(The Internet Movie Database) has been my go-to source for film and TV information for as long as I can remember. Need to figure out who that actor is in an obscure foreign film from the 1930s? IMDB has it. Heck, pretty much any question about anything filmed or videoed in the past 120 years can be answered by looking in

To be sure, they run ads for the major media conglomerates, but IMDB has always been a big proponent of indie films and quality over glitz and glam. So when the IMDB editors name Farscape as the #1 90’s Show That Needs a Reboot Now, that’s a big plug with serious weight behind it. These people get it, and they appreciate the wonders they have seen in Farscape.

Farscape beat out, in order,
Buffy the Vampire Slayer,
Kenan & Kel,
Freaks & Geeks,
Xena: Warrior Princess,
Living Single,
Pinky and the Brain (that’d be my #3),
Boy Meets World,
Sports Night,
Babylon 5,
Sister, Sister,
American Gothic,
Hey Arnold,
Quantum Leap,
Absolutely Fabulous (should be a top-5),
The Adventures of Pete & Pete,
Salute Your Shorts,
Dinosaurs (this Henson masterpiece would be my #2),
Sex and the City.

A sure-fire argument starter, and rather heavy on coming-of-age shows, it’s an interesting list. Kudos to the IMDB editors for naming to their list the two best science fiction shows of that decade as a 90’s show that needs a reboot, and the presence of mind to name the best science fiction show of all time number one.

Also significant is the link on the page to the Amazon Prime page where people can buy and watch Farscape. As I’ve reported previously, getting more viewers on Amazon Prime is the best way to encourage the powers-that-be to fund the Farscape revival on which Brian Henson and Rockne O’Bannon are working. This IMDB plug will hopefully help.

Farscape cast

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