1. OMG! My heart is beating out of my chest! This is exactly what I’ve been waiting (hoping and praying) for. More new Farscape IS coming and I can NOT wait!!!!! #farscapenow

    1. 7 months later still no new Farscape pre production plans so not this year

      1. Author

        Yeah, it is disappointing that they haven’t yet lined up things. I keep hoping they will announce something at one of the anniversary events.

  2. Long time waiting would enjoy original cast.

    1. Author

      It will have the original cast, I am sure of it, though they may no longer have the central roles, making way for the new generation.

  3. Farscape is by far one of the best Syfy creations of all time. As a fan from the start, it has always been a television series that I’ve wanted to watch and re-watch… And obviously have been unable to for sometime.

    I’m not someone who watched a whole lot of TV. But I would never miss Farscape when it was running in real time. Since it’s been off the air I Have Become terribly disabled and went from being a triathlete and owning several businesses to being bed bound. Being bed bound left me not only in great pain but living a life that was foreign to me. I found comfort and or distraction in television and movies, largely through Netflix and Amazon, as I find most television such a disappointment.

    I cannot tell you how excited I was to see that it was back on Amazon Prime. For such a long time, I actually made sure that I continued to search for a way to stream it, however I found it’s be unavailable. It may sound sad and too many of my friends that own businesses and participate in Ironman Competitions in the like, rarely have time for television, but at my suggestion have now fallen in love with Farscape … there is such poor television out there, whether it’s Syfy or mainstream so-to-speak.

    I have already I watched all four seasons of Farscape since it came on to Amazon and will re-watch it again … probably within the next month or less . Now I am even more convinced at the Quality and True Entertainment that this show produces … even up against the currently Syfy television or featured films that are in full swing and said to be a hit. The Syfy channel itself has canceled many of its shows before its time and has also created or aired shows that are so below the quality and entertainment of Farscape that it makes me sad. And frustrating as I search for Quality entertainment to help me endure my physical pain. Let me make it clear that even if I were not in pain, it would be a great joy 2 not only continued to re-watch repeats, but if the show makers produce the same quality programming of a Farscape continuation, while holding on to what I call “the soul of the show” and all of its integrity, storytelling, humor, acting, wonderful creativity … I would not only watch it, but I would recommend it to everyone I know. With full confidence that even without my recommendation people would be drawn to it. People are starving for this type of entertainment. And please, be in no doubt Farscape cannot be duplicated, it is unique and remains in high standing with all of the greatest sci-fi entertainment of all time. It holds its own in Syfy forums as well as in mainstream. When I say it cannot be duplicated, I mean that Farscape can be continued but it cannot be replaced. It is intently unique.

    It’s not just because I am disabled and looking for something that can distract me from the horrible physical pain I Endure. Even if I was still healthy, a triathlete, and still owned my three businesses, I would be looking forward to not just the reruns of Farscape and Farscape the Peacekeeper Wars …

    THERE ARE JUST SO MANY MORE STOIES TO BE TOLD! And the timing is perfect to tell them … Great stories. As long as the creators don’t make the same mistake that the most recent regeneration of Doctor Who has made, by focusing on obvious, and sometimes offencive, political messages, that overtake the story rather than add to it. And they have made it clear that they could care less, sending a loud message to the viewers. I’m not here to knock another show and for the people who enjoy it I hope they continue to do so , but take a look at the ratings. Using this as an example, another pitfall and that particular show has been the complete obliteration of the soul of the characters and the storytelling alike.

    I can’t imagine that the creators of Farscape would make that mistake. Mentions or leaning of political opinions or storytelling that references The Human Condition, is one thing and the messages from much of Science Fiction regarding the human condition has been a tradition since the original Star Trek in 1966 as well as Doctor Who in the 1960s. As well as the original Farscape which was done subtly and without prejudice or offense … it was always so true to the characters and to the storyline.

    Farscape is a special type of Storytelling and should be continued. Star Trek TNG was very successful with several feature films following the cancellation of the television series. This option could be fantastic. Look at the Avengers films running for a decade with fans flocking to the box office. A television series would be just as well received as long as it stayed away from the pitfalls of other shows … making prequels and traveling too far away from the original Spirit of the storytelling and the characters core.

    This is my humble opinion and a great plea to the show makers. To please bring back our beloved Faescape.

    Far escape is a special type of storytelling and should be continued.

    I don’t think it’s too unreasonable to ask that the show makers provide the same loyalty to the fans as we have given to them. With that said I fully understand that it is also a business. I am a capitalist, so you will get no complaint for me that the dollar matters when considering this undertaking. I believe that because Farscape is so much better, in so many ways than most of the science fiction films and many “more mainstream” genres are hitting our Airwaves through streaming or television or even feature films – that if given half a chance and not cancelled before its time such as Defiance and Travelers and Dark Matter, to name a few… That success financially could be amazing!

    I guess I’m also being a little bit selfish. It is very difficult for me to endure the physical pain that I’m in and it is programming such as Farscape that allows me to leave my pain behind just a little as I struggle to regain my health and reduce my physical pain. Farscape returning through Amazon Prime has actually done that for me. So if nothing else I must thank you for releasing it on Amazon Prime. I had actually written to Amazon and called them to ask them if and when or how we might be able to watch / stream Farscape. For all of those advocating for its return, thank you and keep fighting. Now that I have found this website … which I found once Farscape became available for streaming again – I will become an advocate as well … as far as my physical ability will allow.

  4. Why only 3 comments?

    I am new to this site and I’m excited to know that it is here.

    Any replies on what I might do, other than share on social media and the like, 2 increase the fans enthusiasm to convince the show makers to bring back Farscape … I requested and welcomed

    1. Author

      Thanks for your comments. Great to meet someone who is so passionate and has so many ideas about Farscape. I am currently very far from home and have little time to reply right now, but I will be writing more soon about how we can promote Farscape.

      On why there are not more comments: part of it is because this site is still new and people have yet to discover it. People also seem, in general, reluctant to comment on sites other than social media sites. But we will get there 🙂

  5. Intelligent, funny, great costumes, loveable characters……what more could you ask for

  6. So excited for more farscape!! I have loved it since I was a teenager and have watched it so many times and love it just as much with each watch. It has helped me through some hard times when I have been struggling with depression and anxiety and is one of my favourite fall back sci Fis that I always go to when feeling down. I would absolutely love more! I have only just discovered your website and am a firm supporter of #farscapenow. However as someone that doesn’t use social media much how can I help demonstrate that the appetite is there for more?

    1. Author

      Tullet201: thank you for sharing your story. Farscape has that kind of effect. I think Brian Henson is correct that the best way to show appetite for more Farscape is to watch the original series through Amazon Prime. I posted a link at the top of this article. That will show the money backers that people will watch the new Farscape series.

      1. Wrong pay for a show I currently watch for free so amazon can decide to bring it back it crazy

        1. Author

          Well, the reality of filmed entertainment today is that any production of any substance has to be on paid platforms.

  7. #FarscapeNow We need this to happen soon. The actors are all ready to go for this. All we need is for them to get the act together and they will be able to make some freaking awesome new Farscape episodes to bring the show back in a Netflix type platform. As a fan of Farscape i would settle for a trilogy of long 9+hour movies at the least. If not then definitely do it in show format. I love everything about Farscape. It was taken way too early. But with the updates in technology a revival of the show would be perfect timing to give Farscape what it deserves.

    1. Author

      I couldn’t agree with you more.

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