Our heroes on Moya are a family. A found family rather than a biological family. I am thinking about fathers in Farscape because my biological father died recently. I wasn’t close to my father because he was a distant, cynical man. On my other Web site InsertPhilosophyHere.com I wroteRead More →

Moya in stars

A kind of a map of Farscape. Text Transcript: A Non-Map Map of Farscape Ever since J.R.R. Tolkien drew a map of Middle Earth it’s been popular to make maps for science fiction and fantasy universes. There are no maps for Farscape because part of its charm is the charactersRead More →

Harvey roller coaster

Embedded Video Below – Click to Play  Text Transcript “<>” indicates video clip Farscape’s best character? Some people are into this guy. Others go for her or her. <I love a girl in gray> But with which character would you most like to party? <margarita shooters> <That’s not Scorpius,Read More →

Grayza is a manipulator. Embedded video below – click to view. Last of the character study series. Text Transcript: There are two things we can say about Commandant Grayza. No, not those two things. Get your mind out of the gutter. One, is that Grayza is a manipulator hungry forRead More →

Embedded video below – click to play I’ve completed character studies on every major character on Farscape save one—Sikozu. In this case, last is least because I neither like nor understand her character. Her actions and changes made little sense to me until one day, a theory came to me.Read More →

Embedded video, click to view Poor Pilot. So loyal. So dedicated. So underappreciated. Really? Well, yeah, Rygel doesn’t count. See, Pilot is, if you’ll pardon the pun, a sitting target for abuse. The British have a great term, “dogsbody,” meaning a lackey or grunt who does the menial, boring jobsRead More →

Braca’s Loyalties – Embedded video, click to view Text Transcript Farscape’s main characters each traverse a roller coaster of emotion and internal struggle. Not Braca. At least not as far as we know. His roller coaster is one of shifting loyalties as he tries to navigate Peacekeeper service. Now, BracaRead More →