I hope this site can be a center for Farscape activity. It is still a work in progress.

FarscapeContinues.com is a labor of love, but love doesn’t pay for file storage and bandwidth (much less rent or food). So I am asking for support from the Farscape community to turn this site into a hub for all things Farscape. I appreciate any suggestions on how to improve this site and of course, financial support.

Donate to support the Farscape Continues project

Even a few dollars helps keep the project alive. Thanks!

Note: FarscapeContinues.com is not affiliated with nor is it endorsed by any person or company involved in the production, distribution, or ownership if the Farscape franchise.


  1. Farscape is a topic that’s near to my heart… I will donate. Many thanks for the new website.

  2. Glad to see your site, Best wishes to you. #FarscapeNow

  3. So good to find a new Farscape site one with a bit of originality not just photos of John and Aeryn! Thanks for starting this up.

  4. You know my thoughts on Farscape. There is no show that can match it nor surpass it (in my humble opinion).

  5. This is not going to help unless there is real involvement with The Henson company..
    There needs to be more of a fan presence on Twitter, Facebook and all other platforms for something to work, a direct link to Henson is needed for any project to be built and go anywhere.
    Long live Farscape..it changed how Sci Fi was seen and filmed..it has to be reborn.
    Love to all fellow Scapers.

    1. Author

      Hi Joe. I agree with you that if all we do is talk amongst ourselves, then nothing will come of it. People have been posting photos on Twitter and Facebook for a long time but that is not enough. Producing substantive content like this site will also help. It shows that people are engaged with Farscape and committed to it, not just casual fans. Henson will respond to people who believe, like he does, in the Farscape project.

      But what we really need to do is come together as a movement and speak as a group voice. Revive the #FarscapeNow tag and use it everywhere, but work together. That is what won The Peacekeeper Wars and that is what we have to do again.

      1. Douglas, i guess the recipe for the success for Farscape is too its weakness: the series spanning love story of Aeryn and John and the more than strange series spanning relationship between John and Scopius.
        Both stories are told ….. where is a similar idea … and please not the comic followers.
        It needs a brilliant new draft. I And all the fans must let go. And it needs the support from Henson and actors

        1. Author

          No argument from me — Farscape needs to continue with fresh stories. Yes, Brian Henson needs to get going. Everyone else is for it.

          1. Do you any numbers of spectators on Amazon Prime ….. in comparison to other SciFi like Expanse, Firefly, etc?????
            I guess this production should be international …..
            today one produces for bigger markets than Australia and the US.

          2. Author

            Amazon never releases viewer numbers.

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