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Transcript – Lessons From Farscape 3:

John Crichton, an astronaut shot through a wormhole to a distant part of the galaxy is the poster child for the need to adapt. Crichton had to adapt to nearly everything imaginable.

Everyone on Moya, not just Crichton, needs to learn to adapt to their new circumstances.

Some easier than others. But even in extreme circumstances, the lesson is that we need to adapt.

Yes, they did adapt, over and over again.

D’Argo, Chiana, Rygel, and Zhaan had to adapt to make their new lives.

Aeryn adapted to not being a Peacekeeper.

Crais adapted to not being in command.

Even Scorpius had to adapt losing his position.

All of our heroes had to constantly adapt and that is one of the lessons of Farscape. No matter what time and space throw at you, learn, adapt, and improve as best you can.

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