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The next recurring species we meet on Farscape are the Nebari. We get a good sense of the kind of beings they are in the first few seconds.

<I am Salis>

Salis is calm in a creepy way. He acts as though he represents all Nebaris and he no doubt does.

<Salis explains Durka>

The Nebari are obviously a very patient and controlling people. I mentioned in an earlier video how almost all of the cultures we meet in Farscape the original series are authoritarian. The Nebari may be the worst. Yes, a totalitarian state even worse than the Peacekeepers and the Scarrans.

Salis tells us about one of their authoritarian practices.

<Salis explains Nebari mind control>

That’s quite an extreme and time intensive form of social control. Chiana explains.

<Chiana explains>

The dystopian nature of Nebari society is their distinguishing feature. We don’t learn much about their physiology. Yes, Nebari are gray, though Salis is more blue for some reason, and those are all the Nebari we have met so far, when you include Nerri who we see only in a flashback and a hologram. Nebari bleed blue; have great eyesight and sensitive hearing, and are immune to dermaphollica, unlike poor Rygel.

The Nebari, other than Chiana, of course, appear in only two episodes, “Durka Returns,” and “A Clockwork Nebari.” That second appearance tells us more about their totalitarian and, to be blunt, evil leadership, “The Establishment.”

<Varla to Aeryn>

The Nebari are apparently not satisfied with controlling their own people. They have a strong antagonism toward other species and they have a plan, as explained by equally calm but in a creepy way, Varla. Chiana tells us more.

<Varla to Chiana>

Pure, cold, evil. Concentrate power in the hands of the few and silence others.

Chiana was used by The Establishment to spread the contagion, which explains much of her paranoia and anger.

<Nerri flashback>

So, the Nebari Establishment, because of some frelled-up Calvinist obsession with stamping out violent emotions across the galaxy unleased a contagion to take over the galaxy, which seems like a lot of violent emotions.

It’s a diabolical plan, and an interesting choice given that the Nebari also have powerful weaponry.

<how did you defeat the Zelbinnion?>

So, the Nebari have the military capability to conquer and the desire to do so. They spread the contagion and   are simply

<waiting for the right time>

Regardless of what The Establishment is up to, we hear nothing more about them after “A Clockwork Nebari.” The grand story arc was shifting over to the story of D’Argo’s son Jothee and the emergence of Harvey within Crichton and the Nebari are forgotten. There is only one brief mention in the comics that their leadership is the Nebari Triad, but otherwise, no Nebari, other than our Chiana, though that’s another whole story I cover in another video. There is an episode in which a contagion is released, but it is not the Nebari one. So that contagion is still out there, and if the Nebari Establishment is still out there, ready to be unleashed when the time is right.

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