Kielen King
Kielen King

We all know about fan fiction, but what about fan music? Music is an important part of science fiction on TV and film and good science fiction touches on our emotions like good music does.

I was excited to hear from Kielen King, a musical artist  and Farscape fan who has created a Farscape-themed EP called Touchin’ Wormholes: A Farscape Homage (available for only $5!). Kielen has released over twenty albums, many with science fiction related themes. In honor of the 20th anniversary of Farscape Touchin’ Wormholes includes six songs, including the single, “Crichton.”

Kielen took time for a short interview with me to talk about his new release and, of course, talk about Farscape.


Your music has some unique fusions–cinematic electronic with hip-hop and R&B and then combining that with video games and science fiction themes; what got you into doing that?

I’ve always been a kid into multiple things at once. Video games, sci-fi movies, comics, music, & basketball were all things I found time for as a kid. I guess I didn’t have the attention span to have just one favorite. Ha ha. So when it came down to what I really wanted to be doing with music I sort of gave up trying to be a mainstream artist and just decided to make music about things I loved. That decision really gave me a freedom that I think I was denying myself by trying to conform as a means to find my way into the music industry.

Your latest release is about Farscape, why Farscape?

There was a point in my life where I was just attending college, going to work, & coming home to sit in my apartment (circa 1999/2000). I got into a routine where at the end of the week, I’d come home, make dinner, and turn on the Sci-fi (now Sy-Fy) Channel. That’s where I found Farscape. It’s pretty difficult to get me to jump to something new unless it hits me at the right time and I’m open to getting invested. There were other shows that held my attention, but Farscape grabbed me and didn’t let go. I found myself stressing out along with the characters and getting caught in how they felt. I’m a pretty stoic person, so if you can get me on the edge of my seat and turn my stomach in knots along with the characters, you’ve created one incredibly well done show.

Farscape is that show for me. It hits all my loves surrounding science fiction, intergalactic space travel, vast alien civilizations, stakes that matter, & characters that I love.

Touchin' Wormholes
Touchin’ Wormholes

I love the title “Touchin’ Wormholes,” how did you come up with that and what does that idea mean to you?

For me there’s a side of the show that likes to toy with that line that crosses over into disgusting. It’s a show with a dirty mind that still manages to keep it just under the surface. It’s one of the things I like most about the writing of the show. It brings you right up to that “nope!” line every so often and then says, “ok, ok…I’ll stop.” The show is great at using things like toilet humor without making you want to leave and not come back. I really enjoy that ‘playfulness with a smirk,’ if you will. I wanted to tap into that and give a nod to that element of the show’s creativity.

Do you plan any more Farscape songs?

Hard to say. I wrote a few more songs than what appear on the EP, but I never felt like I was making them work. Sometimes it’s best to just leave a song in the workshop if you can’t make it high quality enough. I think it shows when a song isn’t well thought out or the idea just hasn’t come together and I feel like I’d be cheating listeners by knowingly giving them something that wasn’t the best I thought I could make it.

There’s also the bit surrounding interest. If it turns out that people absolutely love this and ask for more in a way I can’t ignore (read: buy this…LOL), then there’s certainly a possibility of turning out more. However, I think much like the show itself, my original concept was to create a project that fans of the show could enjoy along with their memories. I’ve done that, so I think I could set my homage to the show on the table, leave the room, & feel somewhat satisfied that I completed the task I set out to complete.


Thanks, Kielen, great stuff. I hope people will support your music. #FarscapeNow.

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