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Originally Broadcast:
March 19, 1999 - US, November 29, 1999 - UK

Writer - Rockne S. O'Bannon
Director - Andrew Prowse

Regular Cast
(in order of appearance)
Ben Browder . . . John Crichton
Virginia Hey . . . Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan
Anthony Simcoe . . . Ka D'Argo
Lani Tupu . . . Pilot (voice)
Jonathan Hardy . . . Rygel XVI (voice)
Claudia Black . . . Aeryn Sun

Guest Cast
Murray Bartlett . . . D.K.
Kent McCord . . . Jack Crichton
Lani Tupu . . . Bialar Crais
Christine Stephen-Daly . . . Lt. Teeg

Episode Summary
Scientist Commander John Crichton is shot through a wormhole while testing a space module of his own design for IASA. On the other side of the wormhole: the Delvian Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan, Luxan warrior Ka D'Argo, and deposed Hynerian Dominar Rygel XVI have just succeeded in liberating themselves and Moya, their Leviathan biomechanoid prison transport ship, helmed by Pilot from the control of the Peacekeepers, a race of mercenaries. Crichton finds himself involuntarily added to the crew roster, along with Peacekeeper Officer Aeryn Sun, who was equally involuntarily sucked along with Moya as she escape an has been deemed "irreversibly contaminated" by her former commanding officer, Captain Bialar Crais. Crais, whose brother was killed accidently during Crichton's unscheduled arrival via the wormhole, is now determined not only to recapture Moya and her prisoner crew, but to exact vengeance on Crichton.

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The episode opens on Earth, at Cape Canaveral. It is sunrise and the sky glows with deep orange and copper light. In the distance, across a body of water, a space shuttle sits on its launch tower. Across the bay, a man leans against the hood of a car contemplating the shuttle with a grim expression.

Cut to a view of a magazine article entitled "Childhood Friends out to prove a Theory." The camera pans back to the man now in an orange flight suit being tended to be multiple people.

D.K.: Launch conditions as of 05:30 are optimal. Final checks are underway and recovery craft in position.

Crichton: (Standing up to shed the people fussing over him.) How are the CRC numbers?

D.K.:(Exasperated.) Mid-30s and holding. Meteorology's got some hiccup they're checking out. (He sighs as Crichton snatches the clipboard out of his hands and turns away to read it. D.K. grabs a magazine and tries another tactic to divert Crichton's attention.) See our latest press? “Childhood friends out to prove a theory! Can a manned spacecraft overcome atmospheric friction and exponentially increase its speed using only a planets natural gravitational pull?” Huh? (Without a word, Crichton takes the magazine, tosses it aside, and turns away. D.K. scoffs, perplexed.) Man! What is wrong with you!?

Crichton: (Deciding to drop his guard and come clean.) D.K., you know that feeling you have the night before something really big's about to happen in your life? It's the night before we graduated high school... It's the night before we started this job... Well, I had that feeling last night in quarantine.

D.K.: (Puzzled by Crichton’s seriousness) This experiment that important to you? (They stare at each other for a long second, then D.K. sees something behind Crichton.) Uh-oh, one small step, bud... (Crichton turns to look and the camera pans to follow his gaze. An older man with a shock of wavy silver hair and a strong, erect carriage and a folksy, slightly Texas, drawl walks into the room.)

Jack: Hey D.K..

D.K.: Sir.

Jack: (To Crichton.) You're lookin' pretty sharp there... Commander Crichton.

Crichton: (With a sheepish smile.) Thanks, Dad. (He and D.K. exchange a look and he slaps the clipboard into D.K.'s chest and walks away to pick up something. He turns to look at his father, give a slightly awkward smile and nod.) Let's do this thing! (He walks out, the helpers, Jack, and D.K. following.)

(Cut to the shuttle on the launch pad then to a wide empty corridor with Jack walking with Crichton.)

Jack: I uh... talked to Pete Maxwell and the others at Control. They're going to take real good care of you while you're up there. I heard that you, uh ... you went AWOL from the Rat Cage this morning. (Crichton laughs) Man, in my day, if I'd ever broken quarantine like that they woulda. . . (His voice trails off and he looks knowingly at Crichton.) Son, you got rattlers in your stomach?

Crichton: Aw ... I've been up on the shuttle before, Dad. Twice!

Jack: (Chuckling.) Didn't matter how many times I went up. Every time: rattlers. First EVA, first time I walked on the moon...

Crichton: I'm not goin' on EVA, Dad. I'm not walkin' on the moon. I'm just runnin' a little experiment.

Jack: Yeah, an experiment to prove your own theory. Do you have any idea how proud that makes me? That's something I never did. I mean the guys in the button-down collars and the neckties, they got to use their brains. All I ever got to use was ... (Crichton cuts him off by finishing Jack’s sentence for him.)

Crichton: Guts! And the seat of my flight suit! (He glances at Jack with a sardonic chuckle and a broad, genuine grin.)

Jack: Son, I can't help being who I am. Who I was.

(Crichton stops walking and they pause to face each other. A small entourage of technicians who are trailing them at a short distance also stop.)

Crichton: It's not who you are, Dad. I love who you are. It's being son of who you are. (He laughs, expressing a lifetime of tension.) Look, I ... ... can't be your kinda hero.

Jack: No, you can't be! But each man gets the chance to be his own kind of hero. Your time'll come and when it does, watch out. Chances are, it'll be the last thing you ever expected. (He holds up a ring and out to Crichton.)

Crichton: Uh, no. That's your good luck charm. Yuri Gagarin gave you that. (He continues on down the corridor.)

Jack: (Insistent.) Listen, you hang onto it and you can give it back to me tonight. Okay? (Crichton takes the ring and smiles after Jack as the older man exits.)

(Cut to the space shuttle launching. The pillar of fire shoots the IASA space shuttle upwards, away from Earth, past its launch tower, and into orbit. Cut to the shuttle in orbit.)

IASA Public Announcer: (As we watch the shuttle maneuver in orbit.) Ladies and gentlemen of the press. At 26:14 on the flight clock we begin the major experiment of this shuttle mission. Commander John Crichton will pilot a craft of his own design in a dangerous attempt to use our planets gravity as a speed booster, sling-shotting him off into space at previously unrecorded speeds. If successful, the results are anticipated as the first concrete step towards interstellar travel.

As she speaks, the shuttle cargo bay doors open, revealing a small module craft inside. Cut to Crichton in a helmet and visor (strangely without breathing apparatus). A robotic arm lifts the module out of the cargo bay and the wings of the module unfold. The module is shaped vaguely like the shuttle itself, but its lines are more fluid. Crichton runs through his systems check as it is released from its docking clamps and floats clear of the shuttle.

Crichton: Canaveral, this is Farscape 1, I am free and flying. Are you with me there, Momma Bear?

Cut between mission control and Crichton in the module.

D.K.: Oh yeah Farscape, I'm reading you loud and clear. (He looks back at Jack, who's listening in and they both smile.)

Crichton: Authorizing flight computer to initiate acceleration sequencing ... now.

D.K.: Roger, Farscape, you are go for insertion procedure. (The module’s engines flare to life and it rockets away from the shuttle. The ride in the little module is rough.)

Crichton: Approaching maximum velocity in 21 seconds. (Crichton’s ship streaks along its fuselage engulfed in a blue-white corona of particles in the upper atmosphere streaming past it.) 18 seconds... (The module continues to accelerate as it orbits Earth.) Entering critical apogee phase... (Crichton's is being increasingly jostled around as we see the module streaking across the sky. It is now a blue with aa white shockwave emanating around and behind it.from its extreme velocity.)

D.K.: (Standing up as a rapid beeping alarm goes off. It is unclear if it is coming from the module or mission control.) Farscape 1, hold a moment.

Crichton: Hold? Canaveral, what?

D.K.: (The alarm continues,) Meteorology reports some kind of electromagnetic wave. Repeat: some kind of wave! John, do you read me?

Crichton: Yeah, I read you! (The module is being buffeted even more fiercely.) What are we talking here? How severe? Canaveral?

D.K.: (Crichton's radio signal is breaking up, mostly unintelligible to mission control.) John! Abort!

Crichton: (Crichton appears to not be able to hear mission control. Shouting over the noise in the module.) CANAVERAL!?

Jack: (Leans over D.K. and shouts into the radio himself.) Son, you have to abort! Abort now!

Crichton does not hear them as his speeding module hits an electric-blue wave of light. Its nose dips down and its tail rises up as it is engulfed. It tumbles end over end into a tunnel of blue light. Crichton nearly blacks out from the g-forces. The module spins into the center of the tunnel and disappears in a burst of light.

Back at mission control, D.K. and Jack stand transfixed and silent. Over the loudspeaker can be hurt a faint voice saying "meteorology staff reporting an unusual electro..." as the music swells drowning out the voice. D.K. swallows hard, stunned and speechless.

Cut to the module continuing to tumble uncontrollably down a tunnel of light. Crichton screams as he tries to take control of the module. He's traveling at speeds that he can't even react to, through what appears to be a twisting, irregularly-shaped quicksilver tunnel. After 40 seconds, the module is out of the tunnel Crichton blinks, shakes his head, swallows and switches a switch that turns off the alarm we have been hearing.

Crichton: Oh God. I can't... (He is completely disoriented but he manages to spit out:) Canaveral, this is Farscape 1. I'm OK, repeat, I'm OK. Hey, did you guys get video through all that? (The module tumbles slowly in pace and there is no response from mission control.) Canaveral? (Nothing.) D.K.? Dad? Where are you guys? Where's... (Suddenly he notices out the module's windows huge boulders drifting in the space nearby.) ... Earth? (..which is disturbingly absent. At that moment, two craft whiz past and he instinctively yips and ducks.) What the h...? (More craft speed by.) Uh... Canaveral? (Now frightened, he swallows hard and the opening credits run.

Opening credits roll. This is the one of only two times in the whole series the credits run without Crichton's voice over narration. The other time is the last episode.

Returning from the credits, Crichton sits adrift as multiple craft streak past him. One craft clips one of the wings of the module and both craft spin out of control.

Crichton: CANAVERAL! I'VE BEEN HIT! (The foreign craft spins into an asteroid and explodes. Crichton fires thrusters and manages to stabilize the module. As he clears an asteroid he sees what the craft are attacking. It's a spaceship, long and golden-bronze with sleek lines tapering into points at both ends.) That's big. (Crichton says in shock. There's a moments pause as he stares unbelieving as a half dozen or so small craft fly by firing weapons at the huge ship.) That's really big. (He suddenly realizes his module is drifting directly toward this behemoth.) Oh, hell... Uh, Canaveral! Dad! D.K.! I'm being pulled... (He sees his module is traveling on a line toward a large opening in the side of the ship.) The engine's not responding and I can't break away! Look can anyone hear me? Canaveral? (He's inside the ship now, being towed without a visible connection by a hovering oval object with three lights across a cavern inside the ship.) Oh my God...

The object pulls Farscape 1 across what now is identifiable as a landing strip. With a gentle bump, the module touches down on the smooth deck inside the great ship. Defensively, Crichton flicks some switches that folds up the module's wings as it rolls to a stop in front of a large doorway. He begins to shut down power to the module's systems when he sees looking in at him through his windshield glowing tiny lights on the ends of stalks. He stares, unsure of what he's looking at, as the owner of the eyestalks creeps into full view on the outside of the glass. It's roundish and its underside appears to be rows of bristles and pulsating lights. It emits odd squeaks and clicks then suddenly sparks fly from the cockpit controls and the alarm sounds. He quickly resumes shutting down systems but not before more sparks and a fire breaks out as we see the thing with eye stalks continuing to look in the window, perhaps causing the module's malfunction. Crichton pulls out an extinguisher, but as smoke fills the cockpit, he has no choice but to jettison the canopy and scramble out. The exploding canopy takes the think with it and it squeaks loudly. Crichton sprays the extinguisher until the fire is out. Visibly shaken, Crichton pulls off his helmet, places it in the module and looks around frantically. Loud noises draw his attention as something is rattling under the expelled canopy. After several attempts, the think emerges from underneath, one of its stalks now damaged. It seems to squeak and chirps accusingly at Crichton and then moves away. Crichton starts to climb back up to the module cockpit when he is met with another of the things that hah climbed on top of the module. This one also squeaks and chirps at him but also gestures at him with two tiny arms, one with an end like a pliers the other with an unknown tool which blasts a bright light at Crichton as the screen whites out.

What the thing blasted at Crichton we never know because next we see two of the things, one brandishing the arm that must be a kind of weapon, herding a very reluctant Crichton along. They prod him along until we hear an explosion and see a flash. Cut to a large arched chamber about 15 meters wide and 4 meters high with what look like ribs on the ceiling and an enormous eye-shaped window at the end. Every surface is a dark brass color. There are four consoles emerging from the floor, at two of which we see the backs of humanoid figures, one dressed in red, the other in blue. They are doing something and do not notice Crichton's arrival. We hear a strange voice then see the spacecraft we saw before whizzing past the front window. Explosions rock the ship and the lights temporarily dim. The thing nudges Crichton into the room but the humanoids still do not notice as the spacecraft whiz past firing on the ship they are in.More bizarre sounds can be heard and Crichton blinks and shakes his head overloaded by the strange sensations. He rubs his face as the thing continues to prod him forward and he now tentatively steps toward the two humanoids.The sounds increasingly become distinguishable as voices but not like any human voices. Crichton, curiosity taking over, creeps slowly forward as the explosions and shaking continues around him. He begins to get a better look at one of the humanoids standing at the forward console. It is tall, with long tentacles from its head falling down its back mingling with strands of long red hair. It is dressed in a reddish outfit, shirt, pants and belt. It is fixated on the console until the thing that has been prodding Crichton forward chirps loudly in what sounds like a kind of sentence to get the humanoid's attention. With a growl, the humanoid whips around and we see it close up--a very alien face, gray-blue eyes, dark leathery skin, prominent bone ridges on the forehead, a wide darker nose, tentacles on its chin and a beard braided in places. Cut to the other humanoid, which noticed the movement and now stares menacingly at Crichton. This one is bald, bright blue and clad in a color-matching single full length tunic.

Crichton, aware he is being put on the spot
summons the courage to speak.

Crichton: Um... Hi. (He waves attempting to look friendly. The blue humanoid simply glares, unimpressed. The other humanoid glares angrily, its eyes narrowing to slits and it hisses.) My name's John, John Cri- (The tentacled humanoid rushes forward and grabs Crichton by the throat. The blue humanoid returns dispassionately to its console. The tentacled humanoid hoists Crichton up in the air and snarls something in a a totally alien language that still clearly comes across as an angry demand. Crichton, can only choke out:) I can't understand what ...

As Crichton is suspended a few centimeters off the ground, one of the things with eyestalks glides forward and presses a red cylinder with a needle into the side of Crichton's boot. Crichton gasps and jolts from the sharp pain of being injected. After an excruciatingly long five seconds, the red liquid in the cylinder is emptied into Crichtons's body and the thing withdraws.

Crichton: (In a strangled voice) What was ... ? (But as he speaks he notices the speech of the blue humanoid is becoming intelligible, at first as if heard from underwater by clearer with each passing second.)

Zhaan: I suggest you answer him quickly. You know how Luxans can be.

D'Argo: Your ship. What kind is it?

Zhaan: (Perhaps aware that the angry humanoid's grip is making it impossible for Crichton to answer, steps forward with a modicum of civility.) Your ship appeared from nowhere and we don't know that technology. Is it something we can use to escape? (The ship shudders from the continued assault from the small ships outside.)

D'Argo: (Grimly.) We brought you here for one reason. Tell us ... or die with us. (But Crichton from a combination of physical choking and mental overload is speechless. Another explosion rocks the ship. Reminded of their dire situation, both humanoids lose patience with Crichton. Zhaan returns to the console and D'Argo heaves Crichton away and strides to another console in the back of the room.) PILOT! I DEMAND YOU GIVE ME MANEUVERABILITY NOW!

Cut to Pilot, an even more alien-looking creature. It is covered in what appears to be an exoskeleton with many plates, ridges, and bands. It has four long thin arms with lobster claws for hands and an enormous head with large shield-like top that extends well over its shoulders. Prominent amber eyes looks out of a nose-less face over a lipless mouth. It too is at a console somewhere else on the ship but unlike the other aliens, it appears calm.

D'Argo: (Screaming in frustrated fury.) PILOT!

Cut to what looks like an open clam shell. In it forms a purple-tinged holographic image of Pilot's face.

Pilot: (Totally matter of fact but not mechanically.) There's nothing I can do... not while the control collar is still in place. (The console in front of Zhaan sparks and she recoils. D'Argo responds with a yet higher level of rage, spits out a disgusted hiss and strides toward the console where he was previously. Pilot, entreaty:) Moya can't withstand this assault much longer. (As D'Argo walks past we see Crichton on the floor attempting to gather himself. D'Argo rips the cover off a control console and begins to yank wires and tubes that spout sparks and fluid. Pilot scolds him, less calm now but still in control unlike D'Argo.) Those synapses you are tearing out are not wired to the control collar!

D'Argo: (Growling slowly to emphasize his anger:) Then I shall keep pulling them until I find the ones that are! (He rips out more tubes then moves to the console near Crichton and kicks the human out of the way) Get out of the way!

Crichton goes sprawling and in floats, yes floats, a new alien that also knocks down Crichton as the human attempts to crawl away.

Rygel: (To Crichton.) Get out of the way!

This alien floats with purpose toward D'Argo. It is much smaller, perhaps a fourth the size of the others, riding a floating chair that it appears to control with its left hand on a joystick. It has gray-green skin and stubby arms and legs with stubby digits. Its head is much larger compared to its body than humans are shaped. It has two droopy, white-haired brows over his eyes that slope into ears. Its mouth under is very wide and filled with little blunt teeth. Its nose is a pair of tiny slits between its eyes and it has a long floppy mustache-like whiskers projecting from both cheeks and some grizzled hair on its chin. either side of his upper lip.

Zhaan: (Off camera.) The others... where are they?

Rygel: (Its voice is gravelly but firm and with a regal tone.) There are no others, I've checked every cell level. (Zhaan returns to her console and D'Argo continues dismantling his console. Rygel slaps D'Argo's arm to get his attention.) I found a manifest. We were scheduled for transport to Terran Raa.

D'Argo: (Chilled.) That's a lifers colony.

Crichton: (To himself as he sits on the floor.) Prisoners? You're escaped prisoners? (The others ignore him.)

D'Argo: (With quiet determination.) I will not be taken prisoner again.

(Rygel turns and floats over and down to Crichton, who is still on the floor. Despite the floating alien's small size, Crichton seems even more intimidated by it.)

Rygel: (Softly and in confidence to Crichton but clearly talking condescendingly to him.) They brought you on board didn't they? Don't worry, I'll protect you. I'll look after you now; you look after me later. (Crichton gapes after it as it floats off.)

Another explosion is heard, Cut to Zhaan who is poking at the console with a speed beyond human capability.

Pilot: (Off camera.) Attention! (D'Argo's console sparks. Cut to the clam shell and Pilot's holographic image.) Hull integrity is reaching critical compromise. (Zhaan looks upward and begins to chant in a soft voice.)

Cut to the front window as two craft fire direct hits on the front of the ship accompanied by a bright blue flash. Zhaan continues to chant as D'Argo yanks out another handful of tubes. At that moment, the light and sound of Zhaan's console changes. She smiles.)

Zhaan: What have you done?

D'Argo: ( D'Argo holds a bunch of severed tubes in his hand, confused, but he can feel that something has changed.) What do you mean?

Zhaan: (Her voice trembles with quiet joy) The coding wall, it's dimming! (She gestures toward her console. Cut to the outside of the ship for the fist and we see the craft making their strafing runs. We see that there is a large box-like structure on top of the ship they are in and that explosions are happening at the base of the structure where it attaches to the ship.) I've hit the code ... I've hit the code! (D'Argo puts down the tubes, leaking fluid and perhaps he has, as desired, finally found the synapse connected to the control collar. He rushes over to Zhaan to look at her console. They both look up at the window in front of them.)

Pilot: The control collar ... it's coming off! (Cut to the outside. Very large bolts are ejecting from the control collar. Zhaan and D'Argo stand and watch as the ship's restraints float away and the sound of power returns.)

Cut to Pilot's den. He sits in an elaborate structure--a large circular cockpit about six times wider than he is in the middle of a thick column that extends above and far below him. Around the cockpit is a circular platform from which four gangways extend out in the cardinal directions. Beneath the gangways is cavernous empty space. We can see the sides but not the bottom. One of the things that accosted Crichton is moving away from Pilot down one of the gangways.

Cut to outside the ship and the control collar is now completely separated from the ship. The ship, now able to maneuver, does so, away from the debris.

D'Argo: Pilot, prepare for immediate starburst!

Pilot: (Protesting.) Moya has been restrained so long...

D'Argo: She is a Leviathan! it is the single defensive maneuver that she is capable of!

Cut to poor Crichton, still lying on the floor gasping and gaping, forgotten by his captors(?).

Cut to another ship. It is a large gray vessel flanked by the type of smaller craft seen assaulting the ship. We hear a voice off camera: “Terminate assault. All Prowlers terminate assault.”
Cut to a helmeted figure apparently piloting one of the Prowlers. Ignoring the order, the figure pushes forward on the steering column, breaking ranks with the other Prowlers.

Cut to Pilot pushing controls on his cockpits consoles.

Pilot: Claw onto something, people! Prepare for starburst!

Zhaan and D'Argo take Pilot's warning very seriously and rush to their consoles to claw on. D'Argo selfishly pushes Rygel aside. Cut to outside the ship which lights up and generates intense white balls of light from its three tails. The tails separate drawing streams of lightening between the balls. Rygel grabs hold of the corner of D'Argo's console who hisses disdainfully at the little guy.

Rygel: (With great sincerity.) I hate starburst.

The blue-white light at the tails begins to spread forward across the ship's body along vein-like channels on her hull, completely obscuring and sheathing her in a ghostly glow. As the energy reaches her nose, a brilliant halo forms in front of the ship which dived into the middle of the halo and disappears into it with a flash that fills the screen.

Cut back to the large gray ship. The camera lets the ship glide across the screen for a full 12 seconds to show us how enormous it is. Accompanying the Command Carrier in the convoy are at least four support ships and three other ships identical to the ship our characters are in. Another order goes out over general comms:
“All Prowlers report to squad leaders and return to carrier.” The scene shifts to its interior, which is all black and white with red accents across sharp geometric lines. Its occupants are completely human in appearance clad in Spartan black uniforms. We follow a glowering man onto what seems to be a ship's bridge with an overly large circular domed ceiling and a grate for a floor on which are four large consoles, each staffed by a person.

Lieutenant Teeg: Captain? Captain Crais! (She moves from one of the consoles to approach the man.

Captain Crais: Yes Lieutenant? (Clearly not in the mood for conversation. Crais avoid looking at her as he paces the deck. He's a burly man with dark, strong features. His black hair is pulled back in a tightly wrapped braid and his mouth is framed by a very short, neatly trimmed mustache and beard.)

Teeg: The Prowler squad has returned, sir. They report... the Leviathan transport has escaped. One of the prisoners, the Hynerian Royal, somehow secured the key codes to the prisoners cells and .. (She pauses and Crais turns to look at her.) there were casualties sir. two ships lost and .. (But Crais cuts her off.)

Crais: I don't care about casualties. A Leviathan transporting prisoners does not escape while in my custody. (Crais continues to pace back and forth.) Has my brother returned yet? I'll dispatch him in the rear battle fighter to track her down.

Teeg: Sir, this is playback from the recon satellite monitoring the pursuit of the Leviathan. (She moves back to her console and glanced with trepidation at Crais. She hits a button as Crais moves behind her to watch. The replay shows an image of Farscape 1 floating among the asteroids.)

Crais: (Suspicious.) What manner of craft is this? (As we saw earlier, one of the Prowlers enters the picture from behind Farscape 1.) My brothers Prowler. I'm sure that he will .. (but he stops, stunned. as his brother's Prowler clips the module's wing and spins off to crash against the face of an asteroid. He turns to look at Teeg who unsympathetically changes the subject.)

Teeg: We lost a second ship, sir. It was absorbed with the Leviathan when it went into starburst. (But Crais, deeply disturbed, isn't listening to her.)

Crais: (Pointing at the screen.) I want to see him.

Teeg: (Clearly confused.) See him, sir?

Crais: (Curtly.) Peel back the image. I want to see who's inside. (Teeg nods acknowledgement and walks away to fulfil the order. Crais looks intently at the console and broods.)

(Cut back to the Leviathan as she exits starburst. sliding from nowhere out of an energy halo like the one she disappeared into. Remnants of starburst energy blow off her like cobalt blue fog.)

Pilot: (Exuberant.) We've done it! We've escaped! (Beat.) Attention! One Prowler traveled with us.

D'Argo: Block its radio, net it and bring it aboard.

Pilot: (Triumphantly.) As good as done!

Zhaan: Pilot, does Moya know where we are?

Pilot: (Confidently) Yes.. of course. We're someplace else. I'll... get back to you on the specifics.

Cut to Crichton who looks physically ill--his first starburst.

Zhaan: (Apparently eying Crichton.) At least we are free.

(Rygel, for no apparent reason. makes a terrible nose-clearing sound and hocks up a big gob of phlegm with he spits into Crichton’s face. The human climbs to his feet, large gobs of brown goo clinging to his face. He staggers clumsily to the center of the Command and demands:)

Crichton: What is the MATTER with you ... people? (In answer, D'Argo, standing several paces behind Crichton, opens his mouth and lashes out with a long, whip-like tongue. Crichton is stung in the neck and has just enough time to turn around and look stupefied at his attacker before dropping to the deck.)

(Cut to later on the command deck. D'Argo and Zhaan are alone, D'Argo fruitlessly pressing things on the console.)

D'Argo: (His frustration now a constant state,) This damned Leviathan has no idea where we are!

(Zhaan leaves her console and comes over to him.)

Zhaan: I am Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan. And you?

D'Argo: Ka D'Argo. (Awkward pause. We learn that the gruff man also has a bashful side.) You are Delvian.

Zhaan: A priest.

D'Argo:(Tentatively.)I have heard of your kinds practices. Your ... appetites.

Zhaan: (Smiling broadly, sensing fun.) Such as?

D'Argo: (Hesitant) I've ... heard of something known as the, uh ... 4th sensation.

Zhaan: (Mischievously, enjoying toying with her bashful companion.) I have experienced this. (She pauses for effect, then coyly:) Not lately.

D'Argo: (Now feeling totally awkward as she smiles at him.) Uh... uh ... why were you ... uh..? Why have you uh...?

Zhaan: Imprisoned? Because on my homeworld, even among my kind, I was something of an anarchist. (Perhaps still toying with D'Argo's embarrassment.) Actually ... I was the leading anarchist. (She pauses and gives him a smug look.) And you?

D'Argo: (He looks away.) I killed a fellow soldier.(Long pause.) My commanding officer.

Zhaan: (Placing her hand on his to comfort him.) How old are you?

D'Argo: (Softly.) 30 cycles.

Zhaan: (Playfully.) Hah, you are but a boy!

D'Argo: (Soberly, measured.) I am not. I am a Luxan warrior. I have seen two battle campaigns. (As though that seals his credentials.)

Zhaan: (She leans in to look at him very directly.) Only two...

D'Argo: (D'Argo frowns and withdraws his hand from hers. He inhales to turn things back on Zhaan.) You know Peacekeeper coding.

Zhaan: (Finally, she looks away from him.) Yes, I spent three cycles on a maximum labor planet.

D'Argo: (Satisfied he can now talk with her on equal footing.) Which one?

Zhaan: Mikkar 7. Assigned to Peacekeeper intellilan interface.

D'Argo: I was on Mikkar 7.

Zhaan: (She perks up.) Truly?

D'Argo: On the 93rd level. In the kemlac mines.

Zhaan: (With surprised concern.) Why aren't you dead?

D'Argo: I often ask myself the same question. I watched so many others die while the Peacekeepers looked on. Somehow it made me stronger. I suppose the warrior in me became too strong not to survive.

Zhaan: (Her optimism shines.) Perhaps you'd survived for this.

D'Argo: (He looks at her for a second.) This escape? (He scoffs.) I doubt it will last long enough for the Peacekeepers even to note it in their log.

Zhaan: Not the escape itself but what we pray will be the result: freedom.

D'Argo: (Bemused.) That is a very Delvian way to look at the situation.

Zhaan: I am nothing if not a product of my upbringing.

D'Argo: And I of mine.

Zhaan: Then perhaps together a warrior and a priest can help save each other. (He looks up to see her smiling optimistically.)

(Cut to Crichton taking a sharp intake of breath, awaking with a start. He is lying on his back.)

Crichton: (He stares upward then quickly closes his eyes.) Oh please, let it all be a dream, a very ... bad very ... twisted dream. (He swallows, sighs, then hears the squeak of one of the little robots that first "greeted" him in the landing hanger. He opens his eyes and sees the squeaky machine through a hole in a door. Seeing Crichton awake, the thing squeaks excitedly and moves off. Change camera to behind Crichton and we see the door has two halves meeting in the middle with open grates of curved and flattened strips of bronze metal. It faces onto a corridor where we see Rygel floating to the wall outside the door and, ignoring Crichton, with a grunt begins to poke at a panel with three rounded sides protruding from the wall outside the cell. Crichton rolls over and gets up to go talk to Rygel.) What um...? (Rygel is looking up at something above the door and not liking what he sees, returns to poking the panel.) Where-? (He looks down at himself and suddenly realizes that he is naked.) Where are my clothes? (Rygel just pokes away at the keypad. Crichton spots his clothes in a corner and scuttles off in a modest crouch to retrieve them.) HEY! WHY DID YOU TAKE OFF MY CLOTHES?

Rygel: (His voice projecting with a well-practiced imperial air.) I am Rygel the 16th, Dominar to over 600 billion people. I don't need to talk to you.

Crichton: I thought you were a prisoner.

Rygel: (That presses Rygel's button.) Falsely imprisoned. My cousin, Bishan, stole my throne from me while I slept, (Rygel looks down at nothing in particular.) a mistake I will soon be correcting. (Back to the imperial air.) Your garments were removed so that we could examine you. (Rygel continues to poke at the panel.)

Crichton: Examine ... (He moves to the door, now back in his clothes.) Examine me? How? W-where? Wait a minute... one of those ... those mechanical things injected me right here.

Rygel: Translator microbes.

Crichton: (Alarmed.) Microbes?

Rygel: (Perfunctory, as he works on the panel.) They colonize at the base of the brain. Allow us to understand each other. (He turns away from the panel and leans toward a hole in the grate to look directly at Crichton, genuinely baffled.) Why you weren't injected at birth I cannot fathom. (Having dismissed the freak in front of him, he returns to the panel yet again.)

Crichton: (Holding his head trying to help himself comprehend the new information.) “Colonize...” “Brain...” is... W-w-why have you got me locked in here? I'm...I'm ... not here to harm you ... hell I wouldn't know how to harm you.

Rygel: (Moving again to the hole in the grate to look at Crichton.) We can no more trust you than we can trust that. (Rygel gestures emphatically with his head at something behind and to Crichtons's left. Crichton’s eyes follow Rygel’s gaze to the back of the cell. There, against the rear wall, sits a humanoid figure clad in a black flight suit and black helmet with a fully opaque face shield. As if on cue, the figure awakens. Crichton, stands up and stares in trepidation at what is not to be trusted. The figure struggles to its feet. Cut to Rygel staring at the figure with a look of haughtiness, then to Rygel and Crichton both staring. Cut to the humanoid as it pulls off its helmet, the air seal audibly breaking, and reveals itself to be a human-looking woman, about Crichton's age with long dark hair. Completely human in appearance. She looks around, momentarily confused, then putting the pieces together, she sets down her helmet and grows angry looking ready to fight whatever comes her way. Cut to Crichton, who, in not his smartest moment, naively chuckles in relief and he walks toward her as if greeting an arrival at the party. She exhales, sways from dizziness, and slumps down to a bench along the wall.)

Crichton: (Walking over to her.) Hi. Uh, my name's John. (Looking at him only enough to discern where his now outstretched arm is, the woman grabs his arm and flings him head-first into the wall. Cut to Rygel watching with unsurprised interest. Knee to the stomach, a fling across the room, then a kick to the stomach, and she has Crichton on the ground. She kicks his arms away, kneels down straddling his shoulders.)

Woman: (Commandingly, as though Crichton is the only prisoner in the room.) What is your rank and regiment? And why are you out of uniform? (Cut to Rygel who now cannot resist a chuckle and smile.) Rank and regiment now! (Crichton can only lay there, having been tossed about far too often lately.


When we return, the woman rises, disgusted, and rushes the grated cell door.

Woman: Let me out of here you Hynerian slug!

Rygel: Your efforts are wasted Peacekeeper. You of all people should know that. (The woman takes off her breathing apparatus.)

Crichton: Peacekeeper? (Cut to Crichton on his knees clutching his bruised chest.) You're one of those out there attacking the ship... they think I'm one of you?

Aeryn: (Marshaling her full power and dignity.) Officer Aeryn Sun, Special Peacekeeper Commando, Icarion Company, Pleisar Regiment. Identify yourself.

Crichton: My rank, is Commander. I'm not military. At least not any military you know. I'm a damn scientist.

Aeryn stares coldly at him. Rygel goes back to figuring out the right combination on the panel. He looks up again and frowns with a grump. He punches another sequence into the panel and this time is rewarded with a sound. He smiles satisfied with a compartment swinging down from above. Cut to Aeryn and Crichton whose tête-à-tête is interrupted by the sound of the compartment swinging down. They see as we see, Rygel pick out a jewel from a box and eyeing it with a broad smile.

Rygel: (Dreamily....) It's been so long... (D'Argo and Zhaan arrive in the corridor. D'Argo heads for the objects released by Rygel and Zhaan approaches the cell door.)

D'Argo: Our possessions, My blade.

Rygel: (Growling.) Hands off, Luxan! (But D'Argo is only interested in one thing and takes it, ignoring the Hynerian. It's a heavy, sword like weapon.)

Zhaan: (As she peers into the cell) Ah, you're awake, both of you. (Cut to Aeryn’s disdainful look as she slaps her flight gloves together into one hand. Zhaan is unimpressed. She says with sarcastic sweetness.) A problem, my dear? You should be used to viewing the likes of us through bars.

Crichton: (Moving to the door.) You need to listen to me. I'm not what you think I am.

Zhaan: Not a Peacekeeper? Yes we know that now. You have some decidedly unfamiliar bacteria living within you.

Crichton: I'm from a planet called Earth. I'm human. Homo sapiens sapiens.

Zhaan: (She raises her hand to him to stop him but without showing the same disdain she showed the Peacekeeper.) It's time to eat. (She opens the cell door. Crichton doesn't move and Aeryn gives him the first of the many quizzical looks she gives him.)

Crichton: Eat what? (Cut to D'Argo who gives a knowing smile and nod to Crichton knowing full well how much he intimidates Crichton.)

Cut to a view of the Peacekeeper convoy in which multiple ships are herding several Leviathans. Cut to the view screen showing the video of Crais's brother's crash.

Crais: (Still brooding.) Whoever killed my brother will pay dearly. (Teeg approaches.)

Teeg: Captain ... the techs are completing the imaging of the module'`s pilot.

Crais: Show me. (She leads him to another console where a tech is waiting.)

Teeg: On the final sweep now, sir. (Cut to the screen where an image of Farscape 1 swings into view and the software zooms in on Crichton’s face tinted red but visible in the cockpit of the Farscape 1 module.) He's Sebacean. (She is surprised as the image fully zooms into an extreme close-up of Crichton's befuddled face right after the collision with Crais's brother.)

Crais: Inform the rear battle fighter. They will take charge of the armada. We are going after the Leviathan.

Teeg: But sir, regulations...

Crais: (Sharply.) That is a direct order, Lieutenant. (Teeg silently walks away as Crais now broods over this new image.)

Cut back to Crichton walking through the gently curving corridors with Zhaan. His hands are restrained in front of him.

Crichton: Look you know I'm not a Peacekeeper, (He holds out his hands to Zhaan.) how about you get this stuff off my wrists?

Zhaan: We still do not know your loyalties.

Crichton: My loyalties? (Exasperated.) I just got here. You know, you're the first alien contact anybody from my planet has ever made. (As they come to junction of corridors he gapes around and Zhaan politely motions him to his right. Behind them D'Argo, now with his blade slung on a harness across his back, far less politely yanks Aeryn, whose hands are also restrained, to her right.) I mean, we dreamed about it, made movies about it but...By the way, what part of the universe are we in? Are we still in Orion’s Arm? Still in the Mil...ky... Waaay... (He trails off with a little chuckle at his own silliness.) You have no idea what I'm talking about do you? I need to see some star charts, get some common points of reference.. (He stops, intrigued by something on the wall of the corridor.) Damn! This ship is amazing! What kind of...?

Zhaan: She's a Leviathan. A bio-mechanoid. A living ship. (Crichton just stares taking in this unexpected information. Aeryn stares as though he is an idiot and walks past. D'Argo growls at him and prods him forward.)

Cut to later. D'Argo is yelling as Zhaan pulls a tray of dark green cubes from a container. D'Argo strides forward toward the unseen object of his ire.

D'Argo: (Combatively.) You blame me? If I hadn't pulled those wires your precious Moya would still be wearing that control collar!

Pilot: (Off camera, matter-of-factly.) But in doing so you also caused Moya to hemorrhage most of her iriscentent fluid. (Cut to Crichton gazing at something out of the corner of his eye. Cut to Aeryn who was looking down but now looks up interested at overhearing that Moya is damaged.)

Zhaan: (Trying to move between D'Argo and Pilot's off screen clamshell image.) Leading to what result, Pilot?

Pilot: (Cut to Pilot's holographic image. Condescendingly.) Leading to our current maximum speed which is barely hetch 2. Moya and I don't want to return to the Peacekeeper ... (Pilot's voice fades out as we are brought back to Aeryn who is eating, stabbing the dark green cubes with a metal fork and shoving them into her mouth.)

Crichton: (Off camera.) Why are they doing this? Feeding us?

Aeryn: They'll need information if they're going to survive. They're hoping we'll provide it. (Cut to Rygel who is shoveling the food cubes into his mouth by hand, making loud slurping noises as he does so. Cut back to Crichton.) I'd eat, if I were you. (In the background, Pilot is heard announcing something. Aeryn slips a 2-tined fork up her sleeve.) It may be the only chance we get. (She looks ar Crichton with a look of "this is how's it's done son, stick with me.")

Crichton: (Warily) “We”? (Cut to long shot and we see the whole room. Crichton and Aeryn are seated at a tiny table. Rygel is at a much larger table and Zhaan and D'Argo are standing at a large circular center island. Zhaan approaches Crichton and Aeryn and kneels down in front of their table to look up at Aeryn.)

Zhaan: The ships Pilot has just informed us that we are approaching an inhabited system with a commerce planet. (Aeryn squints at Zhaan coldly and chews.)

Rygel: A commerce planet! Excellent! We need many things! Hynerian cream soap, definitely. Some fresh janeray syrup to get rid of the taste of these food cubes and...(D'Argo places both hands on Rygel's table to take control.)

D'Argo: We need iriscentent fluid.

Rygel: (Imperiously.) How dare you, you Luxan slime!

D'Argo: (With an even tone.) Silence, your Eminence. I've been searching for a reason not to jettison you with the next refuse dump. (Cut to Aeryn, still chewing and noticeably pleased to witness dissension among her captors.)

Rygel: (Astounded.) You'd dump ME? I bribed the maintenance drones at the last checkpoint! I secured the cell codes that allowed for your escape!

Zhaan: (Again moving to interceded in an argument.) Gentlemen ... Gentlemen, I suggest we focus on the situation at hand. (Cut to Crichton looking on trying to size up the situation. Cut back to Zhaan pausing. She looks at both men then returns to stand before Aeryn.) Before we approach this planet we must know... is there Peacekeeper presence in this system? (Aeryn places another food cube into her mouth and smugly says nothing. Zhaan looks at Crichton,)

Crichton: (Starting to look disgusted by the whole thing.) I don't know. Wish I did.

D'Argo:(Off camera.)We are wasting time we do not have. (The camera swings up to him.) She is infantry. Peacekeeper Command tells her where to fight and die. Cut to Rygel who looks uncomfortable as we hear the high-pitched sound of air escaping from somewhere.) This one (Cut to Crichton.) is some kind of higher brain function deficient. (As he speaks, the pitch of his voice rises.) How he escaped the genetic sieving process I do not know... (More obvious farting sounds are heard. Crichton looks disgusted. D'Argo now notices the change in the pitch of his voice and looks around.)

Zhaan: (Her voice higher than falsetto.) Rygel? (Cut to Rygel looks chastened, trying to keep his dignity.)

Crichton: (Shocked, squeaking.) What just happened?

Rygel: (In a defensive, gravelly soprano.) It's a perfectly natural bodily function... and it's odorless.

D'Argo: (Sounding like a disgusted Munchkin) So your loyal subjects tell you.

Crichton: (Squeaking with utmost shock.) You fart helium!?

Rygel:Sometimes. When I'm nervous ... or angry!

Pilot: (Off camera.) Attention! I thought you would want to know: we are entering planetary orbit.

Zhaan: (Her voice still higher than falsetto.) Thank you, Pilot. (With a hiss, D'Argo makes a sudden lunge for Aeryn's arm. Crichton appears to try to intercede but gets shoved away by D'Argo. He shakes Aeryn's arm until the fork falls out of it. Zhaan holds up the fork. Aeryn smugly shoves another food cube into her mouth with her hand and makes a show of chewing it.)

Cut to a craft flying down to a city shrouded in fog. On the horizon, two suns are setting. Later on the surface of the commerce planet we see an extreme close-up of a small stone held in some pliers being gazed at by a red alien eye.)

Rygel: (Like a circus ringmaster.) You know you only expose your ignorance if you don't concede knowledge of the Hurlian stone! (We see Rygel hovering on his chair in front of a sales stall.)

Cut to Rygel's trade target and owner of the red eye. It is like an insect, several times larger than Rygel with more teeth than any creature should have. It hisses like a steam locomotive at Rygel.

Proprietor: 20.

Rygel: 20 barrels of fluid! There was a time when you would have been disemboweled with a dull lashlan spade for half such an insult to me! (The Proprietor spreads its mandibles and hisses with greater intensity. Rygel smiles with satisfaction, enjoying the game after so long.) 35...?

(Cut back to Moya where Aeryn and Crichton have been returned to their cell. Through the grate we see Crichton sitting and moping on a bench. Aeryn's black leather jacket lays on another bench.)

Crichton: (Muttering to himself.) Boy, was Spielberg ever wrong. Close Encounters my ass. (Camera pans over and back to Aeryn grunting from straining at the door in an utterly fruitless attempt to open it by force. ) Wormhole... (long pause) I must have come here through a wormhole, (then loudly to Aeryn:) I must have come here through a wormhole! (She whirls to glare it him frustrated that she is trying to escape and he is not. She leans wearily against the grate as Crichton continues to talk to himself.) Yeah. So if I did come here through a wormhole then the only way I'm going to get back is to ... find another wormhole. Or to create one. Yeah. Right. (He scratches the back of his head in disappointment.)

Aeryn: (Exasperated but prophetically.) Look ... you want to make one of these wormhole things of yours? How do you expect to do that from inside this cell? (She turns back to the door. Cut to Crichton who reaches into his sleeve and whistles for her attention. She sighs, reluctantly looks back at him. Crichton pulls out of his sleeve a metal fork which he taps his nose with a smug look communicating clearly how he succeeded where she failed.)

(Cut to soon after. Aeryn and Crichton are out of their cell and she's leading him through a corridor.)

Aeryn: Come on, move faster!

Crichton: What are you doing?

Aeryn: I'm going to sabotage this ship.

Crichton: Sabotage? Give me a break, they haven't hurt us! (Barely able to keep up with her, he reaches to grab her arm.) How about we show them a little compassion? (She spins out of his attempted grasp and whips her arm away to communicate "don't touch me." He backs off with his hands off to show no touching.)

Aeryn: (Genuinely confused she looks him up and down and asks:) “Compassion”? What is “compassion”?

Crichton: Compassion? What, you're kidding right? (Aeryn gives him am exaggerated head bob of "go on then crazy human," [the first of many].) It's a feeling that you have when you see someone else’s pain and instead of taking advantage of their weakness you help 'em.

Aeryn: (Nodding and closing herr eyes to end this discussion.) Oh. I know this feeling.

Crichton: Yeah well it is a fairly common human feeling.

Aeryn: Hmm, I hate it.

Crichton: (The stare at each other for a long second before Crichton flings up his hands and walks off in the direction they came.) You know what? I'm on the wrong team here, I'm just going to stay. (he heads back in the direction they came from)

Aeryn: (Rolling her eyes upward and moving to return to her path.) Fine. Do what you want. But if you stay here with these lowlifes, you'll die with them.

Crichton: (Stopped, facing Aeryn and yelling.) Yeah, well how do I know I can trust you?

Aeryn: You don't. That's just another thing you don't know. (She heads off.)

Crichton: Damn! (But he follows her.)

(They arrive at Moya’s hangar bay. Farscape 1 in the foreground.)

Aeryn: What is that?

Crichton: (Defiantly.) That's cutting edge technology.

Aeryn: (Aeryn continues her breakneck pace to her Prowler.) We're taking mine.

(Moments later Aeryn’s Prowler speeds out from Moya toward the commerce planet. The scene then shifts to Crais' Command Carrier. )

Teeg: Captain! (Cut to Teeg walking briskly to Crais at the back of the command deck talking with another officer. She is relating what she is hearing in her headset.) We are receiving a transmission from one of the outer systems. It's Aeryn Sun, the Prowler pilot we thought lost. She was taken captive aboard the Leviathan but she's escaped. (Crais, expressionless, moves with Teeg to a console and begins pressing it.) She has the being from the white pod with her. (They look at each other.)

(Cut back to the commerce planet where Aeryn is just removing an identical headset. Her Prowler is parked in the middle of a square. We see on the street behind her numerous aliens walking about and we hear a jumble of languages being spoken. It is dusk or dark the street lined with stalls lit by an odd combination of small open fires at street level and electric floodlights hung from archways over the street. Aeryn places the headset in the Prowler cockpit and without closing the door walks off. Cut to Crichton making his way down the street taking in the strange new sights. He stops and we cut to what he is looking at: an opening in the marketplace's roof where he can see a spaceship docked against a building and flying cars traveling on unmarked straight lines like aerial streets.He pans up to see the outlines of skyscrapers in the darkness. Cut back to him gaping in wonder.)

Crichton: I'm on another planet.

Cut to D'Argo who is walking in another area of the marketplace. We see The Proprietor and Rygel still negotiating behind him.

D'Argo: (Into his comm.) Yes, Pilot. Understood. (He catches up to Zhaan and touches her arm to get her attention.) The female Peacekeeper and the human have just escaped and there's a full Command Carrier on approach to this planet.

Zhaan: (Aghast.) A full Carrier? Crais... But it makes no sense for him to come after us himself.

D'Argo: Unless the two who have escaped are something very special. This barter session is over. (They rush off to fetch Rygel, who's still dickering with the Proprietor. The Luxan leans down and lays a hand on Rygel's shoulder.) Trouble. We must go. (but Rygel tried to get one more deal in.)

Rygel: What are you asking for those Wellan glow crystals? Whaaaa....! (as D'Argo grabs Rygel's floating chair and carries him off while the Proprietor hisses after them, in anger, in good bye... we have no idea.)

(Cut to another area of the marketplace as the camera follows Aeryn moving though aliens moving back and forth. We see Crichton still standing agape where we saw him before and Aeryn goes to fetch him.)

Aeryn: (Almost cheerfully. {The chemistry between Aeryn and Crichton is becoming apparent.]) Come on. I've relayed our rendezvous point and we can get off this waste hole of a planet. (She walks off and Crichton takes one last look and follows. The camera zooms out and we see the Leviathan's transport pod lift up about a block away. It turns and moves off into the night.) That's the Leviathans pod. They're getting away. Come on, we have to report it.

Crichton: Hey, aren't we about to be rescued any minute? I mean, they're no danger to us, right?

Aeryn: (Annoyed by Crichton’s ignorance of how things work.) They are prisoners! Escaped prisoners? They must be recaptured!

D'Argo: (Off camera.) Or destroyed. (The camera pans to D'Argo, wielding his blade, blocking their path. He hisses and charges. Aeryn flees then stops and takes up a fighting stance. Crichton just flees then senses Aeryn is not following and he spins around. D'Argo hisses and laughs.) Do not tempt me!

Crichton: You need to get out of here. There's a ship full of Peacekeepers on its way here right now!

Aeryn: (Spitting the word at Crichton as she circles around D'Argo.) Traitor.

D'Argo: That's why I want you both aboard Moya... as insurance.

Cut to Peacekeeper soldiers led by Crais forcing their way through the crowd.

Crichton: (Cut to Crichton.) Just go, before... (but he sees the soldiers and Crais, three infantry dressed in suits like we first saw Aeryn wearing with large rifles out and at the ready. Aeryn snaps to attention and Crichton takes a wary step or two backwards.)

D'Argo: You are such fools. I will not fall for such an ancient ruse.

Crais: But fall you will, Luxan! (D'Argo whirls and, of course hisses, to the three soldiers in front of him, his blade at the ready. Crais to his troops.) If the Luxan gives you any trouble--kill him. (Other Peacekeepers quickly move up to D'Argo from behind and grab him. He flings one off bit two others seize and disarm him. Despite his enraged snarls he has multiple guns pointed at him as Crichton watches, dismayed)

Aeryn: Captain Crais. (She eagerly walks toward him to report but he completely ignores her and goes straight for Crichton.)

Crais: Name?

Crichton: (Looks around, wary, no idea what to expect from this new alien.) It's, uh ... John Crichton.

Crais: And where are you from? (Crais pauses and starts to circle Crichton like he is stalking prey.) John. Crichton.

Aeryn: (Crichton stands still quietly learning the wisdom of silence. Aeryn, still eager to get Crais's attention interrupts.) Sir, he claims to be a human from a planet called "Erp," but he's shown himself to be... (Crichton mouth back "erp?" to her. Crais cuts her off.)

Crais: (Like a prosecuting attorney pacing in front of the jury during summation.) To be what, Officer Sun? A clever impostor. An accomplice to a ship full of escaping prisoners. My brothers murderer.

Crichton: Your brother's what?

Crais: (Pointing a condemning finger.) You charged my brother's Prowler in that white death pod of yours.

Crichton: Wait a minute ... You talking about that near miss I had the first minute I got here? That, that was an accident.

Crais: (In Crichton's face.) That was no near miss for my brother. (Crais again starts to circle Crichton.) A human? (Cut to Aeryn who is beginning to look concerned.) That will require some study. I will personally enjoy pulling you apart to see what you're made of. (He nods to two soldiers who move in to take custody of Crichton.)

Crichton: HEY! (To the two rifles pointed in his face. Cut to D'Argo agitated to be in the similar predicament.)

Aeryn: Wait- (Crais pauses)

Crais: (dangerously) Yes Officer Sun? You know something about this ... alien. (A Peacekeeper puts manacles on Crichton.)

Aeryn: (Stiffly and officious but a bit unsure, perhaps about why she is standing up for Crichton.) Only that I have spent time with him, sir, and ... I believe him when he says that what happened to your brother was an accident. I don't believe that he ... is brave enough or intelligent enough to attack one of our Prowlers intentionally. (Crais stands behind her, glowering. Aeryn looks slightly relieved that she got through her little speech but still looks unsure of herself.)

Crais: (Crais mulls over what he has just heard, glances at Crichton, then looks in at the side of Aeryn's face, back in prosecutor mode.) Exactly how much time have you spent with this human?

Cut to D'Argo then to Crichton. We hear a voice off camera saying "Hold, alien, hold. Present hands." Aeryn is silent and now very uneasy. Crichton senses her danger.)

Crichton: (Calmly.) Not a lot... Not much at all. (Again off camera: "Hands now!" presumably to D'Argo.)

Crais: (Taking a loud inhale and issuing his verdict.) Because as you know, Peacekeeper High Command has very clear parameters regarding contact with unclassified alien lifeforms. You may have very well exceeded those parameters, Officer Sun.

Aeryn: (Now frighteningly aware of her peril) No, sir... (but Crais just keeps talking over her)

Crais: Which makes you irreversibly contaminated.

Aeryn: No, sir, I...

Crais: (He's finished.) Take them away! Take them all away! Prepare them for transit while we locate the other prisoners.

D'Argo: (To Crais as he is dragged away.) Warrior to warrior, I vow one day I WILL kill you! (Off camera: "Keep moving! Come on!")

(Cut to a view of Moya silhouetted against the planet she is orbiting. Then to Rygel is snacking on something from a box. Zhaan arrives and we see that we are on the command deck.)

Zhaan: Pilot, how's it coming?

Pilot: (His image on the clamshell.) Fuel tanks are nearly full. Should be another minute or two.

Zhaan: Any word from D'Argo?

Pilot: None. (He says quickly, but with genuine emotion.) I'm sorry. (And he gives a bow of his head. Zhaan leaves and Rygel eats.)

(Cut to Crichton's glum face. His arms are raised as he is being patted down by two Peacekeepers.)

PK Soldier 1: Right, turn around. (Patting down Crichton's chest he finds Jack’s lucky ring on a chain around Crichton's neck.)

Cut to D'Argo and Aeryn being led into the same chamber of concrete walls.)

PK Soldier 2: Over there. Stand still.

PK Soldier 1: (Taking the chain off around Crichton's head.) What is this thing?

Crichton: It's a toy. A puzzle. You have to figure out how to take it apart and put it back together again.

PK Soldier 1: A field resourcefulness exercise?

Crichton: Yeah... ... Something like that. (Crichton smiles. He has an idea.)

PK Soldier 1: Right...

Crichton: Here. You pull that loop through there. (Cut to close up of the soldier's gloved hands taking apart the two rings.) Yeah, that one.

PK Soldier 1: Yeah, right, got the hang of this. (Another soldier is eyeing the ring, interested.)

Crichton: (With a smile.) Now figure how to put it back together again.

PK Soldier 2: (Trying to grab the ring.) What is this?

PK Soldier 1: It's a weapon, you fool. Now give it here before you activate it.

Like little children the two soldiers are not fighting over possession of the ring.

PK Soldier 2: Don't do that!

While the soldiers squabble over the ring, Crichton,as calmly as you please steps around them and grabs a hand gun from one of their holsters. He pushes one into the other and against the wall and leaps up to a higher step.)

Crichton: Freeze! (He shouts, channeling every Hawaii-Five-O episode he ever watched and fires a warning shot, quite wildly. He adjusts the gun in his manacled hands and fires again, a bit more where he was aiming. D'Argo and Aeryn prudently duck for cover behind Crichton and he fires a third shot, watching the lights of whatever the gun shoots bounce around the room... there's more yelling from the soldiers as they dive for cover and shots are fired) Don't move! Or I'll fill you full of... (Hawaii-Five-O didn't over this.) ... little yellow bolts of light... (D'argo looks at Crichton having just heard the dumbest comment he has ever heard as we cut to commercial.)

(When we return:) Crichton: Throw me the key! (One of the soldiers complies throwing the key which is caught by Crichton.) On the ground--now!

PK Soldier 1: Give up now Officer Sun. you might avoid the death sentence!

D'Argo: (To Crichton holding out his manacled hands.) Unlock me and then I will unlock you.

Aeryn: No, me. (Holding out her manacled hands. Crichton hesitates.) Come on! There isn't time!

Crichton: (He hands D'Argo the keys.) Unlock me. (He gives the key to D'Argo and fires at Peacekeepers who won't shut up trying to convince Aeryn to give up.) Down! (D'Argo is hesitating and Crichton can tell what he is thinking.) If you run, you're going to have to find someone else to unlock you, then you're going to have to explain these Peacekeeper handcuffs.

PK Soldier 2: (Like a broken record.) Give up now Officer Sun. You might avoid the death sentence. (D'Argo gives in and unlocks Crichton’s cuffs.)

D'Argo: Now unlock me.

Aeryn: No! He is a criminal!

Crichton: We all are.

PK Soldiers: Officer Sun!

Crichton: (to D'Argo) Can you get me away from here?

D'Argo: What?

Crichton: Can you get me off this rock... away from these over-amped rent-a-cops? Away from Crais? And we take her too.

D'Argo: What? Never! I will take you. You are manageable, but she...

Crichton: If she stays... we all stay. (There's a long silence. Aeryn and D'Argo are equally baffled, not believing how Crichton could be loyal to the other one. Crichton hands the gun to D'Argo who considers and then takes it to hold off the PKs while Crichton unlocks him. He then turns to unlock Aeryn who has been staring ahead, lost and confused.)

Aeryn: (Trying to pull away from being freed.) No, I will not come with you!

Crichton: You've been irreversibly contaminated remember?

D'Argo: It means death.

Aeryn: It is my duty. My breeding ... since birth. It's what I am.

Crichton: You can be more. (He wrestles her wrists back and unlocks her as she stares ahead in her existential crisis.)

(Cut to Aeryn's Prowler flying into Moya's hanger bay. [It is not explained how the three of them traveled in the two-seat Prowler.] Cut to Moya's Command deck.)

Zhaan: Say again Pilot?

Pilot: It is D'Argo in the arriving Prowler. He is telling us to leave orbit immediately.

Zhaan: (Joyously relieved.) Thank Khalaan!

Pilot: The Peacekeeper female and that ... other one, are with him.

Rygel: Can't you see he's under duress? It's a trap! I'll take them in the transport hangar and ...

Zhaan: Pilot, break orbit!

Pilot: Destination? (D'Argo enters with Crichton and Aeryn in tow and answers Pilot.)

D'Argo:The Uncharted Territories. (Rygel makes a huge sound of disgust) I'll explain later.

Pilot: Your attention! Distance between the pursuing Peacekeeper Carrier and Moya: 60 metras and closing. They are bringing around their frag cannons.

Crichton: “Frag cannons”?

D'Argo: What is the range of their frag cannons?

Pilot: I'm afraid neither Moya. nor I, is sufficiently conversed with Peacekeeper technology. (D'Argo and Crichton look at Aeryn, who looks a little ill, but tells.)

Aeryn: 45 metras.

Crichton: Let's just do another one of those starburst things.

Zhaan: There's no time. The Leviathan must restore her energy reserves.

Pilot: 50 metras. (Long silence as everyone thinks of something, anything, they can do.)

Crichton: I need paper. (He pulls out a pen.)

Aeryn: Paper?

Crichton: To write on. (Everyone stares at him as though the concepts of paper and writing are unfamiliar.) Turn this ship around!

Rygel: What?

Crichton: (He drops to a clear expanse of floor.) We have to go back toward the planet.

Rygel: Go back to the planet?!?

Cut to command carrier heading straight at them with the planet behind it. Cut to close of cannons swiveling.

Pilot: Frag cannons are locking on.

Zhaan: (Moves over to Crichton, now writing on the floor, and crouches down next to him.) Crichton, what are you doing?

Crichton: (Writing rapidly.) It's a theory. It has to do with overcoming atmospheric friction.

Rygel: (As we view D'Argo looking at Crichton as though the latter is insane.) Are you completely insane? (Cut to Rygel stubby arms upthrust in astonishment. Cut to more swiveling cannons.)

Crichton: (Looking at Pilot's image on the clamshell.) Listen we're going to have to hit a pretty exact trajectory. Can you do that?

Pilot: I'm doing all I can maintaining Moya’s regular systems at this speed.

Crichton: Well ... can this ship thing be flown manually?

Rygel: (Sneering.) Manually?

D'Argo: (Snapping out of it but unsure.) Yes, but there are...

Crichton: (Frantically finishing his calculations and not looking up.) Good! You do it!

D'Argo: (Who hates to admit his shortcomings.) I am not trained as a pilot.

Crichton: Fine! (With frantic, almost angry, gestures at Aeryn.) You're the experienced pilot. You fly it.

Aeryn: No.

Rygel: This is madness!

Cut to Crais on his command deck.

Crais: Weapons control... full charge.

Cut to Zhaan.

Zhaan: (Standing up and holding up her hands to proclaim as a leader.) It appears our only alternative is death.

D'Argo stares forward, twigging that Zhaan is correct. With a hiss he seizes Aeryn and drags her to one of the consoles.)

Rygel: A charmer!


Pilot: (On the clamshell.) We may dodge one shot but never a...

Zhaan and D'Argo: “DO IT!!!”

In his den, Pilot cuts loose a long, frustrated growl as he hits the sequence to pass maneuverability to the command deck. Cut to a shot looking up at Aeryn's completely unhappy face watching the console swing open to reveal an apparatus like a sundial, ringed with arcane figures around a half circle and a flight control stick. D'Argo presses something on the wall, probably to finish the control transfer. Aeryn reluctantly grabs the flight stick.)

(Cut to the Command Carrier zooming in on Crais's intent face.)

Crais: Fire! (The Carrier's frag cannons fire four rounds, but three of the four shots are wide as Moya dips away.)

Crewman: Target is banking.

Crais: Reacquire.

Crewman: Banking towards us, sir!

Teeg: She's accelerating, sir! (Out the front viewing port of the command deck we see Moya rocket past the Carrier at close range. Crais marches to the weapons control console himself and sweeps his hand over it.)

Crais: We end this now!

(Cut to Aeryn, her pilot training taking over. The great ship is shuddering and the sounds of metal strain can be heard)

Crichton: Just go for the maximum and let the planet's gravity pull us in.

D'Argo: Hetch 9!

Zhaan kneels and begins to chant. Behind her D'Argo braces himself with the wall and the console where Aeryn, almost roboticly is flying Moya.

Crichton: (Pops up next to Aeryn who looks at him, then D'Argo, then ahead again.) Dive straight into the atmosphere. 28 to 38 degrees. You got it?

Rygel: (Hanging on for dear life.) Do it! If you got to do it!!

Crichton: More speed ... more speed to slingshot us out.

Pilot: (In his den pressing controls.) We are there! [How Aeryn and Pilot know what to do is a mystery as Crichton has said very little in specific to them.]

At Pilot's word, Aeryn pulls back on the flight stick. Cut to Moya skipping off the planet's atmosphere then shooting up ward. Aeryn is grimacing but beside her Crichton is the picture of calmness. Moya accelerates, light haloing around her like it did around Farscape 1. She breaks though a bronze colored wave and accelerates even more. We watch her streak like a meteor with a trail of glowing gases in her wake across the planet's disk. Inside the inhabitants are vibrating along with the ship but Aeryn’s hand and eye is steady. Cut to the Command Carrier, where Teeg points in disbelief as the great Leviathan skims the upper atmosphere of the planet and throws out )

Teeg: Sir, the Leviathan, she's... (but Crais snaps her off)

Crais: (Spitting out the words in fury.) I can see that Lieutenant!

(cut back to Moya as her surf over the planets atmosphere reaches its maximum velocity)

Crichton: Pull out.. Pull out... now! (With a snap of bright light, Moya rockets up and out into deep space. Cut briefly to Moya's command. The shaking has stopped.)

(Cut to Teeg.)

Teeg: She's off our scanners, sir. (Cut to Crais's very grim face.) We've lost her.

(After the commercial, Rygel crawls back up front he floor to which he had been thrown.)

Pilot: (Stunned.) It's gone.

Crichton: (To Aeryn) Thank you. (Aeryn makes no response.)

Pilot: (Elated.) It's gone!

Zhaan: You can let go now John. Thank you. (She takes his head in her hands and puts her ear to his ear. We hear an odd sound and see them both jolt. Cut to D'Argo who shakes his head in disbelief, perhaps a little envious. The human looks stunned but happy as Zhaan walks off. Aeryn looks bereft.)

Cut to later. The camera pans across the command deck, empty except for a lone robot scurrying by. Cut to Crichton in the hangar bay collecting the radio from Farscape 1 and placing it in a duffle bag, then walking away. Cut to D'Argo intently honing his blade. Zhaan is sitting in her cell, naked, and saying a quiet chant.

Cut to Crichton slowly making his way out of the hangar bay with his duffle bag into a another large open area, a maintenance bay. Suddenly, D'Argo appears out of nowhere and grabs him with both arms..

D'Argo: We need to talk!

Crichton: (With a deft, fluid move Crichton throws off the much bigger Luxan's arms.) Get your hands off me.

D'Argo: You have a warrior's instinct. Good! We'll need that.

Crichton: (They face off silently for a few seconds.) Cool. (He walks on but D'Argo shoves Crichton against the wall of the corridor and draws his sword, pushing the tip close to Crichton's throat.)

D'Argo: (In a deep and intense voice.) I have spent eight degrading cycles aboard this ship and now I'm finally liberated.

Crichton: Congratulations.

D'Argo: I don't know who you are, where you're from, or what you want. But if you threaten my freedom, I'll kill you. (He releases Crichton and leaves. Crichton exhales and rubs his thumb where the sword tip touched his neck. He slowly walks over to where his bag fell and picks it up.

Aeryn: (Off camera.) They're a brutal race. (Cut to Aeryn hiding behind a pillar, presumably having witnessed the whole exchange with D'Argo.) Uncivilized, indiscriminate in their deployment of violence.

Crichton: (Walks off with his bag.) Right. Unlike your people.

Aeryn: My people might have helped you if you hadn't have put us into this position.

Crichton: (Places his bag on a table and takes off his jacket.) Me? No, no, no. Try your boy Crais.

Aeryn: So you haven't forgotten about him? I know he hasn't forgotten about you. (We see Aeryn looking with great interest at Crichton, her hand against the pillar.)

Crichton: Yeah, well, the uh, transparent purple guy, what's his name? Pilot? He said that we've passed into the Uncharted Territories and that your people don't have jurisdiction.

Aeryn: (She nods and smiles.) Crais thinks you killed his brother. In such a case, would you obey jurisdictional boundaries? (Crichton makes no answer, and in his uneasy silence, Aeryn, smiling broadly, approaches him.) Listen to me ... if you want to live, chose your allegiances carefully. That's not to say that there's any guarantees there. (The camera focus on Crichton as we hear Aeryn walk away, her motives uncertain. But then Crichton is not certain of anything. His thinking is interrupted by the squeaks of one of the robots on the table. It's the one with the broken eyestalk--the first "alien" Crichton met.)

Crichton: C'mere. (It approaches part way. Crichton motions it closer.) I'm not going to hurt you, come here. (He sits down and takes out at a small tape recorder and places it on the table pressing record. He removes a roll of electrical tape from his bag and begins to fix the little robot's stalk.) Hey Dad, it worked! D.K.’s and my theory, it actually worked. Sort of... Look I know this is uh .. crazy. I mean, you're never gonna get this message, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm alive. (To the skittish robot:) Whoa, hold still, hold still. (To the recorder:) Don't know where I am. Technically, I don't know how I got here ... but I'm not gonna stop tryin' to get home. (The light at the end of the broken stalk flickers then comes back on.) See? You're fixed. (A squeak, of thank you? Crichton motions it along with a slight smile.) Go play. (We hear Rygel go "hmm..." and see him reach for the tape recorder. Crichton claps one hand down on the Hynerian's wrist) Hey! What the hell are you doing?

Rygel: Your equipment may be worth something in trade.

Crichton: (Dead serious looking into Rygel's eyes.) My equipment. It's mine. (he shoves Rygel’s sticky little fingers away)

Rygel: Are you a sound sleeper? (With a sly chuckle, he zooms off in his hoverchair, leaving Crichton realizing how vulnerable he is.)

Crichton: (To the recorder:) And there's life out here Dad. Weird, amazing ... psychotic life. And uh... in Technicolor. (The camera pans out, Crichton seated at the end of the table, the now fixed robot squeaking quietly at the other end, perhaps keeping watch on Crichton.) Hey - Dad you know those rattlers in the stomach we talked about? Well I got 'em now...

(Fade to Moya flying into space.)



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What We Learn in This Episode

John Crichton is a PhD scientist trained as an astronaut, son of a famous astronaut who walked on the moon.

Crichton is a the rank of commander in the IASA, which we can assume is the International Aeronautics and Space Administration, and he has flown in the space shuttle twice before.

Wormholes exist.

There is extraterrestrial life.

D'Argo can knock people unconscious using his extraordinarily long tongue.

Zhaan is a Delvian priest who was imprisoned for being an anarchist. Delvian priests are known for being optimistic and trained in mystical practices.

D'Argo is a warrior who is 30 cycles old, has seen two battle campaigns, but has spent the last eight cycles imprisoned for killing his commanding officer. He sees himself as am expert, veteran soldier but Zhaan thinks otherwise. She is probably more accurate because D'Argo is easily subdued by the Peacekeepers on the planet.

Rygel the 16th ruled an empire of over 600 billion subjects before his throne was usurped by his cousin Bishan.

Aeryn is a Sebacean who was born into the Peacekeepers and has never known another life.

The Peacekeepers are a military organization with a clear command structure and regulations. They have a directive against contact with "unclassified" alien life-forms, the penalty for which is death. They have military jurisdiction over a particular territory which does not extend to "The Uncharted Territories."

We learn of three Peackeeper spaceships: the Prowler, a small fighter craft; a battle fighter, a perhaps larger craft; and a command carrier, an extremely large ship.

Moya is a Leviathan, a sentient biomechanoid species. It needs, among other things, iriscentent fluid.

Pilot is Moya's pilot, though his main task is to maintain Moya's regular systems.

Leviathans are imprisoned by the Peacekeepers and Moya is used as a prison ship and fitted with a control collar that limits her movements.

Rygel farts helium when under stress.

Starburst is the single defensive maneuver that a Leviathan is capable of. It transports the Leviathan to a new location but the Leviathan does not have definite knowledge as to where or how far starburst takes it.

Moya can reach speeds of at least Hetch 9 without using Starburst. How fast that is is not said.

Translator microbes are individual lifeforms who happen to perform a function that larger lifeforms can take advantage of. Sentient species in this part of the universe inject them into children at birth.



D'Argo mentions the "appetites" of Delvian priests. We imagine sexual ones. This idea is never mentioned again in the original series.

This episode is the first occurrence of the trope of D’Argo the warrior being easily captured. How experienced is D'Argo, really?

Moya seems to be a large ship but it is only carrying three prisoners, which surprises its inhabitants who expected more. This is no doubt a conveince for the plot to deal with a manageable number of characters.

D'Argo and Zhaan were both imprisoned for murder but Aeryn faces the death sentence for contact with "unclassified" alien life-forms. This says a lot about the moral priorities of the Peacekeepers.

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