A good television series grows and changes and allows its characters to do the same. Farscape’s D’Argo definitely grows and changes throughout the seasons and that includes D’Argo costume changes early on.

Here are two sets of photos from  Farscape the original series, comparing D’Argo from Season 1 on the left with D’Argo after Season 1 on the right.

The changes are subtle but interesting. After Season 1, D’Argo’s complexion is darkened and he is given large shoulder pads. Ironically, as D’Argo’s personality softens after the first 12-16 episodes, he is made to appear physically more menacing and imposing.  Compared to later seasons, D’Argo looks pale. No explanation is gievn in the story arc as to anything that caused the change. There are also slight changes in his tattoos, but you have to study the images to see them. Otherwise there are no changes in his appearance (hair length and color, brow ridges, scars, and so on) except for his eyes.

Initially, Anthony Simcoe was given contact lenses that made his look green, almost lizard-like, but after a few episodes, he did not wear them; as seen here.

Contacts Change

The story goes that Simcoe forgot to put them in before shooting a scene and others thought he looked just as good without them. It worked out for the best, I think, because without the contact lenses, Simcoe was able to express more feeling and more familiar humanity. This helped as D’Argo grew as a a character and displayed more than the gruff “I’ll kill you” hothead that he was at first.

D’Argo goes through several outfits across the original series, but there is a standard D’Argo costume which is always burgundy. We meet few other Luxans in the original series or the comic books, but it seems all Luxans wear burgundy clothes. Must be rough being a fashion designer in Luxan society.

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