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Lo’laan was D’Argo’s wife. In Farscape the original series, she is barely mentioned and we meet her only in memories and only briefly. Our first glimpse of Lo’laan is in Season One’s “They’ve Got a Secret” when D’Argo shows Zhaan, Aeryn, and Crichton a hologram of her and their son Jothee. In that episode, Lo’laan is portrayed by Alison Fox whose acting career consisted of only one episode of one other TV show. The only other time we see Lo’laan in the original series is in Season 4’s “Mental As Anything” when we see extended flashbacks of her. In that episode she was portrayed by Rachel Gordon, then and now a regular actor on Australian television. Interestingly, the Farscape producers had Gordon, a natural brunette, bleach her hair for the role, even though Lo’laan was a brunette in “They’ve Got a Secret” and Gordon appeared with her natural hair color other shows she’s been in. Going for the bleached-blonde stereotype was out of character for Farscape. Nevertheless, when the Farscape comics revisited D’Argo’s past with Lo’laan, the artists drew her after how Rachel Gordon looked in Mental As Anything, the view most familiar to Farscape fans. The comic book D’Argo’s Trial tells us how Lo’laan met D’Argo and how their relationship was until she was murdered by her bigoted brother Macton. Lo’laan was the most loving and gentle Sebacean in Farscape; it is a shame we never had chance to know her.

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