The 20th anniversary of Farscape – the original series, has offered an opportunity for mainstream corporate publications to wave the Farscape banner. Following Vice’s surprisingly good (though still exaggerated) article, fellow Web tabloid Gizmodo has weighed in with its own paean to the wonders of Farscape. Clearly written in closeRead More →

Jim Henson Productions

I was pleasantly surprised to see an article about Farscape in the mainstream Web publication Vice. Farscape never gets as much press coverage as it deserves, especially Farscape’s feminism. Even better, the Vice article is not simply a nod to the 20th anniversary, but a philosophically-minded acknowledgement that Farscape wasRead More →

I am doubtful that this Farscape petition on will convince anyone in the media industry,  but, worth a try. P.S. – I have always disliked that publicity photo, but include it because the petition creator used it on the petition. It is one of the most easily recognized imagesRead More →