Brian Henson has announced the release of the limited edition, Best-of-Series soundtrack album in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Farscape. The album will be available for purchase on Friday, 12 July, online and exclusively in store at Barnes and Noble locations.The track list is surprisingly sparse.

  1. Farscape Theme
  2. Wormhole!
  3. Moya
  4. Parting Comrades
  5. Tannot Grooves
  6. Aeyrn’s Funeral
  7. Farscape Theme
  8. Is That What You Want/There’s This Lake in Maine
  9. Rygel Freaks Out/Talyn Reveals Truth
  10. The Last Stand
  11. Bad Timing Finale

Looks like we can reignite the debate over whether the Season 1 or Season 2-4 themes were better. I loved them both. The end credit themes seem to be missing as is “Aeryn’s Theme” and other stables. There were four CDs released while the original series was on the air; one for each season. That there is only one disc of vinyl means we aren’t going to get all four CDs worth of music. Still, it is great to see the music get some attention and of course great to see more Farscape merchandise. As with watching Farscape episodes on Amazon Prime, the more sales buzz for Farscape, the quicker the money people will be willing to invest in the new Farscape series. So, buy it, even if just for the artwork.

Order the Farscape soundtrack album here.

Here is Brian’s announcement:

Interesting to note that Jim Henson Productions has a new working relationship with Barnes & Noble to add to their arrangements with Netflix and Amazon.

The music by SubVision was one of the many reasons Farscape was such a powerful show. The release on vinyl obviously was a decision to take advantage of the larger packaging size to show off the fabulous album cover and include an accompanying poster. Unfortunately, it means not everyone will be able to play the album. Hopefully,  electronic files will also be re-released.

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