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As we sequentially go through the species of Farscape the original series, next appearing is the half-breed. Yes, this one.

We don’t realize Scorpius is a half-breed at first, though we are given an off-hand mention.
< Crais clip >
We meet two other half-breeds in the original series, one of whom is has a very different life than Scorpius. That half-breed is Jothee. We see a hologram of young Jothee earlier, but we don’t meet him in the flesh until late in Season 2.

I explored Scorpius’s physical problems in my video on him, but it’s worth mentioning again that he is truly an abomination. He is a product of a very unnatural union and it has a toll on him.

And this is not an unexpected result from inter-species breeding. Hybrids of species that are highly genetically distinct from each other are impossible. Even when crossbreeding can happen between more similar species, the half-breeds have physical difficulties, such as Scorpius has, and are often infertile, which may be the case for Scorpius. That Sebaceans and Scarrans are genetically similar is difficult to believe. Nevertheless, there is Scorpius.

Jothee has no physical problems, which suggests that Sebaceans and Luxans are genetically similar. That’s more plausible than Sebaceans and Scarrans being compatible. There is an assumption in Farscape that pretty much any sentient species can have sex with each other. Just ask Chiana.

And just ask Crichton and Aeryn. They created the third half-breed in the original series. < naming clip >
The Sebacean-Human half-breed may or may not have physical abnormalities. One more reason we need Farscape to continue so we can find out.

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