D’Argo – The Ultimate Frenemy Embedded video below, click to play. Warning – Spoilers throughout. Crichton: (à la Bugs Bunny) Eeehh… what’s up Darr-go? – Revenging Angel (3.16) Text Transcript: I like D’Argo. How can you not like D’Argo? Which is why it is sad that D’Argo does not likeRead More →

I was chasing down some information about Farscape the other day. I ran across something interesting: Farscape art. This is not fan art but art from someone involved in the making of the show. It is a small glimpse at the complex creative world behind the scenes in the makingRead More →

Farscape is the only television show or film of which I am anywhere close to being a “fan.” But Farscape is a show apart. My passionate love for the show Farscape is a surprise to some. I am not one to be a “fan” of anything in entertainment aside fromRead More →