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Dren. The last two years I have written about the news of a Farscape revival. The thirst for the revival is strong as evidenced by my March 2019 video update receiving more views than 92% of the videos released on the official Farscape channel. But, sad to say, my optimism a year ago that we are about to see the revival has faded and with good reason. But hear me out to the end here.

The problem is no longer Brian Henson dragging his feet on agreeing to revive Farscape as a long-form series instead of as a one-off film. The problem now is that the covid-19 pandemic has completely shut down all film and TV production everywhere, including the US, UK, and Australia. So despite the recent sincere reassurances by Henson and Rockne O’Bannon that we haven’t seen the last of Farscape, the situation on this rock has drastically changed. The pandemic has halted the entertainment production pipeline and no one knows when it will restart. Farscape isn’t even in that pipeline yet. So even if Brian and Rockne could finalize the script for the first episode tomorrow, no one could say when production could start. Also, as Brian Henson has hinted at for several years, the other big hold up is financing, they need a network to commission the revival like Sci-Fi commissioned the original series. That’s why he has been telling people to watch Farscape on Amazon Prime, to show the money people that there’s interest in the show. But financing will be even harder to come by in a now decimated entertainment industry. Everyone will have their hand out. After the pandemic crisis has passed, will Amazon want to commit to a feel-good series like Farscape The Next Generation?

I haven’t given up hope that we will see the long-promised Farscape revival, and I am sure none of the principles who would be involved in the revival have given up hope. But it is fair to say that we are no longer right around the corner from seeing the process begin. Which is a shame because the world could use a quality show about overcoming adversity.

What can fans do? Well, even in the best of times, the only thing fans could do to help is support Farscape content. Watch Farscape on Amazon Prime, watch Farscape videos from the official Farscape YouTube channel and yes, watch my videos on YouTube and Dailymotion. The only thing the money people care about is that you will WATCH Farscape content. They don’t care about people sharing old dialogue, photos, or memes on social media. They want proof that a new Farscape series will get a return on their investment. So watch Farscape. watch Farscape. watch Farscape. watch Farscape. Yes, watch the original series on Amazon Prime and watch the new video clips put up by the official Farscape video channel.

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And consider producing new Farscape content yourself. Please. Seriously, right now I am the only person in the universe producing original Farscape content [that’s frelled 4.17 near end] Yes, that’s NOT good. The money people want to see that fans are actively engaged in making and supporting Farscape content. That’s what got Peacekeeper Wars made—people made their own Farscape content. Right now the money people see only one Web site and video channel from fans doing anything Farscape related – mine. Compare that to the 40+ Star Trek fan video channels and the 60+ Star Wars fan video channels, with over half of those fan channels with more subscribers than the official Farscape channel! [that’s frelled] Those are involved fan bases. Anyone looking at things sees Farscape’s official channel with a paltry 3,900 subscribers (while Star Wars has 3.3 MILLION) and only one Farscape fan channel. No wonder Brian Henson can’t get financing for a new Farscape series. If fans aren’t willing to support what already exists, why the frell would anyone invest in more?

Okay, enough negativity. Be more Zhaan, be more Zhaan. [pause] Like our favorite spacefaring family, we need to pull together and show the world Farscape has a fan base willing to do more than like a friend’s Tweet. Subscribe to Farscape, watch Farscape, engage and comment, show these rich hoo-mans that Brian, Rockne, and everyone involved with the show has support out here. Don’t sit this one out in the dumpster.


  1. Can you post links to the content you create? I’d love to check it out. I’m a huge Farscape fan. I’m rewatching the series again for the 10th time. My grandpa got me into the show when I was 10 or 11 years old.

      1. Great! Thanks! Would you be interested in collaborating with me to create a Farscape DnD game? I think that’d be a great idea. So much content that could be created and built upon; not to mention the different races and ships.

        1. Author

          Sure! It’s been a very long time since I played D&D, but I do know Farscape and anything to enhance the brand, I’m in.

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