Poll: Which Ben Browder Look Do You Prefer?

Poll: Which Ben Do You Prefer?

Let us know your thoughts below.

Certainly, there has been a bit of evolution of Ben’s appearance. The mustache (or moustache if you are British or Australian) did not appear until his role in a Doctor Who epsiode. He has been seen increasingly in a beard in recent years, though fans will remember the two episodes of Farscape the original series in which he sported a beard. Hmm…. seems a bit more gray in the beard now.


  1. Love the bearded Ben (his real beard that is) but much prefer clean shaven Ben and hopefully that will be his look when more Farscape is to be seen.

    1. Author

      Since they made the statement in the original series that his beard is a reflection of his “going native,” he will have to be clean shaven most of the time.

      1. The man can rock a beard, but Mama Crichton’s boy looks best clean-shaven IMO.

  2. I prefer clean shaven Ben. I also like his hair a bit longer than the pic on the right, but a little shorter than the pic on the left.

    1. Ah, at first I was a little skeptical with his Farscape beard, but he’s really grown into it with age. I think it suits him best.

  3. I prefer a clean shaven Ben (although I’d be OK with a little scruff). His hair is a little short for my taste right now, however, it would be better w/o the beard.

  4. I have been a fan since the series first aired. As the season progressed , Ben Browder impressed me. I spent the majority of my life in southern California and had friends with parents in the industry. A pretty face wasn’t enough to impress me as they are plentiful in Hollywood. I was impressed when I read of his training. I vote all the Bens 🙂

  5. Clean shaven Ben is best. But I’ll take him back on farscape any way I can get him.

  6. Have to go with C, then A. But I will take Ben any way I can when it comes to Farscape!!

  7. I like him anyway we can get him, beaird no beaird. However I do like his hair a little bit longer . WhatI would really like to see him in another show preferably a long-running syfi show.

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