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As we survey the species of Farscape the original series, Baniks are another of which we meet only one person: Stark.

In an earlier video, I discussed how many viewers and fan sites are confused that all Baniks have Stark’s abilities, Much of that is because of this confusing exchange:

<Stark reveals himself clip>

Stark is an exceptional kind of person, a Stychera.

<he’s a stychera clip>

Not all Baniks have Stark’s abilities as this statement confirms.

<Scorpius askes about Stychera >

Pretty much everything we learn about Stark is unique to him being a Stychera, and because we meet no other Baniks, we can only go by the few statements made about them. And pretty much all that is ever said about the Baniks is that they are a slave race.

I find this odd. A slave race? All of the technology in this part of the galaxy and they resort to slave labor? And why use a highly sentient species like the Baniks? Stark is crazy, but he’s not stupid, and he’s emotionally unstable because of his spiritual abilities not because of his species. The Baniks as a slave race makes little sense and seems a throwback to outdated science fiction cliches. We will probably have Stark in any revival, but otherwise we probably have heard the last of the Baniks, though would be nice to learn more about their history and who they are.

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