I’ve completed videos about all of Farscape’s major characters and the major species that appear in the original series. Yet, there’s another significant presence in the show that I haven’t touched on. That is the ship that appears prominently in the show: the mysterious ship that D’Argo calls “Lo’la.” ItRead More →

 Our heroes on Moya are a family. A found family rather than a biological family. I am thinking about fathers in Farscape because my biological father died recently. I wasn’t close to my father because he was a distant, cynical man. On my other Web site InsertPhilosophyHere.com I wroteRead More →

Embedded video below. Click to play. Text Transcript: Lo’laan was D’Argo’s wife. In Farscape the original series, she is barely mentioned and we meet her only in memories and only briefly. Our first glimpse of Lo’laan is in Season One’s “They’ve Got a Secret” when D’Argo shows Zhaan, Aeryn, andRead More →