We know him as John Crichton, an astronaut, but before he got shot through a wormhole, he was Dr. Crichton. As shown here: This is 20 seconds into “Premiere” (1-01). In the middle of both columns one and two of the fake news story, you can just barely make outRead More →

Jim Henson Productions

I was pleasantly surprised to see an article about Farscape in the mainstream Web publication Vice. Farscape never gets as much press coverage as it deserves, especially Farscape’s feminism. Even better, the Vice article is not simply a nod to the 20th anniversary, but a philosophically-minded acknowledgement that Farscape wasRead More →

D’Argo – The Ultimate Frenemy Embedded video below, click to play. Warning – Spoilers throughout. Crichton: (à la Bugs Bunny) Eeehh… what’s up Darr-go? – Revenging Angel (3.16) Text Transcript: I like D’Argo. How can you not like D’Argo? Which is why it is sad that D’Argo does not likeRead More →

I was chasing down some information about Farscape the other day. I ran across something interesting: Farscape art. This is not fan art but art from someone involved in the making of the show. It is a small glimpse at the complex creative world behind the scenes in the makingRead More →

Farscape is the only television show or film of which I am anywhere close to being a “fan.” But Farscape is a show apart. My passionate love for the show Farscape is a surprise to some. I am not one to be a “fan” of anything in entertainment aside fromRead More →