to be laid open on an autopsy tale by dawn tomorrow. (Disgusted at her own people, she is about to lose it and cry. Crichton looks stunned. She looks at him like he is an idiot.) That's what I'm trying to protect you from!

Crichton: (Still stoicly.) I won't go without him. (She looks helpless and frustrated.)

(Cut back to Moya where Rygel is muttering to himself in the gloom beside the beacon.).

Rygel: Only a few more to go. (He's exhausted. His earbrows are drooping. He's sweating and panting and his whiskers are a mess. Using both hands he prys at a cable connection. Moya groans and her lights flicker. Zhaan cries out and falls away from the wall. Aeryn catches her.)

Zhaan: Get me back! Get me back! (Aeryn does so, pushing the Delvian back to the rib.)


Rygel: (Irritated.) Your encouragement is much appreciated! (Cut briefly to Aeryn holding Zhaan up to the rib and the Delvian groaning in pain.)

Cut back to the planet as Lyneea eagerly drags Ryymax into Fostro’s room.

Lyneea: It just started coming up. I-I was recalibrating and all of a sudden it started! Wait till you see it Ryymax... it is unbelievable! Watch, watch this- (She flicks the video screen on and a recording of Pilots earlier message to Crichton begins to play. Like Lyneea before him, Ryymax slowly leans forward and gapes in wonder at the alien on the flickering screen. Lyneea looks on at him smugly.)

Pilot: Crichton? Crichton is that you? How is your signal getting though? Our comms will not penetrate the mud. Moya a bearing up ... Pa'u Zhaan is doing the best she can... but we need the clorium.

The recording ends. The screen goes dark. Ryymax doesn't take his eyes off the blank screen.

Ryymax: Do you have a fix on the origin of this signal? (Lyneea smiles, and nods, knowing she has him roped in.)

Cut back to the barn. Crichton has slipped out of the house and is cautiously creeping up to D'Argo and the soldiers. He stops to look through a missing slat in the wall. The camera pans slowly to what he sees. D'Argi surrounded by soldiers, weapons leveled at him. Fostro is still there too, also creeping up to D'Argo but keeping a prudent distance. He realizes he is stepping on something. He looks down and sees it is the comm Crichton had dropped earlier. He picks it up out of the straw. He places it to his ear and looks over at Crichton who nods appreciatively. Fostro looks over at D'Argo whos straigthens up and senses something is going on. Fostro look at Crichton again, who nods again at the boy.. At that moment, Ryymax appears in the barn doorway.)

Ryymax: (Barking orders.) Zeta team! Move out! (He claps his gloved hands and points out the door. Most of the soldiers troop out. D'Argo appears to spot Crichton and now looks down at Fostro seeing the comms in the boy's hands. Fostro moves forward. One of the two remaining soldiers warns Fostro off.)

Soldier: Stay back, boy. (Fostro disobeys and steps between the two soldiers, who curiously do nothing. Crichton stealthily steps through the gap in the wall. D'Argo understands and looks down at Fostro, now within arms length, to keep the distraction going. Crichton picks up a shovel leaning against the wall and knocks out forst one, then the other soldier. He hurries to D'Argo.)

D'Argo: (Ungratefully.) You took your time. (Crichton ignores the comment and unties the ropes trussing up D'Argo.)

Crichton: (grinning at Fostro) Hey kid. Want to shake his hand? Go ahead. He doesn't bite. (D'Argo glares at Crichton with a soft growl but after awhile he extends his hand to the boy, who takes it and smiles up at the huge Luxan. Crichton smiles too.) See?

Cut back to Moya. The camera pans across the compartment. The ship is shaking. Rygel continues to labor, wiping sweat off his face. Moya and Zhaan react to the cutting with dull agony, too tired to fight, Zhaan propped up by Aeryn.

Cut to the planet. Lyneea is walking down her stairs to where Crichton, Fostro, and D'Argo are standing. Fostro hands Crichton the comm.

Fostro: Here. This is yours. (Fostro then walks over to stare at D'Argo who waits a few paces back.

Lyneea: Ryymax and his men are off searching Akon's field. It's in the opposite direction of the swamp. (Crichton shoulders three bags of clorium.)

Crichton: I wish there was more I could do.

Lyneea: (With a smile and laugh.) You've altered the perceptions and beliefs of an entire planet.

Crichton: (Grinning.) Yeah. I guess that's enough for one day.

D'Argo: (The voice of reason. He has calmed down now.) Crichton, we must go. It will be dark soon. We may not find our way back.

Crichton: Keep watching the skies (he bestows a kiss on the side of Lyneea’s mouth. )

Lyneea: (She looks at him quizzically.) That's how your people say good-bye?

Crichton: What? Your people don't do that? (She licks where he kissed her, rolls her eyes boyly and grins.)

Fostro: Good-bye, Duh...Argo. (The Luxan permits one last handshake, and then he and Crichton depart.)

Lyneea: (To Fostro, as they watch their visitors go.) You are the luckiest 9-year old around. Someday you are going to have a very singular story to tell. Can't talk for a long time of course but... someday.

Cut back to Moya, where poor Rygel continues to struggle.

Rygel: Oh, blast!

Aeryn: RYGEL! (Moya trembles violently and vapors and water are escaping from ruptured lines around Aeryn and Zhaan. Zhaan is screaming and Aeryn is deeply concerned and having difficulty keeping Zhaan upright.) HURRY IT UP!

Rygel: (Atabbing frantically with the bone knife.) Pierce... pierce... pierce!

Crichton: (On comms.) Aeryn?


Crichton: We're back. D'Argo and I are back.


Pilot: (Cut to his den. He is pressing things on his console but his movements are slow.) I can't!


Pilot: The pain along the neural nexus is too great! I can't get control of Moya’s propulsion systems.

Crichton: (On comms.) Just hold on. We're coming down.


Zhaan screams and they are both drenched by a shower of liquid from a ruptured line. Aeryn screamd again for Rygel to hurry. Rygel dillgently is prying away at a cable connection. After much effort and grunting, he finally severs the connection. It snaps off thickly. Moya groans heavily, but with a sigh. All becomes quiet.)

Rygel: (With finality.) It's done. (In fierce triumph.) It's done!

Pilot: (Over comms.) The beacon's no longer broadcasting!

Rygel: (He looks up hearing Pilot. He turns slowly, exhausted, and realization floods over him.) I did it! I did it! I DID IT!!!!! (aThrowing his arms in the air.)

Crichton: (Poking his head into the hatchway,smiling at Rygel's exaltation.) Yo, Rygel. Start spreading this around. (He tosses the sack of onlux/clorium in.) Everywhere you can.

Rygel grunts, in a state of exhausted dilirium, and moves toward the sack.

Pilot: (Cut to him in his den as he makes preparation on his console.) Your attention. Prepare to lift off. (Cut to Rygel walking along the ragged surgical site, tossing handfuls of clorium both onto Moya and into his own mouth.) As Moya has never done this before... I don't know what to expect.

In the corridor, the camera pans down the dripping walls. The ship is creaking. Aeryn has lowered Zhaan to the floor and is looking dowa at her without discernable emotion; a flatness matched by her voice.

Aeryn: Zhaan... Zhaan! (Zhaan begins to stir.) It's done.

Zhaan: (With a weary moan.) Ouch... (She smiles weakly and rolls over. The camera pans up to Aeryn's face, still betraying no emotion beyond a slight impatience.)

Crichton: (On comms.) Aeryn! Let's go! (She gets up ad moves off.

Cut to shot of Zhaan on the floor her head and arm nea the hatch. Rygel worms his way back out through the hatchway, to sprawldown with a last grunt and sigh limply next to Zhaan. He looks over at her.

Rygel: Oh. Oh... Oh, never ... ever ... again...

Cut to commerical.

We retun to Pilot earnestly working his consile. Cut to a shot of Moya in the mud. She begins to rise. Cut to Crichton and Aeryn running onto the Command just as Moya begins to slowly pull herself free of the mud, and rise from the bog under cover of darkness.

Pilot: We're free! We're going to make it!

Cut to the view window on Command and we see the ship in flight. Cut to a ground view of Moya rising up from Kazda's swamp and into the evening sky. Cut to Lyneea siting on the steps outside her home, Fostro alseep, his head in her lap. She is watching him until she hears the gentle roar of Moya and looks up to watch Moya soar upward on a gentle arc back to space. Cut to Crichton looking through the viewport thinking of Lyneea and Fostro. Cut to Lyneea thinking of Crichton wistfully realizing they are gone forever, before lowering her eyes to the curly head of her child.And on Moya, Crichton, also wistfully, watches the planet recede into the measureless darkness of space)

Aeryn: Don't tell me you're gonna miss that rock?

Crichton: No, not that rock.

Aeryn leaves Crichton to his thoughts.



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What We Learn in This Episode

Hynerians are aquatic, but clearly are air breathers.

There are six "forbidden cargos" for Leviathans; clorium is one of these, because it has a numbing effect.

That there is something called a "two-headed Tronkan shrill singer" but we have no idea what it is.

Peacekeepers are divided between techs and infantry.

Luxans use a Tokaar knife for a certain ceremony on themselves at a certain age.

Zhaan is a Ninth Level Pa'u priest.

Aeryn uses a unit of time called an “arne.” In the context she uses it, it is a short amount of time. In later episodes, the unit of time is called an "arn."

Rygel uses the word “shaltan” as a expletive.

The Luxans fought a war with the Grisoldians.

Ryymax uses “half a milon” as a measure of distance.

Rygel has a deep affection for Moya.



“I, E.T.” makes several homages to the film E.T., including the strong white back lighting as Fostro opens the barn door, the anxious mom protecting her son, the sinister military men, and so on.

Rockne O'Bannon said in a 2000 interview with SciFi channel that "I, E.T." and "Throne for a Loss" (1.04) were filmed at the same time (apprently the first six episodes were filmed in parrallel). "It just became impossible for the director, cast, everybody to work on two very disparate storylines at the same time... By "PK Tech Girl" we went to shooting linearly...and notice how much stronger the eps got after that..."

One or maybe two fictitious substances were invented for this episode. One is “twinium” which is fake, and obviously not a term for helium, the element with the atomic number of two, because we hear of helium in episode 1.01 (see flatulence, Rygel). The other is “clorium” which the subtitles spell as “clorium” and not “chlorium” the Latin name for element 17, known in English as “chlorine.” Zhaan refers to “clorium” as an element, “an atmospherically induced isotope of twinium.” Chlorium in the real world has 25 isotopes, only two of which are stable. It is not an isotope of anything else, much less of something called “twinium.”

Crichton asks Lyneea for star charts and deep space photographs hoping he “might recognize something... constellations, galaxies.” Constellations seen from Earth can only be seen from Earth  because a constellation is nothing but the alignment of starts at a particular location. To navigate in interstellar space, Crichton would need to have memorized a three-dimensional map of the galaxy, not star charts of constellations on Earth or Lyneea’s planet.

This is the only time in the series that D’Argo misses attacking with his tongue.

The behavior of this planet’s military foreshadows the actions in “A Human Reaction” (1.16).

We never hear the name of this planet or its people in the episode, but the writers refered to the planet as "Denea."

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