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I’m back. The term is over, my book is finished, and time for Farscape Continues to continue.

One comment I hear from viewers is how can there be a revival without the actor who voiced Rygel? It’s true that Jonathan Hardy is sadly no longer with us, having passed away in 2012. He gave us that wonderful voice of Rygel and he played Kahaynu in the “Look at the Princess” trilogy. And yes, Mr. Hardy always had big eyebrows. It is a shame that we will never hear that wonderful voice. <I’m Rygel clip from “Look at the Princess”>

But that doesn’t mean we have heard the last from Rygel. If, the Goddess willing, we have a revival, we will have Rygel because the show must go on. How might Rygel sound? I found a clip that gives us an idea.

<first clip>

That promo was from the briefly existing TV channel Pivot. It was a cool channel that played cool stuff, including Farscape the original series and The Peacekeeper Wars. They got a few Farscape fans involved.

<second clip>

But Pivot’s business plan was too original and they folded because of low audience after three years. Probably should have played more Farscape.

Regardless, we can expect a future Rygel to have a posh-sounding New Zealand or Australian accent and of course we can expect Rygel to be…

<still Dominar clip>

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