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In 12 videos, I’ve covered all the major species in Farscape, the original series. Of course, there are plentiful other aliens in the show, most of whom are seen in only one episode. Let’s take a quick, fun run through.

There are some species that appear in multiple episodes. The DIagnosans appear in four episodes, counting The Peacekeeper Wars. That’s assuming Diagnosians are a species, which is not absolutely certain. It would seem odd that every member of a species was a physician. Not all pilots are leviathan pilots. But, clearly the Diagnosians fill a role in Farscape. As apparently does this guy, Grunchlik. His species is never stated, though he does bear a resemblance to the Plokavians. Whatever Grunchlik is, he appears always along with a Diagnosan.

Various species appear twice, most notably.

<Crichton clip>

Each of those four well-remembered species appear in a Season 1 episode, and are brought back together in the “Liars, Guns, and Money” trilogy near the end of Season 2. Their appearance in the trilogy essentially retires them as characters in Farscape, as the show moves on to other things. They appear nowhere else, except for this brief glimpse of a Sheyang in “Look at the Princess.” Look at those moves.

Vorcarians, Sheyang, Tavleks, and Zenetans each appear twice in the original series. Several others also appear twice.

One species is known simply as “The Ancients.” Of all the minor species, they are the most important because of what they did to Crichton.

<knowledge in your mind clip>

Talk about a life-changing experience. We really only meet the one “Ancient,” <name clip> Yes, Jack, a tragic hero for his species and the galaxy. <death scene clip>

Also appearing twice was Maldis. He was from an unspecified species with preternatural powers, was totally a rat bastard, and in my opinion the most annoying character in Farscape.

Well, except maybe this guy <Molnon clip >. These people aren’t sebaceans, but something else, and probably not everyone in this species is as frelled up as this group of wastoids. The “Taking the Stone” episode and the two Maldis episodes are the weakest ones in the original series.

Similar to Maldis, there are multiple monster-of-the-week aliens, simply there for a bit of drama. We have the Drak, which actually is a kind of clever idea of a space-dwelling insectoid lifeform.  We also have the energy rider in “Losing Time,” and the spider in “Twice Shy.”

There are quite a few alien species that we see only once and shown only that they exist as much as is necessary for that episode’s plot. Some are throw backs to Star Trek style aliens where you give them different ears as in “I, ET,” different hair or protrudins like in “Thanks for Sharing,” “Suns and Lovers,” “Scratch ‘N’ Sniff,” or make them different colors like in “Thank God It’s Friday, Again,” “Look at the Princess,” “Dream a Little Dream,” “Meltdown,” and “Losing Time.” Then there are two species hidden under armor, the Tarkan and the Coreeshi.

Some aliens are bit more interesting, like the Ilanic in “Back and Back and Back to the Future,” the Plokavians in “The Ugly Truth,” the Pathfinders in “Self-Inflicted Wounds,” the Colarta in “Relativity,” the Lukythian in “Promises,” and the unnamed species in “A Perfect Murder.”

Some alien species are quite elaborate, demonstrating the expertise of the Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. We all too briefly meet incredible species like the merchant in “Premiere,” the Halosians, the Han-jee in “Scrath ‘N’ Sniff,” the Skreeth, and the darling, sweet Natira. Then there’s NamTar, who is a species unique to the universe, though gets his comeuppance and reverts to his original animal state.

Most intriguing are the Eidelons.  <discovery clip>

An ancient species, they were the key to peace in this part of the galaxy, and maybe still will be. Hopefully the show, if and when It revives, doesn’t forget them.

And no, I haven’t forgotten Noranti, who we hear referred to as a Traskan, but we learn absolutely nothing about the species.  Given how totally bizarre Noranti is, we can draw no conclusions about her species from how she is.

And we can forget about this species hoo-man, who are of course a <weak species clip >

The human will never amount to anything. Lazy greebols.


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