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First in the Lessons From Farscape series. Farscape can’t teach you everything, but it does have a lot of wisdom to share. Take the lesson in the episode “Through the Looking Glass” (1.17). When Moya fails in an attempt at starburst, she and her inhabitants get stuck in starburst, lodged in the juncture between different dimensions.

Everyone’s first thought is to reverse course—undo what they did to get stuck.

It is a natural first instinct—back up, undo. But the immediate thought isn’t always the correct thought as our heroes learn. We don’t often get advice from other dimensions, but Crichton did.

When stuck go forward. Seems counter-intuitive, but sometimes that’s the correct answer. Instead of assuming difficulties mean we should reverse course, consider instead that you need to make more effort forward. Like Moya, maybe you didn’t exert enough thrust the first time.

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