A challenge to move from the past to the future.

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Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be. Remembering good times will always be good, but being lost in the past isn’t healthy.

That’s true even for Farscape. The most amazing show in the history of science fiction, Farscape will always be worth watching and rewatching and watching again and again, but if you’re like me, what you really want is more Farscape. < hell yeah>

I created FarscapeContinues.com not only to talk about the wonders of Farscape past but to encourage more wonders of Farscape in the future. Some of you have noticed that I refer to “Farscape the original series.” That’s because I still believe a revival is coming that will be a Farscape the next generation. I do love Farscape past because I love the grand story arc created by Rockne O’Bannon and I know that story arc does continue. The story didn’t end with Peacekeeper Wars and the it didn’t end with the comics. Crichton, Aeryn, and Little D are out there along with their allies and enemies, including Scorpius who’s a little of both. I want to see the rest of the story. Who’s with me?

I know this guy wants more Farscape. And this guy. And these wonderful people all want more Farscape. Past is past, and nostalgia ain’t what it used to be.

<you can be more>

Yes, we can be more. More than reposting screenshots of old episodes. More than arguing over who was more annoying <Jool in mud clip> More then longing for the past. Let’s build and expand the Farscape universe, showing the money people its worth investing in a Farscape revival by sharing new ideas and creating new content. Let’s show that we’re a living fanbase filled with creative ideas and love for strange alien lifeforms.

Tell me about your ideas for Farscape. Share your ideas for what you want to see in future Farscape episodes. Share your own fan creations.  Let’s show the world that Farscape isn’t a dead show from the past but a vibrant community. Let’s create a buzz that catches the attention of the money people and helps revive Farscape.


  1. I wish more people would get out there ! I wish Henson was more active on social media. They want us on Twitter tagging etc but they are not very engaged which would help people believe!

    1. Author

      I too am frustrated. I have to be honest and say Twitter is pretty much dead as far as Farscape is concerned. No one does anything but post and like old screenshots. As for Henson and the others, you are correct that they seldom engage with anyone on Twitter. They are focused on Instagram for whatever reason. I’m trying to figure out how to constructively use Instagram but it’s not easy to do anything there. Perhaps YouTube is our biggest hope.

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